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Classic body massage

Gift certificate for the impression: Gift certificate quot; Telegram quot;. Favorable price, fast delivery, options for festive packaging.

Gift certificate Telegram

The recipient of the gift himself will choose one impression from the entire set.

Classic body massage

This is a real opportunity to get rid of fatigue, muscle tension and other physiological and aesthetic problems

Contraindications: pregnancy, critical days, violation of the cardiovascular system.

Moscow, M. Krasnoye Gate, Orlikov Lane, 6

Moscow, M. Smolenskaya, Plushchachi St., 13

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diving lesson

Briefing, trial immersion with aqualanga.

All necessary equipment is provided

Moscow, M. Bagrationovskaya, St. Filovskaya St., 18

St. Petersburg, M. Zvenigorodskaya, St. Pravdov St., 11, pool Youth

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ATV skating with an instructor

To have interchangeable clothes and shoes that do not hesitate to move with you. The weight of the participants should not exceed 150 kg

Leningrad region, Vsevolzhsky district, St. Petersburg, next to the village of Suranda

Moscow, Mytishchinsky district, the village of Belyaninovo, industrial passage

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Flying in a wind tunnel

Flight accompanied by an instructor, takes place in a specialized transparent tunnel.

Weight up to 100 kg, shape of clothing: sports, shoes should fit tightly to the leg. Children under 18 years of age are allowed to fly accompanied by parents

Moscow, M. Sokolniki, Bogorodskoye Shosse, possession of 18, building 9

St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Vsevolozhsk district, 7th km of Toksovsky highway

St. Petersburg, Primorsky Ave., 72, TC Peterland

St. Petersburg, st. North Road, 12

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Briefing, flyboard flight (selected time), wetsuit, life jacket and helmet are provided.

Moscow, M. Vodevskaya 4th line of the Khoroshevsky Silver Bor, d.19, bond 5

St. Petersburg, Serenny Island, Breeze Yacht Club Entrance to the island from the embankment of Makarov

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Playing ethnic drums for two

Mastering the simplest technique of the game under the guidance of an experienced teacher

Lesson in a group up to 30-40 people

Moscow, M. Krasnoye Gate, New Basmannaya St., 23, p. 2

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Virtual Slalom

Ski simulator. Individual master class, screen with a projected image

Sports clothes, if desired, ski boots

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Trampoline jumping for two

Classes are held in a specialized room

Sports clothing with you

Moscow, Mytishchi, Mira St., 51, shopping center June (minus 2nd floor)

Moscow, M. Semenovskaya, Semenovsky per, d.15

Moscow, metro Crimean, Sevastopol Prospekt, 11E.Capitol shopping center, 3rd floor

Moscow, metro Sokol, Leningradsky Prospekt, 80, bldg. eleven

Moscow, M. Babushkinskaya, Yenisei, 36, p. 1

Moscow, M. Fili, Bagrationovsky pr-d, 5

St. Petersburg, M. Pionerskaya, Kolomyazhsky Prospekt, 19

Tver, Koroleva St., 7 (TC Flagman)

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Kombing for two

Briefing. Arrival in the picture

Moscow, Ymytishchi, Mira St., 51, shopping center June (2nd floor)

Moscow, M. Partizanskaya, Izmailovskoye Shosse., 73, rocket stadium

Moscow, shopping center Capitol Sevastopol Ave., 11E -1 floor, MCC Crimean

Pskov, Kuzbass Division St., d.19

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Theater on a passionate

1 ticket for the performance at the Theater Center On Passion. The repertoire is limited

Cancellation and transfer of services are impossible after the provision of tickets

Moscow, M. Tirekaya, passionate boulevard, d.8 A

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Visiting the Ostankino TV tower

Rise on high -speed elevators on a observation deck located at an altitude of 337 m, in less than one minute. Exchange of certificate for an electronic ticket. Independent excursion

It is necessary to arrive on the tour 50 minutes before it starts with a passport. Under the excursions, they are not allowed: pregnant women, faces intoxicated, faces with a mental disorder, moving in wheelchairs

Moscow, M. Vdnh, Akademika Korolev St., 15, p. 1

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Family movie show

Watching a movie to your choice

Exchange of certificate for tickets, cancellation and transfer of services is impossible after providing tickets. In addition to films in 3D, IMAX and VIP halls

Rostov Region, Rostov-on-Don G

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Flight on the Air-Su-27 cadet

Acquaintance with the instructor, pre -full briefing and clarification of the field assignment. Flight on the aircraft carrier, analysis of flight, presenting an unusual gift-a DVD-disk with your flight recorded from 4 video cameras.

