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Zenit – Dynamo, online broadcast of the match, July 28, 2012, 2: 0, Russia. Tinkoff Premier League. 2nd tour, Petrovsky, St. Petersburg, football. Statistics, results and overview of the game, the course of the match and goals

Zenit – Dynamo, July 28, 2012


SE is glad to welcome all football lovers! Here you are waiting for the online broadcast of the Zenit match (St. Petersburg)-Dynamo (Moscow). Russia. Tinkoff Premier League, 2nd round. The match will be held on July 28, 2012 at the Petrovsky stadium (St. Petersburg, Russia). Start – at 13:30 Moscow time.

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0 ’Good afternoon, dear football lovers! At 13:30, on our portal, the text broadcast of the match of the 2nd round of the Premier League between Zenit and the Moscow Dynamo will begin.

3 ’The first corner at the gate of Zenit. Dzhujak plays a ball with Mishimovy, he serves, but the chicken does not reach.

5 ’Malafeev is mistaken at the exit in his penalty area, the crowbar takes the ball, but the St. Petersburg goalkeeper corrects his mistake.

8 ’Lomberts transfers the ball to the right of Bystrov, he continues the attack, the Petersburgs are delivered to the Dynamo penalty, but Schunin runs there.

10 ’magnificent combination begins Krisito, Kerzhakov receives the ball in the penalty area of ​​Dynamo – and sends with his left to the distant nine !

17 ’Zenit has a certain arrhythmia in the game. The Petersburgers begin slowly, and closer to the penalty rival explodes.

21 ’are playing the ball of St. Petersburg, the ball flies through the penalty. Lucky Dynamo – none of the St. Petersburg people have time to the ball.

42 ’Rykov goes forward. Jujak plays chicken – and he beats in a fall through himself. By! Spalletti is clearly unhappy: they gave the player to break through!

44 ’Rykov robs Fayzulin, there is an attack Dynamo . Kokorin decides to break through from afar – the ball in the hands of Malafeev.

45+1 ’Shunin – the first on the ball, quickly fights to the end. And in a collision, it is on the lawn. Could get an injury.

52 ’Kerzhakov hits in the fall – by. The judge indicates that at the same time the rules were violated by Shildenfeld. Penalty!

61 ’corner at the gate Zenith . Muscovites play the ball. A canopy – Rykov is connected. He does not get to the ball.

63 ’was played by the ball of St. Petersburg. Krishito transports the ball to Kerzhakov. He keeps Dynamo's defenders in the tension of the defenders. Corner at the gate of Muscovites.

70 ’replacement clearly raises questions. The entire match is on a hungry ration. Kokorin looked very active.

71 ’Zyryanov is good in the selection of someone else's penalty area, Denisov throws the ball on Krisito, and he irresistibly rolls the ball past Shunin – 2: 0!

86 ’Rykov fights for the top ball, hesitates Kanunnikov on the lawn. Petersburg needs medical care.

89 ’Mishimovich hangs, Shildenfeld his head passes the ball into the gate, and Malafeev beats his head!

The goalkeeper of Spartak Selikhov does not believe that Vanoli is playing the names of the team

Selikhov estimated the chances of Spartak to fall into the zone of play-offs in the RPL this season

Selikhov: When Spartak became the champion, no one made us a champion corridor

Herkus: “Dzyuba was a prima, he is burdened by the role of a substitute in Zenit”

Herkus called Lokomotiv's policy an experiment

RPL, schedule of the 28th round. Wings will play with Dynamo, Ural – Spartak and other matches

Herkus told what to do to Russian football after the suspensions of FIFA and UFE

“There is no reason to believe that they will hold us in the dressing room for a bit.” Herkus about the Asian Football Confederation

Naumov believes that Lokomotiv should beat Rubin

Bulykin believes that the intrigue in the fight for medals will last until the very last round

In Red Star said they want to sign Artem Dziuba

Kavazashvili – about the possible return of Dziuba to Spartak: “No one will take him. The club doesn't need him.

