Dog (Salaria) multi-striped (Salarias fasciatus) – buy in the online store at a price of 1,730 rubles.


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Doggy (Salaria) multi-striped (Salarias fasciatus)


Multi-striped dog, Multi-striped salaria, Diamond salaria, Decorated dog, Algae-eater dog (Salarias fasciatus). This useful fish is bought by many aquarists to help them control filamentous and film algae. She leaves interesting traces of full kissing on the walls of the aquarium, where she scrapes off the growth of algae. Maximum length up to 13 cm.

The minimum volume of the aquarium for keeping a multi-striped dog is 210 liters. Can starve in unsettled tanks or where there is not enough algae. Larger specimens attack aquarium fish, including other types of blennies, especially in smaller aquariums. In the aquarium, keep only one at a time, unless the system is very large or a pair of male-female is bought. Never land them with seahorses and sea quills that they will attack.

A plant-based diet that includes frozen and dried foods that contain seaweed and blue-green algae Spirulina. It does best if micro-algae (her natural food source) is present in the tank.

No successful offspring have been produced in captivity.

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