Enigisures how to fix it correctly. How to sew epaulettes to the tunic, ceremonial, military personnel, cadet, police, the Ministry of Emergencies, the prosecutor. How to sew shoulder straps correctly. The ways are given how to sew it correctly

Army service is accompanied by rules and responsibilities, each employee in the army should understand how to fix shoulder straps on a shirt.

Enigisures how to fix it correctly. How to sew epaulettes on a tunic, ceremonial, soldier, cadet, police, the Ministry of Emergencies, the prosecutor

Military service or work in special forces for both men and women has always been and remains honorable and prestigious in Russia. Such activities are accompanied by certain responsibilities, one of which is the departure of uniforms. Each employee should know how to sew shoulder straps on the form in compliance with the requirements. If young people at a military university receive, in addition to basic knowledge, certain skills, then their spouses learn this cunning science by trial and error.

How to sew epaulettes on a front tunic correctly

  1. We make the right markup. On the shoulder seam, it is necessary to mark 1cm from the seam itself and you can start sewing on this strip.
  2. In order for the shoulder straps during the sewing process, it is recommended to attach them. You can make a pin, or you can just make a couple of stitches: along the edges of the shoulder and in the center (at the end of the work, gently open them).
  3. We have a shoulder strap so that the shoulder strap is moved slightly forward.
  4. You need to flash the shoulder and through. Along the edging line and the main part of the epaulet.
  5. For the upper part, it is better to use small stitches so that they are barely noticeable. It will require a thimble, since the shoulder strap itself is very dense and it is hard to pierce it with a needle. In order not to get hurt, you should wear a thimble. It is also recommended to choose the needle not too thin so that it, the process of work, does not break.
  6. The shoulder strap should be flashed around the perimeter.

What tools will be needed

Work requires excerpt, the ability to concentrate and a place with daylight. A set of tools is also needed:

  • Sewing objects – scissors, thimbles, needles and black threads (ideal if their color coincides with the color of Kant);
  • ruler;
  • tweezers;
  • Passatigi.

The thimble is necessary to protect the finger from the injection, because the material of the military attribute itself is quite dense, and the needle is difficult to pushes through it. When attaching such a product to outerwear, excellent assistants will be pliers and tweezers. They are necessary to pull the thread with a needle through the resulting hole. Other tools for work may be needed (depending on the selected method): pin, paper clips, match, tape, cutter.

How to sew epaulets to the police tunic correctly

  1. First you need to decide on the collar to the shoulder seam. The shoulder strap must be placed so that the distance from the edge to the shoulder seam is 80-90 mm.
  2. Having decided on the location, you need to attach the shoulder strap so that it does not move. To do this, you just need to make a couple of stitches. At both sides. At the beginning and at the end.
  3. We sew so that the thread is not visible on the front side. To do this, you need to sew in small stitches. As well as on the other (wrong) side, a puncture is made, and then you need to make a seam.
  4. We make stitches on this seam and flash.

Where a white shirt with epaulets is a mandatory attribute

Enigisuses are shoulder signs of differences on clothes. Not only representatives of power structures can wear a white shirt with them. You will see this attribute on the shoulders of the following representatives of society:

  • Cadets and lyceum students.
  • Military personnel.
  • Prosecutors.
  • Representatives of the penitentiary service and the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Russian Federation.
  • Police.
  • Customs officers.

Thus, epaulets are an obligatory attribute not only among the military. Well attached insignia is an important part of the appearance of representatives of law enforcement agencies and other authorized structures.