Spartak forward Sobolev is the best player of the 27th round of the RPL according to SE subscribers

Bulykin explained why Dynamo failed to win the title race in the RPL

Vladimir Gabulov may be suspended from football activities

Chervichenko on Gabulov’s departure: “Now Khimki may be more influenced by Yuran’s red card”

Tikhonov believes that Sochi can win Tinkoff RPL medals

Selyuk – about the future of Dziuba: “I would suggest that he end his career at Spartak”

Ufa goalkeeper agent Belenov said that the goalkeeper is not going to end his career

Dasaev said that the victory in the BETCITY Cup of Russia will make the season successful for Spartak

Source: Dziuba is not going to renew the contract with Zenit

Oleg Ivanov: “The expansion of the RPL is necessary. We play once a week. Conditionally, we get money for training”

Kanchelskis on Spartak's budget cuts: If money is raised, I'm ready to take part

Pimenov considers Gabulov's departure from the post of general director of Khimki a loss for the club

Sergei Anokhin may return to Khimki

Khimki told who will replace Gabulov as CEO

Khimki explained Gabulov's departure from the post of general director of the club

Vladimir Gabulov resigned as General Director of Khimki

Todorovich's agent: Darko is leaving Akhmat. Already called from two Russian clubs”

Zenit changed the club bus into a golden mantle

Zenit is preparing golden shirts for the celebration of the championship

Kobelev believes that Dynamo will compete for first place in the RPL next season

In Yenisei announced the filing of an application for licensing the club to play in the RPL

Alexander Shikunov believes that Larsson is not needed by Spartak

Former goalkeeper of the USSR national team Anzor Kavazashvili shared his expectations from the match of the 28th round of the Tinkoff RPL between Zenit and Khimki

Dynamo called information about the possible departure of Schwartz to Hertha speculation

Tarkhanov – on a decrease in the budget of Spartak: There will be fewer expensive foreigners and more Russian football players

28th tour Tinkoff RPL will be dedicated to Victory Day

Silkin announced the desire to change Schwartz in Dynamo

Ex-president of Lokomotiv Naumov called the possible departure of Schwartz critical for Dynamo

Ex-president of Lokomotiv, Naumov said that it is too early to go to Europe for the Ufa striker Agalarov.

Igonin said that the champion corridor for Zenit is complete nonsense

Odoevsky shared his expectations from the match against Himki

Semak spoke about his attitude to the removal of Russian clubs from European Cups

Semak: My contract is less that I am now interested in, and if there are news, you will learn from the leadership

AIK will not redeem Larson from Spartak

Head coach Sergei Semak told whether there will be a rotation at Zenit

Dynamo will discuss the future of the Schwartz coach at the end of the season

Semak said that Zenit-2 players will not be involved in the match with Khimki

Sergey Semak called the task Zenit to the remainder of the season

Gertha wants to invite Sandro Schwartz to the post of head coach

Petrzhela believes that Spartak should not organize the champion corridor Zenit

Gazizov about Agalarov: “Now there is interest in the player from the countries of Europe. In January, he was from the Premier League clubs

Agalarov’s father said that the striker “Ufa” wants to try strength in the new team

Beka-Bek about defeat in the match with Krasnodar: We were very let down by the removal of Maradishvili

Rybus: We must return to the game and score glasses

Krasnodar-Lokomotiv: video review of the match of the 19th round of the RPL

Presnyakov believes that Spartak should be given an example to other Russian clubs

Olchev called on Spartak to disperse the team and collect veterans in connection with the reduction of the budget

Krasnodar coach on the removal of Chernikov: It is better than to spend the playing time limp

Krasnodar – Lokomotiv. Video review of the match

Spartak reacted to information about the reduction of the club's budget

Kavazashvili called a decrease in the budget Spartak with a correct measure

Chervichenko – about a decrease in the budget Spartak: I wonder how they will now pay zobnin, Promes or Sobolev

D'Amiko – on the reduction of the budget in Spartak: This will not affect Vanoli's work!

Gavrilov considers the reduction in financing of Spartak to the development of football players

Khapov: Krasnodar more Lokomotiv was tuned to win in the match

Spartak budget by 2024 can be reduced by more than 50 percent

How will the match of the 28th round of the Russian Championship CSKA-“Sochi” end?

Khapov: “You can’t win matches when the team has one and a half for the game. Lokomotiv was unconvincing in the attack

Demenko considers Matvey Safonov the best player in the match “Krasnodar” – “Lokomotiv”

Krasnodar midfielder Chernikov commented on his victorious goal in the match with Lokomotiv

Actor Barinov – about the defeat of Lokomotiv: The absence of Semin on the coaching bench affects

Krasnodar defeated Lokomotiv thanks to G. Chernikov in the end, the judge showed three red cards in the match

Krasnodar – Lokomotiv: Chernikov earned removal

Krasnodar – Lokomotiv: the owners opened an account in the match

“Krasnodar” – “Lokomotiv”: the forward of the hosts of the Apkov retired 5 minutes after entering the field

Spartak congratulated Queens Promes, who became his father for the fourth time

Krasnodar – Lokomotiv: Maradishvili received a red card at the beginning of the second half

Nigmatullin told which of the goalkeepers can strengthen the composition of Zenit

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