Forecast Kai Vehnelt-Bruno Kuzukhara (May 03, 2022), bets and coefficients


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Forecast Kai Vehnelt-Bruno Kuzukhara (May 03, 2022), bets and coefficients

Forecast and rate for the match Kai Vehnelt – Bruno Kuzukhara 03

On May 03, at 13:00 Moscow time, the match will be held as part of the ITF championship, in which Kai Vekhnelt will be released on the court, and Bruno Kuzukhara will be opposed in this fight.

On May 03, you can find many tennis matches in the line of bookmakers, but Kai Vekhnelt, Bruno Kuzuhara, is best suited for bets. It will be accepted by bookmakers to pre -match rates until 13:00 Moscow time. This season, there were no personal meetings between opponents, and in the past two passed at once. In them, Kai Vekhnelt and Bruno Kuzukhara won one victory, and each time there was a stubborn struggle on the court, so the winnings were obtained with a minimum advantage.

Betting/coefficients of bookmakers for the match Kai Vekhnelt – Bruno Kuzukhara:

Bookmakers began to accept bets on a tennis meeting Kai Vekhnelt – Bruno Kuzuhara, which will be held on May 03 as part of a popular master. Those who want to put it also need to be done before 13:00 Moscow time. Although both famous personalities in the world of tennis have been at the highest level for many years, they have never met on the court before.

Kai Vekhnalt

At the moment, Kai Vekhnalt is one of the “dark horses” of this tournament, because this season there was no participation in other competitions of such a high class. Often these were simple challengers where there were enough opponents from the third and fourth hundred world tennis rating. As Kai Vekhnalt behaves in a match with a more serious opponent, it is not yet clear, because it is unlikely that it will be possible to set his pace and completely control the game, as was the case in all previous fights. In past seasons, there was not enough stability for a successful performance, and now Kai Vekhnalt has so far demonstrates only a good first presentation, but has not yet been noticed by skillful defense and first -class technical skills.In addition, Kai Vekhnalt is weakly played by the grid, and also often admits the loss of concentration. This tournament is home, so there is a hope that Kai Vekhnalt will be more carefully prepared for a duel.

Bruno Kuzuhara

In principle, the start of this season can be considered good, because at least Bruno Kuzuhara of six matches played has only three victories, but all three defeats were exclusively from representatives of the TOP-20 world tennis rating. At the same time, the struggle was imposed on all three opponents, which allowed us to win one set. The main specialization is the hard coating, but in the halls of Bruno Kuzuhara it does not often play, only occasionally submitting applications for such tournaments. In the draws of Bruno, Kuzukhara holds a high pace of the game, and also deeply attacks from the foregend. In addition, despite the fact that now only the beginning of the season, Bruno Kuzuhara demonstrates extremely little marriage when exchanging blows. So far, Bruno Kuzukhara is in 112th place in the tennis rating, but this season there is every chance to break through in the first hundred and avoid qualifications in prestigious tournaments.

Kai Vekhnelt – Bruno Kuzukhara: the forecast of the author

Everything is already ready for the start of the match, the main characters of which will be Kai Vekhnelt and Bruno Kuzuhara. Athletes are well known to lovers of large tennis, as they always take part in large tournaments in which they manage to get to the prefinal and final stages, delighting lovers of this sport with a bright and spectacular game. In the first rounds of the tournament, the rivals easily overcame the resistance of their counterparts, which allowed them to ensure their participation in this match. However, today's confrontation will not be so easy, since the rivals are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the game of their counterparts, so they trained to play in the most uncomfortable style for the opponent. Our experts suggest that athletes are quite capable of demonstrating something new, changing the style of playing familiar for themselves, which will rely on success in this match. The psychological mood will also be of considerable importance for success. Although, judging by the results of the current season, the athletes have no problems with this, they understand the significance of victories in such a large tournament, so they try to surpass their rivals not only in technology, but also in psychology, and when these two factors are connected together, the athlete is almost invincible . Many believe that the factor in full -time confrontations has its significance on the result, as psychologically can put pressure on rivals. However, our experts do not agree with this. We believe that if the tournament coating and the current form of the athlete coincide, then even the advantage in past confrontations will not be able to guarantee the opponent of victory. It is important to act here and now, showing the best tennis and achieving high results.

Kai Vehnelt – Bruno Kuzukhara.Forecast, rates for the match (03.05.22)

Kai Vekhnalt

At such a high stage of the prestigious tennis tournament, Kai Vekhnalt acts quite deservedly, because this season can be considered one of the best in his career. Kai Vekhnalt always acts on the court, and often this quality helps to win. Very serious opponents have been completed at this tournament, so there is no doubt that now Kai Vekhnalt will do everything in order to break into the finals. At the moment, Kai Vekhnalt occupies the thirteenth line in the world ranking of tennis, which is the highest achievement, but playing against representatives of the TOP-10 does not work, since high speed and powerful presentation are not yet the key to victory. In addition, Kai Vekhnalt loves to play on hard coating, and now he will have to act on herbal courts, on which there were no achievements in the entire career. Nevertheless, Kai Vekhnalt has two days more for preparation, and this means a lot.

