Residential complex "Life-Volzhskaya" from Pioneer in SEAD (South-Eastern Administrative District), shares of the official developer, reviews, construction progress, forum

Residential complex Life-Volzhskaya

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Residential complex Life-Volzhskaya

Residential complex Life-Volzhskaya

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Complex LIFE-Volzhskaya erected in the south-east of the capital, in the Tekstilshchiki district. The quarter bounded by Malysheva, Chistov, Shkulev and 7th Tekstilshchikov streets should accommodate 6 new buildings from 14 to 20 floors in height, united by a stylobate and an underground parking designed for residents' cars for 825 cars. When designing, according to the developer, the needs of people with limited mobility were taken into account. Thus, the entrances of the buildings are equipped with ramps and lifts for the disabled.

The courtyard area of ​​the complex will be formed between the buildings. Upon completion of construction, they promise to improve it and organize paths for pedestrians and recreation areas. The first floors of the buildings are occupied by commercial premises, which makes it possible to predict the development of the internal infrastructure of the residential complex.

Each single-section building, according to the project, is equipped with two elevators: passenger and cargo-passenger.

The total area of ​​the complex, according to the project documentation, will be more than 90 thousand square meters. The area of ​​apartments, in this case, will be equal to 45,770 square meters, and the total number of apartments will be 716. The developer offers housing with one or more rooms, up to 5.

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