Growth from 135 cm; Weight up to 125 kg. For women, trouser -type clothing is recommended

Moscow, M. Aviamotornaya, st. 5th cable, 2, Sports

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The master class takes place in a group of up to 4 people.

Moscow, M. Fili, b. Filevskaya St., 3, shopping center Filevsky, 2nd floor.

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Thai back massage

The delicate spa program of the collar zone fights with insomnia and headaches, excessive salty deposits and adhesions in the shoulders and shoulder blades, and foci of discomfort in the upper spine

Contraindications: pregnancy, critical days, violation of the cardiovascular system.

Moscow, Kurkino, st. Nightingale grove, d.16

Moscow, metro Aprelevka, st. Gorky, d.25

Moscow, metro Dmitrovskaya, st. Kostyakova, d.7/7

Moscow, metro Domodedovskaya, st. General Belov, d. 28, building 3

Moscow, metro Kuzminki, st. Okskaya, d. 3, Cor. 2

Moscow, metro Medvedkovo, Ostashkovskoye Shosse, d. 59

Moscow, m. Mitino, Pyatnitskoye highway, 9

Moscow, metro Nekrasovka, microdistrict of Lyubertsy fields, st. Rozhdestvenskaya d. 4

Moscow, metro Rostokino, Prospect Mira, d.188b, K4

Moscow, m.Smolenskaya, Smolenskaya square, 3

Moscow, metro Taganskaya, Krasnokholmskaya embankment, 13, building 1

Moscow, m. Yugo-Zapadnaya, st. Academician Anokhin, d.6, k.1

Moscow, metro station Aeroport, Leningradsky prospect, 52

Moscow, m. Konkovo, st. Ostrovityanova, 9, building 3

Moscow, metro station Krasnoselskaya, st. Krasnoprudnaya, 22-24

Moscow, metro Krylatskoe, metro Molodezhnaya, Rublevskoe highway, 28, building 2

Moscow, m. Kurskaya, st. Kazakova, d. 8, building 2

Moscow, m. Maryino, Bratislavskaya street, 23

Moscow, m. Michurinsky prospect, st. Ozernaya, 2/1

Moscow, m. Novye Cheryomushki, Leninsky prospect, 89/2

Moscow, metro station Oktyabrskoye Pole, Prospekt Marshal Zhukov, 28

Moscow, m.Park Kultury, Kropotkinsky pereulok, 4/2

Moscow, m.Rechnoy vokzal, Leningradskoe highway, 124, bldg. 3

Moscow, m.Rizhskaya, m.Maryina Roshcha, Olympic prospect, 30, building 1

Moscow, m.Strogino, st. Marshal Katukov, 24, building 6

Moscow, metro Tretyakovskaya, 1st Monetchikovsky lane, 8

Moscow, m. Tulskaya, Podolskoe shosse, 8, building 5

Moscow, m. Tushinskaya, st. Meshcheryakova, 7

Moscow, m.Ulitsa 1905 Goda, Shmitovsky proezd, 15/5

Moscow, m. Filevsky park, st. Kastanaevskaya, 18

Moscow, m.CSKA, Proezd Birch Grove, 12

Moscow, m.CSKA, Khodynsky Boulevard, 9 p.1

Moscow, m. Chertanovskaya, st. Sumy pr-d, d. 2, bldg. 6

Moscow, Kommunarka settlement, st. Yasnaya, d. 6

Moscow region, Balashikha city, Prospekt Lenina, 32A

Istra, st. Moskovskaya, d.5A

m. Rokossovsky Boulevard, st. Boulevard Marshal Rokossovsky, 6, bldg. 1 V

Moscow region, Sholokhovo village, Dmitrovskoe highway, 2B, building 1

Moscow region, Zelenograd, Andreevka village, building 24D

Moscow region, Krasnogorsk, st. I. Merlushkina, d.6

Moscow region, Mytishchi, Astrakhov Avenue, 12

Moscow region, Odintsovo, st. Mozhayskoye highway, 153V

Moscow region, Pushkino, st. Nadsonovskaya, 24

Moscow region, Ramenskoye, st. Koroleva, d.27B

Moscow region, Reutov, m.Novogireevo, st. Nekrasova, 2

Moscow region, Reutov, metro station Novokosino, st. October, 30

Moscow region, Schelkovo, Chkalovskaya st., 3

Khimki, st. Rodionova, 5

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Motocross bike

The skiing service includes: helmet, balaclava, gloves, turtle, knee pads. Rights not required

Moscow, Mytishchi district, Belyaninovo village, Industrial passage

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Excursion seven peaks of Moscow. Legends of the Stalinist skyscrapers

