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Bus schedule Pavlovsky Posad, Pavlovo Posadsky district

Pavlovsky Posad

Pavlovsky Posad – events, opinions, people! Bus schedule

Bus schedule

The schedule of buses in the directions Pavlovsky Posad – Alferovo, Pavlovsky Posad – Kozlovo, Pavlovsky Posad – Bunkovo ​​(Factory), Pavlovsky Posad – Krupino, Pavlovsky Posad – Fryazevo, Pavlovsky Posad – large yards ( Flax -plant) , Pavlovsky Posad – Elektrogorsk , Pavlovsky Posad – Moscow (M. Partizanskaya) , Pavlovsky Posad – Davydovo , Pavlovsky Posad – blacksmiths , Pavlovsky Posad – Noginsk , Pavlovsky Posad – Elektrostal , Pavlovsky Posad – Rachmanovo, Pavlovsky Posad – Evseevo, Pavlovsky Posad – Demikhovo (Plant)

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Alferovo

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Kozlovo

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Bunkkovo (factory)

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Krupino

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Fryazevo

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Big Yards

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Elektrogorsk

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Moscow (M. Partizanskaya)

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Davydovo

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Kuznets

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Noginsk

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Elektrostal

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Rachmanovo

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Evseevo

Bus Pavlovsky Posad – Demikhovo (Plant)






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The publications of the portal partially used the materials of the newspaper Pavlovo-Posad Izvestia.

The city of Pavlovsky Posad It is one of the centers of the textile industry of Russia, where high -quality curtain and costume fabrics are produced. The hallmark of the Card District is the unique Pavlovo-Poster shawls created by famous local artists. Also successfully operates in non -ferrous metallurgy, food, chemical and other industries.

The social infrastructure of the district consists of historical monuments, Orthodox churches and monasteries, cultural and sports institutions. Pavlovo-Posad land with its beautiful nature, the richest historical heritage, unique architectural monuments, museums becomes a hospitable house for both tourists and investors.

The Pavlovo-Posadsky district is rich in territorial and raw material resources, and also has significant technical and intellectual potential, and therefore is an excellent place for the development of logical and terminal centers. Favorable environmental conditions and the availability of land contribute to multi-storey housing construction.

A good investment climate in the area, the availability of qualified labor resources and free production capacity attract investors. New industrial sites are being developed – the Mishutino industrial zone and the Fateevo industrial park.

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