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Kong Holiday Christmas tree for cats

Toys for cats, cats and kittens. Delivery from the online pet store Mr. Woof. 8-800-200-9-392.

Toys for cats and kittens

Kong Holiday Christmas tree for cats

A toy for a cat is not only a great way to have fun and carefree time, but also a way to cope with a number of problems.

teasers designed for joint games of the owner and the pet, they will help to establish contact between you and the kitten.

Interactive cat toys will help your pet cope with loneliness, as well as support the hunting instinct.

Kittens and young cats will love Stuffed Toys, which can be carried in the teeth, and balls.

If you have an adult cat, he will certainly appreciate catnip toys. This is a special herb that attracts a cat's attention. It is absolutely harmless to cats and only affects mature individuals.

Any outdoor games with a teaser or a ball are an excellent prevention of urolithiasis and overweight. Play with your cat more often, make him run or hunt!

We will deliver all goods for animals in Russia, as well as to Kazakhstan and Belarus! In Chelyabinsk and Kopeysk, delivery is carried out by our own courier service, and in other settlements of the Russian Federation, pet supplies are delivered by mail, popular courier services and transport companies. Delivery to the cities of Kazakhstan and Belarus is carried out to the points of issue of DPD and CDEK or by courier to the door.

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