Thematic bus tour of Moscow. What awaits you: The House of Aviators and the House of Artists, the Old Russian Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Moscow, the Monument to Stupidity and the Territory for Special Agents, Sparrow Hills and the Temple of Science. They changed the face of Moscow beyond recognition, they immortalized the name of Stalin. Seven skyscrapers, seven giants, seven sisters.

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Cheese tasting

Tasting for those who want to plunge into the world of delicious cheese. You will try different types of cheeses – you will find out what other cheeses there are besides sandwich ones. Also find out how to make a cheese plate and what cheeses go well with wine. group lesson

Moscow, m. Kropotkinskaya, st. Prechistenka, 4.str.2

Moscow, metro station Oktyabrskoye Pole, Marshal Meretskov St., 6

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Excursion to the brewery

Independent visit and inspection of the exposition in the historical and art museum. Beer tasting in the restaurant Schwarzkaiser, Yegorievsk. Lunch in a cozy Schwarzkaiser restaurant with a tasting of 5 branded beers;

Strictly from 18 years old

Moscow, MO, Egorievsk, Chelokhovo village, 1 B

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Certificate Description

Defender of the Fatherland Day is a holiday for men. On this day, they receive unusual gifts from family, friends and colleagues. What to give your favorite defender to sincerely surprise him and please him on a special day? Of course, a Telegram gift certificate. It is a collection of 19 experiences that cater for a variety of interests, from diving to a tour of a brewery.

The advantage of the certificate is its versatility. It is suitable for both homebodies and outdoor enthusiasts. A gift can be given to a man of any age. The recipient of the surprise will enjoy an unusual leisure, exciting adventure or cultural pastime.

What experiences does it include?

The gift set consists of several impressions. The owner of the gift chooses the event that he would like to attend.

  • Classic body massage;
  • ATV rental;
  • Virtual slalom;
  • Family movie show;
  • Cheese tasting and so on.

Thrill-seekers will enjoy flying in a wind tunnel or on a flyboard. For those who like to show creative talents, we recommend playing ethnic drums together with your significant other. Together with a friend or a child, you can have fun jumping on trampolines. You will be able to throw out the accumulated emotions and energy.

Karting for two allows you to feel the speed and adrenaline rush. If you like quiet leisure, visiting the Na Strastnoy Theater or the Ostankino TV Tower will suit you. If you have long dreamed of relaxing, taking a break from everyday work and putting your thoughts in order, Thai back massage is for you.

What emotions will you get?

A gift set of impressions is an original surprise for any man and a touching gift for February 23rd. The owner of the certificate will be delighted, because he himself will choose the experience in accordance with his interests. The certificate gives a sea of ​​positive emotions and is remembered for a long time.

For example, during the tour Legends of Stalin's skyscrapers you will learn the secrets that hide the main peaks of the capital. Flying on a flight simulator allows you to try on the role of a pilot and gain interesting skills. Archery for two is a unique experience, the emotions of which can be shared with a loved one.

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