Bruno Kuzuhara

This season Bruno Kuzukhara spends quite unconvincing, so bookmakers put in the favorites of this fight the 42nd racket of the world solely due to a higher position in the tennis rating. The first two tournaments were lost already at the first stage, and the third round was able to pass in the third, but only due to the fact that the opponent had a relapse of injury. And already in the second round there was a defeat in two parties. It is unlikely that something has changed a lot after that, so in this match Bruno Kuzukhara will not be able to demonstrate a confident game again, but will make many stupid mistakes. On the Bruno Kuzuhara court, it is too nervous, which is clearly visible about receiving the ball, as well as because there are so many unnecessary movements. This season, Bruno Kuzukhara allows too much marriage on the back line, and in the draws often unnecessarily forciates events, which leads to the loss of the ball. As for entering the ball into the game, here everything is far from perfect.

Today is the match Kai Vehnelt – Bruno Kuzukhara forecasts from BC Baltbet

An excellent game of athletes in previous rounds of the tournament could not remain unnoticed by our experienced analysts. Therefore, as soon as the bookmakers offered a line for the match in which Kai Vekhnelt and Bruno Kuzukhara will converge, the analysts of our portal immediately began to look for interesting bets on this match. Considering personal meetings of athletes, we noticed that the struggle between them always goes quite dense, none of the rivals have a visible advantage. In addition, Kai Vekhnelt and Bruno Kuzuhara play aggressive tennis, try to complete the draws in two or three blows, which allows them to maintain strength to protect points on their feed. To compile high -quality forecasts, our experts try to study as much information as possible regarding athletes at the tournament.The story of the performances of today's rivals here is quite bright. Both Kai Vekhnelt and Bruno Kuzuhara repeatedly fell into the final rounds of the tournament. This implies that the tournament covering them allows them to play in a tennis comfortable for them, therefore, it can be assumed that this year rivals will make every effort to break as far as possible along the tournament grid, which means that in the match necessarily There will be a struggle and interesting combinations that will not leave indifferent a single lover of this sport.

Kai Vehnelt – Bruno Kuzuhara: We are waiting for a productive game again

Based on what coefficients were put up by bookmakers for the match, in which Kai Vekhnelt and Bruno Kuzuhara would take the participation of the participation of Kai, our experts drew attention to him. In general, Kai Vekhnalt is now not so much in good shape to see this athlete with a clear favorite of the match. It is possible that the bookmakers in their quotes for this confrontation proceeded from the opponent rating, but they apparently did not take into account that Bruno Kuzuhara has more matches played on this type of coating, and indeed, in personal meetings, has an advantage. We carefully analyzed the results of the rivals in this tournament, and also drew attention to how athletes performed here in past years. The information received instilled in us additional confidence that Kai Vekhnalt is not such a clear favorite. Based on this, we recommend that bets on the plus odds of an outsider of bookmakers in this match. Those bettors who prefer risky bets can play an outsider, by the way, bookmakers offer a rather high coefficient for this, which will increase the game bank several times. Still, we would recommend paying attention to the general total of geims in this match. Our analysts think that the match will turn out to be protracted, which automatically involves the bets on total more than the game. Our confidence in this forecast is reinforced by the fact that all personal meetings of athletes on this type of coating were held in the fight. Most likely, this confrontation will not be an exception, especially since Kai Vekhnelt and Bruno Kuzuhara show a good level of training in this tournament.

Today is the match Kai Vehnelt – Bruno Kuzuhara. Forecast from experts

The bookmakers offered a rather interesting line for the match in which Kai Vekhnelt and Bruno Kuzuhara will meet. Recall that the line for tennis matches are based on the rating and the current form of athletes. Judging by how rivals started the season, they are ready to demonstrate high results in all tournaments in which they take part. Therefore, our analysts believe that the line exhibited by bookmakers is true. However, this did not prevent us from carefully analyzing the possibility of the victory of one and another athlete in this match, and offer our forecasts for this confrontation.We know that now in Bolshoi tennis there is a serious struggle for places in the ranking. The situation is that a number of tennis players have excellent chances to improve their positions in the ranking, taking a higher place. To do this, it is necessary to show stably high results in all major tournaments. And this tournament is no exception. Now the most critical stages are beginning, and the further the opponents will go through the tournament grid, the more rating points will receive for participation in the tournament. Therefore, now all athletes will act at the limit of opportunities, actively playing not only on their presentation, but also clinging to each point on the opponent’s presentation. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that Kai Vekhnelt and Bruno Kuzuhara will hold a spectacular and active match in which the audience will delight the audience with bright attacking tennis, with many interesting combinations.

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