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Harry Potter spells:

How to turn a person into a rubber duck? Easily! You aim at the poor fellow a wand, pronounce a spell … That's it, you can let a duck in a pond. True, the spell still needs to be learned why it would not hurt to have a witchcraft book. Keep! Grimoir Harry Potter is at your service!

Harry Potter spells: Grimoire for beginner magicians

Harry Potter spells:

The basis of any fantasy world is magic. And what is the magic without spells, spells, magic wands or witchcraft books-Gimuars? So in the world of Harry Potter – the most famous (well, or at least the most commercially successful) magician in history – the attributes of witchcraft skill occupy the most important place. Why don't we look through the holes read to the holes Harry Potter?

I believe in the magical power of love and in human imagination. I really would really like to believe in magic, but … I can’t!

Joanne Rowling

In the world of Harry Potter, the work of magic is connected using spells – it is usually necessary to utter several witchcraft words by waved by a magic wand or pointing it to the object of use of spells. However, the spell is not a mechanical action: the wizard must comprehend the essence of magical manipulations, know their small features, own witchcraft techniques. For example, with non -verbal (soundless) spells, magical words are mandatory pronounced to themselves – otherwise they simply will not work.

Just think how cool this episodic character of the Prisoner of Azkaban should be. He uses magic without a stick, and even reads hoking!

The movements of the sticks at times are more reminiscent of juggling on the verge with equalibrics. Using a stick on the case is not to chop fires for you! Dunno or an inequal can wave his wand until blue – nothing will happen or something completely unimaginable will happen, like he wanted to make a thunderstorm, but received a goat. That is why magic has been studied for years in special educational institutions like Hogwarts, because without theory there is no practice. Moreover, most spells are based on dead languages ​​- Latin, ancient Greek, Aramaic … Without knowledge and solid practice, the tongue can be broken here, not to mention other parts of the body.

It is impossible to master all spells the first time, but we will get acquainted with the most common and powerful today. Given the different focus of spells, we will try to divide them into several conditional groups.

Universal spells and magical abilities

Among the spells there are several neutral, used either in combination with others (to strengthen them), or having a character common to all types of magic. For example, Finina Inantam (Finite Incantatem) – a universal counter -consumer that stops the action of all spells imposed earlier. Or Priori Inantatem (Priori Incantatem), with which you can reproduce the last magical action committed by a magic wand. Using Priori, a strong magician can “lose” a whole series of spells – as with reverse rewinding of the film.

Of course, any first -year of Hogwarts will not apply such spells, even if I read or hear about them. In some magic systems, the power of the wizard is determined by the amount of mana or other witchcraft energy he accumulated (from human sacrifices, for example). “Rowling-Realism” is more similar to the world of Muggles-strength depends on knowledge and experience (although innate talent, of course, also plays a role).

Harry Potter 2 spells 2

Have you signed up in Hogwarts? Do not hide your galleons in banks and corners! Carry it better for us!

True, some hereditary wizards believe that the main advantage in the possession of magic gives the purity of blood. The theory of blood sharply divided the witching community, even led to several wars. But this theory does not withstand the tests of practice – too often outstanding wizards appeared among the half -breeds or even muggle -born, while purebred sorcerers can easily be complete mediocrity.

But the magical abilities that are endowed with some magicians are often innate, although some can be learned. This is Animagia – The art of turning into animals, Metamorphmagic – the ability to change the features of your face, Serpentargo (Snake) – the ability to speak snake language, levitation (Flight)-the ability to fly without any magical devices, District – The ability to predict the future, Legilimation – the opportunity to extract feelings and memories from another person, Occlusion – Protection from any mental impact from outside, transgression (Apparation) – teleportation at an unlimited distance, Vale's charm – Women's love spell.

To use magical abilities, as a rule, neither sticks, nor spells, only talent and the ability to concentrate are needed. Although animagi, in order to save strength, a spell is used to turn into an animal Empire Totalus. When applying, a spell is usually used appariation (Apparate or Disapparate) for more accurate transfer. Otherwise, you can get, for example, instead of Britain in Brittany.

And you can also travel on the network of fireplaces using a special powder

Creative spells

The block of creative spells includes magical manipulations of a peaceful (often domestic) nature. We are talking about the impact on the objects or phenomena surrounding the wizard. After all, the wizards are people (usually) and live an ordinary life – they eat, wash dishes, go to work. And magic replaces science and technology that Muggli in the magical community. Creative magic can also include transporting and medical spells.

