Hockey: news review January 24, 2022. Became known the composition of the Russian team for the Olympics in Beijing, who got into the playoffs of the KHL. Sport-Express

Overview of the day Alexey Shevchenko.

The leading players of the KHL did not get into the composition for the Olympics. Who made these controversial decisions and why?

Line-up announced Russian teamwho will play at the Beijing Olympics. It seemed that not only the adviser to the head coach of the national team Igor Esmantovich had a great influence (all the CSKA players who were called up were included in the squad), but also Alexei Kudashov.

For a long time we did not have such a muscular team, the trump card of many players is to run and crush, destroy and discard. Main coach Alexey Zhamnov indirectly confirmed this. He talked all the time about the top 6, where certain hockey players do not fall. That is, only two triples will be engaged in creativity, and the rest will have to destroy and prevent the leaders of the rivals from playing. These are not modern trends, in some NHL clubs the fourth three already know how to create, and forwards with decent performance destroy perfectly. But there are few such station wagons in the modern KHL, so everything is logical.

Now about the sensations among those who got into the squad. The main one is the inclusion of Artur Kayumov in the main team. The Lokomotiv hockey player is a pretty good hockey player, but, frankly, not enough to go to the Olympics. Even curious how it will be used. I would like to see the combinations in training now, to see the famous top 6. Judging by the fact that Alexander Kadeikin still did not make it to the team, the central axis is clear: Shipachev, Anisimov, Semenov, Andronov. I was pleased with the appearance in the main team of forward Arseniy Gritsyuk. Although a rapidly progressing forward with good statistics is hardly stronger than Anton Burdasov or Andrey Kuzmenko today, but, apparently, just in the case of the Omsk player, they expect him to help at his own goal, because in Avangard this is required from everyone, except legionnaires.

It seems that the coaches did not see the matches of Ak Bars and the actions of Dmitry Voronkov. No one will deny that this season is not going well for him at all, the hockey player does not use his trump cards. I would not admire the fact that Sergei Andronov is on the team. There are no questions for him, we all respect the hockey player, but he is completely different from what he was even two years ago. But since Aleksey Zhamnov chose these people, we will believe him. In case of failure, no one will care about who influenced the head coach there and whose advice he used.


More struck by what hockey players the coaching staff refused. Of course, formally reserve hockey players have the opportunity to play at the Olympics, so you can wait for Andrey Kuzmenko or Alexander Kadeikin to appear on the ice, but I doubt that the team understands the rules of substitutions correctly.The reason to include a new hockey player is unlikely to be a mechanical trauma – only a positive test. But the very fact that one of the most technical players of the Kuzmenko league was not inexplicable in the starting lineup. How easily they refused the team from the ligaments!

Anton Burdasov generally goes home, although he acts with Kuzmenko almost the entire season. He became a victim of jealousy of the new leadership of the national team to the former. And it is noticeable that there are no those who did not part with CSKA too well. No matter how they claimed in the national team that they relied exclusively on sports reasons, it is still noticeable that hockey players are taking revenge. Burdasov said that he was glad to leave CSKA, he was going home. Nikolai Goldobin was exchanged from CSKA – they did not even consider. Sergei Tolchinsky showed excessive zeal at the time of the celebration of victory over the army in the final – not invited. Kuzmenko at one time asked for an exchange in SKA – a reserve. Alexey Marchenko did not want to negotiate with CSKA, went on favorable conditions in Lokomotiv – he was not invited.

Are there too many coincidences? For some reason, only in the reserve of Stanislav Galiev. It is believed that anyone will play with Vadim Shipachev. This is partly true. But still, it takes time for a complete understanding, but the team does not have it. The team has never been trained in the optimal composition. At home, Sergei Plotnikov with positive tests, whether he will have time to recover to send the aircraft is a big question. There would be just a bet on people who need a minimum of time to get used to it, but for some reason they don’t think in the national team.


Three more clubs of the VHL issued a ticket to the playoffs. No one doubted that Dynamo from St. Petersburg and the Hammer would play in departure matches. The St. Petersburg has a great composition. Plus, they have cooperation with Moscow teammates, albeit strange, but a couple of people fit perfectly into the team. The club leader is Alexander Kucheryvenko, who decided to prove that he was still ready to perform at a high level. With Perm, everything was clear. Almost the first season over the past twenty years, when everything has been stable in the Hammer, no stories with salary delays, illegally terminated contracts and other nonsense, characteristic of the High League. Plus, the head coach Albert Loginov knows the tournament very well, knows how to work in it, and he easily solved the minimum task. There were no failures in the season, but they were local, nothing serious.

The first sensation is a guaranteed place in the second stage at Rostov. Not the richest VHL club, mediocre selection of players, but a very promising coach Grigory Panteleev. The owner of the Latvian passport, he is somewhat similar to the early Oleg Znark, only without unpleasant manners. But he also squeezes the maximum from the players, easily abandons more skilled in favor of disciplined, extremely demanding.You can also compare with Leonid Tambiev, only Panteleev did not have big victories. But the fact that his Rostov is in the top ten three weeks before the end of the regular season is in the playoffs is even more valuable. Even in the VHL, Yermak will definitely not play in the playoffs. The Angarsk club almost ceased to exist this season, and only a miracle will help it not close next summer.

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