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Coaching is my profession An intensive blended learning program combines the fundamental principles of training with modern tools. We have concentrated 30

Trainer is my profession

An intensive program in a blended learning format combines the fundamental principles of building training and modern tools.

We have concentrated 30 years of experience of the Training Institute for those who want to systematically and professionally approach training as an adult learning tool. This program includes both a set of practical tools – schemes, algorithms, rules, tips, as well as a deep conversation about how changes occur and what is the role of a coach in this process.

3 days, May 18-20

45 000 ₽

St. Petersburg

  • Jack Phillips V-model of setting goals and evaluating the effectiveness of training: the sequence of setting goals for training and development; 5 levels of performance evaluation
  • 5 basic principles for building training
  • Training Institute Training Scheme ©: logic, training stages
  • Technology Dry-semi-dry-holistic action
  • Documents describing the training and the rules for their development: brief, map (plan), description of the training
  • Training tools and the specifics of their use
  • Basics of the professional position of a coach
  • Features of coaching behavior at different stages of training

  • Formulate the goals of learning decisions according to the Jack Phillips V-model: business objectives, application goals, learning goals, attitude goals
  • Select adequate tools (methodological tools) that correspond to the learning objectives and stage of the training
  • Build a sequence of activities to achieve learning goals
  • Balance support and corrective feedback in training
  • Create and maintain an inclusive learning environment
  • Manage your coaching behavior based on an understanding of the learning objectives at each stage of the training

Then immerse yourself in a 3-day workshop with Anna Gribanova, where you will train a lot and receive feedback

If you have questions about the format or you do not know what to choose, leave your number: we will call and tell you everything

Director of the Training Institute,
practice leader: Facilitation and Education of Trainers GC Training Institute – ARB Pro

  • Master of Business Administration (Stockholm School of Economics)
  • Executive Master of Consulting and Coaching for Change (INSEAD)
  • “IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator” since 2011
  • Certified business coach in Russia, master level (NASDOBR certificate, 2015)
  • Winner of the Trainings Index 2012 award in the nomination Coach of the Year

Anna Gribanova talks about Dry-semi-dry-holistic action. This technology allows for a brief boost in learning outcomes and helps participants learn, not practice.

At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate of completion of the training Coach is my profession by the Training Institute – ARB Pro

Of particular pleasure was the filigree work of Anna herself, who, with some magical ease, moved the consciousness of the group from unconscious incompetence to a state of firm confidence that from here and forever my trainings would be just 100 points.

The range of techniques, constantly reinforced by quotes and names of world experts, speed and logic left no chance not to fall in love with Anna herself as a prototype of her new profession – a coach.

I watched and admired how gently she pushed very solid fundamental principles into the depths of our brain. How skillfully and in seconds she made internal decisions in the course of the group in some difficult moments, without losing the attention and empathy of the participants.

It is possible and necessary to combine the incompatible because the world can be structured for different reasons. It is enough to rank these grounds in order of importance.
Now I see how. Anya, thanks.

I would like to thank my beloved Institute of Training for the program Coaching is my profession.

I already studied at the annual modular program there a few years ago. I really wanted to plunge into the atmosphere of professionalism again, to see how the trainings are now done by those whom I consider the standard. But I did not expect that it would be so cool in terms of fullness, saturation and workload! Much of what we studied has been updated, some things have been put together in a new way, in general, thank you very much, Anna Gribanova, for organizing such concentrated meetings, they are very valuable, necessary and amazing in terms of energy! I will be happy to come again, such meetings are almost like supervision – you need to look at yourself from the outside, check the residual knowledge and maintain your own attitudes about the ideal

Elena Mikhailova
NRU HSE St. Petersburg
Head of Department of Educational Programs and Technologies, Promsvyazlink Trading Company JSC

In my opinion, the program is an excellent basis for future trainers and people involved in the learning process. Constant development of skills, an abundance of exercise formats, useful materials, handouts. In general, this is a great intensive if you need to quickly dive into the topic of coaching.

And what’s more, there are great presenters here who, by their own example, show what a good coach looks like and how methodical accuracy, charisma, dedication and the ability to involve participants in active joint work can be combined in the work at the same time.

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