Avis (Avis) – creates living beings, as a rule, birds.Only experienced magicians are available, he is trained in the sixth year of his stay in Hogwarts.

Aquameni (Aguamenti) – creates clean drinking water. It can also be used to extinguish fire, washing dishes, wet cleaning and other household purposes.

Lumos (Lumos) – lights an intangible light source at the end of the stick. It has several derivatives of forms: Maxim Lumos is used as a powerful lantern, Limomas lights up a strong beam of sunlight. The action of Lumos stops with a spell Knox (Nox).

Using Lumos with prefixes like Maxim, you can regulate the power of light

Portus (Portus) – opening the portal for moving in space. In fact, this is a magical version of teleportation.

[Column Size = One_THIRD POSITION = FIRST] [/Column] [Column Size = Two_THIRD POSITION = LAST]

Attention! To use the Portus spell, the official resolution of the Ministry of Magic is necessary. [/Column]

Reparo (Reparo) – restores broken objects. It is not suitable for repairing clothes and shoes, for the repair of long -damaged things, it is necessary to clarify the name of the subject, there are restrictions on the size of the repair object. When repairing a magic wand, only its physical structure restores, does not affect the magical contents (although there are exceptions).

Glasses, primuses repair! Come, don't yawn! Reparo!

Complex spell Joint (Accio) calls things. The magician must name the called object or indicate a stick at it. You can also call on an object that is outside the field of view of the wizard – but this is only possible for an experienced and strong sorcerer. Another difficult spell – Meteoolojik Rakanto (Meteolojix Recanto), with which you can stop rain and some other precipitation.

A very powerful spell Pyro (Pyro) lights fire, and so strong that the cancellation spell does not work against it. Therefore, it is better to use a softer spell to kindle the fireplace INDENDO (Incentio), and then, using Py, you can burn the fireplace with the house.

Spell Sonus (Sonorus) increases the volume of the voice and is used instead of a microphone or loudspeaker at meetings, rallies, parties, concerts. Spell Quetus (Quietus) cancels the action of the sonorus.

For various manipulations with objects, a whole complex of spells is used. Mobiliarbus (Mobiliarbus) moves things, and mobilicorpus (mobilicorpus) – people who are not able to move independently. Vingardium Levio (Wingardium leviosa) makes things soar above the ground, and Up! (Up!) – moves small objects into the hand of the sorcerer.

Peryshko, fly. Fly, to whom it is said! Vingardium Levios!

Spell Engorgii (English) increases objects, Reducito (Reducio) – reduces them, Jaminio (Geminio) – duplicates. Tergeo (Tergeo) cleanses the item of dust, but for real cleaning it is better suited Excuro (Excuro).

Magic is not a joke! Engorgii must be used for scientific purposes, and not for obscene ones!

Spell Impervius (IMPERVIUS) makes the object waterproof, it can also be used to protect any thing from external (non -dimensional) effects. Spell Pack (Pack) is indispensable for the blinds or travelers: it allows you to quickly arrange things in places or pack your luggage. But tourism lovers can not do without knowledge of the spell Bitter (Erecto), which can be used to quickly arrange a tent or tent. Where a clumsy Magglu will need a good hour of tedious fuss, an erudite wizard will cope in a few seconds!

Among medical spells are most famous Episiah (Episkey), which stops bleeding and shakes broken bones, Energy (ENERVATE, revive), returning consciousness, and Ferula (Ferula), imposing tires and bandages. Spell Chiring (Cheering) helps a person to cheer up. A rather complicated spell Wulner Sunientur (Vulnera Sanentur), designed to quickly heal the wounds, is subject to only very strong and experienced sorcerers.

There are rather exotic spells, which, with a certain stretch, can also be attributed to creative ones. So, The head bubble (Bubble-head) surrounds the head of the wizard of the wizard with an air bubble and allows you to breathe, and Magic fire (Bluebell Flames) lights a small light of blue light under water. With the help of a spell Orchideus (Orchideous) Magic do not need to suffer on the day of the eighth of March – one word, and a bouquet of gorgeous colors in his hands. The object of sighing will probably be in ecstasy!

Harry Potter's spells 5

Would you manage to keep a makeup of makeup under water? Without a head bubble – hardly!

Combat spells

If you look at the history of the Earth, it becomes clear that the beloved occupation of the Muggles is a war. Reliable heart has to admit that the witchcraft community in this regard is no different from the Muggles – after all, people are also. Wizards are even worse.

They have much more strength and capabilities, therefore, the ways of destroying the neighbor in sorcerers are more diverse and sophisticated. Probably, magic turns the brains inside out … Most combat spells are of the nature of curses (spoilage) and relate to dark arts. Here are some of them – the most effective and vile.