How to sew epaulettes to the tunic of the soldier

For work, the following materials will be needed:

  • – A needle. It is preferred to give preference to a large needle so that it does not bent and does not break in the process of work. Since the shoulder strap and tunic are made of dense material.
  • – Thick thread. To sew the shoulder strap, it is better to use a thick silk thread, since it is reliable and will not break during the sewing process. The thread is suitable No. 10.
  • – Paste. Since the needle is difficult to pass, you need to use a thimble so as not to get hurt.
  1. First, with the help of crosses, we fix the pins. We do it very carefully. For the tunic of the soldier, the epaulets are sewn point -blank to the seam connecting the tunic shoulder with the sleeve. Therefore, first we apply the shoulder strap so that the edge from the side of the back goes 1 cm to the seam, which passes along the shoulder.
  2. We fasten the shoulder strap. For fastening, you can use the threads of another, not the main color, since at the end of the work these threads will need to be removed. We fix it in three places: first from the side of the shoulder, then in each corner of the shoulder strap and in the very center.
  3. We proceed to sewing the shoulder strap. Gently sew the initially one side around the perimeter, then the other. We make small stitches. To make the stitches not noticeable, insert the needle from the wrong side, drink should be used by laying the tunic. The length of the stitch should not be more than 1 cm.
  4. The second shoulder strap is sewn on the same principle.
  5. Another important point is that the needle does not always freely pass through the tunic. It happens that it is difficult to get it. To do this, you can use pliers or tweezers.

On everyday form of clothing in the Russian Armed Forces, removable epaulets are used.

Sewing technique

So that the epaulettes are securely fixed on the tunic and do not go to the sides before sewing them, you need to grab the edges in different places, sew along the entire perimeter along the edge. When performing the work, the needle should in no case touch the tunic lining.

Not yet sewn ceremonial to the heading product

Important! The thread does not need to be taken too long. Enough twenty centimeters. Otherwise, it can create a knot or get confused. Work will have to start again.

There are a number of requirements for the seam. You need to do it in good faith: reliably and imperceptibly. The usual dense cotton thread of a suitable color copes with this perfectly. It is better, of course, to find a cotton thread with the addition of synthetics, for example, polyester, this will add the reliability of the seam. Naturally, the tone of the thread should fully correspond to the color of the shape.

The location of shoulder straps and identification marks on women's tunic of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

The stitches with thread should go straight and be even. Their length should not exceed several millimeters. You need to try to make sure that even at a short distance you can not see the seam.

Identification signs of the position and title of an employee of the prosecutor's office

Upon receipt of a new rank or position, they usually take a photo in which untidy work will be immediately visible. The military should always be neat, and epaulettes – look according to the charter.

Ench of the FSB-FSO Major embroidered

How to sew epaulettes on a tunic of the Ministry of Emergencies

ESSULS to the EMERCOM tunic is sewn in a similar way, as well as for the tunic of the military. But there are several recommendations that will help the Ministry of Emergencies to sew without any problems:

If there are no sewing practices of the shoulder straps, then for the first time it is better to practice and prepare the tunic.

  • Always put on a thimble, since the needle does not always easily pass through the tunic.
  • Try to make small stitches.
  • At the beginning of the work, always enter the needle from the wrong side.
  • Before sewing the shoulder strap, first you need to place stars, bastards on it, and only then start work.

  • You should always correctly determine the direction. The direction of the shoulder strap depends on where the person is serving. For example, for the Ministry of Emergencies, the epaulettes must be placed so that the distance from the upper sleeve seam is not more than 85 mm.
  • To sew the shoulder strap on the Ministry of Emergencies, it is better to give preference to dark blue threads or black.
  • It is recommended to stock up on a small ruler or centimeter, as well as a small piece of soap to make measurements and mark the desired distance. Dry soap leaves clear marks and is easily washed off.
  • It is recommended to pierce epaulets on a soft surface so as not to injure a hand.
  • After the tunic with epaulettes is ready, it is better to check once again if everything is done correctly.

Preparation of insignia

Signs on the uniform (stars, seamless or metal squares) must be present without fail. They are designed to indicate military ranks, official position, as well as belonging to the type of troops. Signs of differences are attached in a special way. Before attaching to epaulettes, you must make sure that their location is correct. Stars are attached using a variety of devices. To do this, it is enough to measure the necessary gap approved by the order, and make an acute needle mounted on the handle with a sharp needle where the insignia is inserted (the legs must be pre -bent). Next, fix the asterisk on matter.

