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Frying Games (Eng. The Fry Cook Games) is the thirty -seventh episode of the second season of the animated series quot; sponge bob square pants quot; Under the number 39b. It was released on September 28, 2001 in the USA and August 24, 2002 in Russia. In Bikini Bottom, the 21st annual fried games are held. The runner runs with Olympic fire in …

Frying games

In Bikini Bottom, the 21st annual fried games are held. The runner runs with Olympic fire to the fast food stadium, where the games are held, but first the fire extinguishes, and then he burns himself. The main contenders for the gold medal were traditionally Mr. Crabs and plankton. This year, Mr. Crabs chose Bob’s sponge to represent the Krab and ordered him not to lose. During the push -ups of the sponge of Bob, Patrick passes by him and says that he also wants to play. Bob sponge says that only catering workers can play. Patrick mocks this, believing that everyone can fry cutlets. Friends quarrel, Patrick leaves, and the Bob sponge continues his training.Plankton soon goes to the stadium and enters into a skirmish with Mr. Crabs. Plankton says that he also hired a player so that he represented a “cham bucket” and calls a giant. Patrick will be fastened to his back, which turns out to be just a hired plankton cook. The Bob and Patrick sponge quarrel even more and swear to defeat each other, despite the fact that they feel more offended than evil. Mr. Crabs and plankton set up their wards against each other, inciting them to be merciless. In their first competition, in a jump with a sixth through a deep fryer, a Bob sponge makes an almost perfect jump, while Patrick can’t jump well, he only splates the audience with boiling oil, and they turn into fish sticks. In the second competition, in a jump from the tower into the pool with chocolate, the Bob sponge also copes well, but Patrick is able to surpass it with his concentration and impeccable form. Bob and Patrick go on equal terms, and to the final test: “Westing” they go to the ring with equal score.No! My name Patrick! When the gong sounds by the beginning of the battle, the Bob and Patrick sponge break their clothes, exposing their muscular bodies. They pounce on each other in a rage, and they are more offended by each other than show fidelity to their restaurants. They make more and more dirty tricks, tormenting each other. In the end, they find themselves in a fight, simultaneously insulting each other pink and yellow, and are very strained. Their pants are torn from tension, and it turns out that all this time the sponge of Bob and Patrick wore cowards in the color of their best friend.Turned up to tears Bob and Patrick put up and swear again to never fight, leaving the arena and holding onto the handles. Mr. Crabs and plankton do not like this. They are trying to force them to return and fight again, but the sponge of Bob and Patrick do not pay attention to them, and Patrick admits to Bob that when he bought panties, they were white.Zharkoe_leto_v_stile_moto_blogerov_priglashyut_na_motogonki_rsbk-commol_2016_krupnejshee_soobshestv

Hot summer in the style of Moto! Bloggers are invited to the RSBK-RePSOL 2016 motorcycle lines! The largest community of Moscow bloggers is Livejournal

On June 18, the Moscow Raceway tracks under Volokolamsk will host international highway competitions: the second stage of the RSBK-RePSOL 2016 season (RUSSIAN SUPERBIKE Championship-RSBK). For the title of the best pilot of the second stage of the RSBK-Repsol, more than 80 motorcycle racers from different …
June 18

On the track
Moscow Raceway
Under Volokolamsk will be held international competitions in highland and ring motorcies:
The second stage of the RSBK -RePSOL 2016 season (RUSSIAN SUPERBIKE Championship – RSBK).

For the title of the best pilot of the second stage of the RSBK-Repsol, more than 80 motorcycle rangers from different cities of Russia and the CIS countries will fight. But special attention, of course, will be riveted to pilots and teams from Moscow, for which the Moscow Raceway highway is homemade.

The tough battle of motorcycle racers for the titles will be held in the main and most spectacular classes “Superbike” and “SuperSport”, the audience will also be able to observe the intriguing struggle in the classes “Superbike Evo” and “Superbike Evo 2”, “Supersport Evo” and “Supersport Evo 2 . It is worth clarifying that the interests of fans in Russian high-ring motorcycle lines increased significantly with the appearance of EVO subclasses. In combined STK 1000/600 classes, no less hot battle is expected, and in the amateur class Stockopen, those who decided to change dangerous races on the roads on the roads on the roads will go The canvas of the professional track and become candidates for the transition to professional motorsport.

Women's offset RSBK-Repsol every time becomes a stages decoration and deserves special attention. Pilot girls compete with men and successfully take prizes! Of course, on June 18 it will be an exciting date for all fans of motorcycle races. Which of the pilots will win this time and receive the high title of the RSBK Repsol champion of the second stage? Get ready to root for the stars of the Russian Super Bay, feel adrenaline, sports excitement and the joy of struggle with them!
This year, RSBK celebrates its five -year anniversary, so the program of the Moscow stage of the championship will be bright and grandiose! The organizers invite all viewers to celebrate this holiday of sports, extreme and adrenaline! In addition to racing races, the guests of the event expects a motorcycle from the stars of the Russian Super Bay, an autograph session with the winners, and many surprises, which you will learn about directly on the track! 14:00
In addition to the motorcycle battle among the pilots of the highest class, additional entertainment will be organized for visitors in the paddock: -demonstration performances on moto-trial
– test drives of motorcycles and ATVs
– a platform with a minimoto, where anyone can try to ride this motorcycle.
For the youngest visitors, according to a good tradition, a special inflatable playground will be organized, where a special balance bike race will be held under the supervision of experienced instructors for children from 2 to 6 years old

For the upcoming season, the Spanish oil and gas company Repsol has prepared a breathtaking gift for motorsport fans! At the RSBK Championship, Repsol representatives will raffle off a VIP invitation to Spain for MOTO GP! Anyone can take part in the competition. The winner will go to the 18th round of the Moto GP World Championship (Valencia Grand Prix), which will be held in Spain on November 13, 2016. Moreover, the lucky person will have the opportunity to personally meet with the superstar of the world of motorsport, the pilot of the Repsol Honda Team, Marc Marquez, the day before the motorcycle race!
The date:
June 18 (Saturday)

The address:

Moscow Raceway

Novorizhskoe highway, Moscow region, Volokolamsk district, village. Sheludkovo, 39

How can I get to The autodrom is located 90 minutes from the center of Moscow and 20 minutes from the city of Volokolamsk.We have invitations for 10 bloggers with +1

Bloggers will be accredited as press (receive special vests). If bloggers are going to film the race from the track, then they will need to fill out a special form (permission is not required for filming from the stands). , Briefing for the press at 13.00 (and the issuance of vests). Start of the race at 14.00 , The terms of participation: .

– Read the MEMO FOR EVENT PARTICIPANTS, if you haven't read it yet. Full community rules can be found in the community profile.

– Leave your application for participation in the comments to this entry. (Detailed information about the registration technology for events can be found at this link.)
– Based on the results of the visit, write a detailed post-report on the visit with photos and your impressions within 7 days (if you do not have time, tell the curator) with an active link to the official website and Moto Racing groups: on VKontakte and Facebook, as well as to the community


where you can find similar invitations for bloggers.

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