[Column Size = One_THIRD POSITION = FIRST] [/Column] [Column Size = Two_THIRD POSITION = LAST]

Attention! Do not try to use combat magic yourself! For the unauthorized use of dark art spells, the perpetrator can get a term in the witching prison Azkaban! [/Column]

Very strong dark magic Adesco Fire (Adesco Fire, “Hell Fire”) calls for a reasonable flame, which purposefully pursues the specific goal indicated by the caster. Moreover, it is almost impossible to stop the flame – it burns any obstacle. Even the applied spell can suffer from it, because Adesco Fire is used extremely rarely – from hopelessness or in stupidity.

Conjunctivitus (Conjunctivitus) is used to blind the enemy. Refers to irreversible damage, for it burns out the cornea of ​​the eye.

With the help of a non -verbal spell Levikorpus (Levicorpus) You can hang the enemy in the air upside down.Most often, this spell is used in the form of brutal pranks, but it is applicable in battle. Another joke Rictusemra (Rictusempra, tickling spell) makes the enemy laugh non -stop. It's funny only at first glance – after all, you can die from tickling (try to fuck 24 hours in a row).

Legilimen (Legilimens) is indispensable for espionage and interrogation, because it allows you to delve into human memory. Moreover, you can not only read other people's thoughts, but also program the victim for certain actions besides his will. A similar effect has a spell of oblivion Oblivaite (Obliviate), which changes the person’s memory, erasing his memories or perverting them according to the will of the caster. Previously, you can apply Silenzio (Silencio), which paralyzes the opponent’s throat, depriving him of the opportunity to give a voice. It is also suitable for removing the sentries, capturing the “tongue” or during torture (let him suffer, bastard, but silently!).

Using a obstacle, you need to be careful. Otherwise Lokons did not see

Relasio (Relashio) has several areas of application. In battle allows you to scald the enemy with boiling water. With the help of relaxio, you can also scare away water or just boil water.

Relaskio (Relaskio) throws back objects or repels people. Martial magic refers to very conditionally, rather this household spell (useful, for example, in the city of Muggles, at rush hour). The stunning spell is more adapted to war Lightbones (Stupefy), which knocks down the victim from the feet. If you put maximum zeal in the spell, you can turn off the enemy’s consciousness for a while.

Effective spell Exallearmus (Expelliarmus) is widely used by members of the magical community and does not belong to dark magic. With its help, the sorcerer dispenses the enemy, as a rule, knocking out a magic wand during magic duels. The spell can also be used to intercept any small inanimate object located in other people's hands (very convenient for thieves wandering wallets in the crowd). If the spell enters a person, then produces a pushing effect.

In a magic duel, you should not click with a beak. Otherwise, you will remain at once without a wand, or even without a head

Household spell Conspiracy of the exchange (Switching spell) can also be used as an element of combat magic. It changes objects in places – so, in the battle of an angry giant with a club, a sorcerer can replace a white fluffy rabbit. If he has time, of course, before he is smeared along the wall.

There are a lot of combat spells. Here Sectumsempra (Sectumsempra), causing the appearance of bleeding wounds on the body of the enemy, leading to practically inevitable death. Or Excorianum (Excoriarum), instantly scalping the sacrifice (just an example of good -natured wizards). Incarcerus (Incarcerous) creates a rope loop from the air that strangles the enemy. Harling Hex (Hurling Hex) forces magical means of transportation (bells, carpet carpets) to throw their riders.

Harry Potter 6 spells

Sectumsempra: oh what a blessing Draco is torturing a poor man!

impedimenta (Impedimenta, Interference Corruption) stops or slows the victim for a while. Similar in effect, only more effective and dangerous Locomotor Mortis (Locomotor Mortis, shackled curse) that entangles the subject's legs, preventing them from moving at all. Petrificus Totalus (Petrificus Totalus) introduces a person into a state of complete petrification. Reducto (Reducto, throwing a curse) knocks down walls or other massive obstacles. Serpensortia (Serpensortia) summons a large poisonous snake from the tip of a magic wand, which attacks the opponent. Waddivazi (Waddiwasi) throws various objects at the enemy.

There are also very exotic spells. So, Horn Tong (Horn Tongue) leads to the appearance on the tongue of the victim … horns (I wonder what kind of psychopath thought of this before?). Furunculus (Furunculus) covers the victim with blisters all over the body. tarantallegra (Tarantallegra) makes the opponent's legs twitch wildly, as if the poor fellow is dancing a tarantella (an Italian dance reminiscent of the dance of St. Vitus).