As for the field uniform of a soldier, fake attributes come to the rescue, on which stars are sewn in a factory way. Such products are used in marching conditions, because during military exercises real differences can fly. Each employee should know how to attach the shoulders to epaulets. The number of seamless or metal squares depends on the title, and on clothes they are fixed like stars.

In order to avoid damage to the epaulettas before making the hole, it is necessary to mark the future place of attachment. Even a simple pencil is suitable for this task.

How to sew epaulettes on the cadet tunic correctly

To sew cadet shoulder straps, you need to prepare all the necessary tools:

  • – needle;
  • – a thread;
  • – thimble;
  • – tweezers;
  • – scissors;
  • – The ruler.

The thread is better to use a dense, blue thread. Before starting work, it is also recommended to sew all the icons and other stripes.

After everything you need is prepared, you can start work:

  • We correctly attach the shoulder strap. We measure the distance with the ruler. It should not exceed 1 cm from the shoulder seam.

  • So that the shoulder strap does not shift during operation, it is necessary to attach it. You can use the paper clips, or you can mark with three sides threads of a different color.

  • We make the first puncture from the wrong side and sew tightly.

  • The stitches are made around the perimeter, they should also be small. Not more than 1 cm.

  • At the end of the work, excess threads should be removed.

Cadet Corps and Ministry of Defense of Russia

The cadets of artillery in 1 row 4 shoulder straps at the top of which are crossed trunks and with a slope of the CC strip. They wanted to introduce black shoulder straps, but they were not popular, left red, which have yellow edging, they were likely until 2000.

Characteristic CC letters

The epaulettes were beautiful, original, but they were replaced with standard ones. In the photo they are on the left. Pupils from those. The buildings of Togliatti were worn on the uniform of the designation KTK. In the photo they are 1 and 4. organized a corps at a military construction school.

Green epaulettes of the border department. They are located on the right. In Tsarskoye Selo, 1 building was built, it is headed by the federal border service.

Various colors

On the left below of the blue shoulder straps belong to the cadets of the corps of the military-space unit in St. Petersburg. This corps is organized at the Academy in honor of Mozhaisk.

Light and red options

All 3 buildings were combined into one and were sent to a suburbs from St. Petersburg. The corps, which was in the city of Togliatti, was transferred to the Ulyanovsk IEV.Some corps existed only 20 years. When they disappeared, their epaulets were transferred to the museum.

Quick methods with improvised means

You can attach distinctive marks very quickly. For this, improvised means are used. As such, for example, a pin, a clip or a match can act.


The pin is not a reliable way, it is rarely used. The product, fixed in this way, is constantly in motion and can open anywhere and at any time. It is unsafe to wear the epaulettes fixed in this way. Step -by -step attachment of the product with a pin:

  1. Turn the matter inside out and take a tape walking along the bottom.
  2. Put it into the loops specially designed for this.
  3. Insert a button into the punch (more precisely, her leg) and stretch it through the special holes on the clothes.
  4. At the end, you need to fix the fastener with a pin.


This method is the most affordable and simple. True, it will require preliminary ironing of attributes, and then shirts. This is done so that epaulets and signs are ideally sitting on uniforms.

Step -by -step attachment is carried out as follows:

  1. The paper clip should be straightened and cut in half.
  2. Bend part of the product in the form of w. The middle is slightly bent up.
  3. Take a button on the leg and insert it into the hole specially designed for this.
  4. Gently place the clip in the form of a “w” inside the button leg.
  5. Cut the thread around the paper clip several times with a needle and put a button on the leg.

All actions should be confident and at the same time careful in order to keep the fabric in integrity. The button, fixed in this way, is well held, therefore, the distinctive attribute will not fly off the shoulders.


Not a single charter has a description of how to fix the epaulets with a match. However, this method is known to everyone for a long time. To fix the shoulder strap with a match, you need to do the same actions as with a pin. Only instead of the last leg, a match is threaded in the leg. The minus of the method is unreliable, since this fragile piece of wood can break at the most inopportune moment.

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