Some spells are more for bullying than for war. For example, Slagulus Eructo (Eat slugs), which forms giant slugs inside the enemy's mouth. Or Horitus Iporiothat turns a person into a ferret, Pullus – in a chicken Verminculus – into a worm Ducklyforce – in a rubber duck. No, there are still plenty of perverts among wizards …

Forbidden (unforgivable) spells

[/column] [column size=two_third position=last ] There are quite a few ugly spells. But only three of them are considered Unforgivable and banned by the Ministry of Magic. Using them in relation to a person (whether wizard or Muggle) is punishable lifelong imprisonment in Azkaban.[/column]

Avada Kedavra (Avada Kedavra) – A killing curse. When used, a green beam shoots out from the caster's wand, killing anyone it hits on the spot. Very few people are able to use the Killing Curse – this requires special magical power and unbridled malice. There are no counterspells against Avada Kedavra, only one case is known when a person survived after using it – when Lily Potter voluntarily sacrificed herself to protect her son Harry. In Aramaic Avada means I kill, Kedavra – as I said, together: I kill with a word.

Avada Kedavra: certain death smacks of greenery

Cruciatus (Cruciatus) – a curse of torture. It requires not only considerable experience and witchcraft power, but also a special mentality. To use the Curse, you need to point the wand at the victim and say an abbreviated version of the Crucio spell! (Crucio, Latin for I torment). At the same time, the full effect is possible only if the caster sincerely catches a high from the torment of the victim, who is experiencing unbearable pain.

From Crucio you need to get real pleasure, otherwise it’s not worth starting

Imperius (Imperious) – a curse of subfusion. Allows you to completely subordinate a person to his will, turning him into a limp puppet. It is applied by aiming the wand for the victim and pronouncing the Imperio team (Imperio, in Latin I control). The curse has a narcotic effect. Using a special training, partial resistance can be developed for the imperius.

Protective spells

If there is a sword, a shield will inevitably appear. So almost any aggressive spell is a counter -version. Moreover, many self -respecting sorcerers invent both spells at once – so to speak, poison and antidote in one bottle and at a single price.

The most famous and common protective spell – Protego (Protego), which reflects the magical blow of the enemy. True, the action is limited – not all spells are subject to him. Protego creates an invisible shield – from it a weak spell can be thrown into the attacker. A strong sorcerer with the help of protruding is able to create a magical wall that is imperfect for material objects, in order to protect not only himself, beloved, but also a whole group of people (Schilde, Shield).

There are also auxiliary spells: Protego Totalum. protects the terrain (sometimes a fairly large space – depends on the strength of the caster), Protego Horrilis Protects the area from the penetration of people (both Muggles and wizards). However, inquisitively powerful magicians are able to overcome all varieties of protego.

Protego creates a shield. It will even delay the Earth-Athos missile

Very specific spell Expecto patronum (Expecto Patronum) creates a ghostly creature – patronus, which performs several functions at once. Basically, it is directed against the diligent forces of dementors, it can also be used as a means of communication and conductor. The challenge of the patronus is quite problematic and depends not so much on the spell as on the special psychological mood of the sorcerer, which needs to feel the surge of true happiness. By order, this is not all of this.

An extremely complex spell Fidelius (Fidelius, trust spell) is used to protect the object, as a rule, at home. Two or several wizards use a spell, after which one of them becomes a keeper of secrets. Only he can reveal the secret to outsiders, the rest are connected by a vow of silence. Only only participants in the rite can even see the object that has fallen under the scope of Fidelius, everyone else does not notice it and are not able to detect it.

There are many simpler protective spells. Red sparks (Red Sparks) send a sheaf of red sparks to the quality of calling for help. ASSKENDO (ASCENDIO) pushes a person from the water. The chmenum Revelio (Homenum Revelio) allows you to detect the presence of an outsider. Duro (Duro) turns the fabric into a stone wall. Wiper Evansko (Vipera-Evanesco) drives the snakes (for example, caused by magical way). The moment is arrested (ARESTO MOMENTUM) helps to save a person from falling from a height. Spell Ridiculus (Riddikulus) is directed against vile Boggarts, and Homolupus (Homorphus) makes the werewolf take a human appearance.

If not arrested, there would be a wet place from Harry

Magic in the world of Harry Potter is quite diverse. In addition to spells, it has a solid amount of magic objects, which should be told in more detail. And magical abilities clearly deserve a separate story. Let's leave them for the future.

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