In Balaclava, the museum exposition "Our Cosmonaut" was opened – the glory of Sevastopol

In Balaklava, the museum exposition “Our Cosmonaut” was opened in the Balaklava Palace of Culture, the grand opening of the museum exposition “Our astronaut”, which represented

In Balaklava, the museum exposition Our astronaut was opened

Museum exposition Our cosmonaut opened in Balaklava

In the Balaklava Palace of Culture, the grand opening of the museum exposition “Our Cosmonaut” was held, which presents family photographs and personal belongings of our countryman-a hero of Russia, a pilot-cosmonaut and honorary resident of the city of Sevastopol Anton Klustaplerov, as well as the genuine spaceship “Sokol KV-2”, In which he made his third cosmic flight, and objects that visited space. All exhibits were transmitted by Roscosmos Group of Companies and personally Anton Nikolaevich for the formation of a museum-information zone dedicated to the anniversary year of domestic cosmonautics, noted in 2021.

Museum exposition Our cosmonaut opened in Balaklava

The museum exposition Our Cosmonaut, created by the aerospace center of Anton Klokaplerov, is now open for free visit by residents and guests of our city in the Balaklava Palace of Culture. Through the exposition, the authors of the project bring to visitors the idea that the domestic space industry is at the highest technological level of development of mankind and the younger generation has the opportunity to become part of these achievements.
The concept of the “Our Cosmonaut” project is to disclose possible prospects for the younger generation through the history of a dream of flying into space a simple student from Balaklava. Earlier, the exposition was already presented at the native school of the astronaut. The idea of ​​the resumption of its work on the basis of the Balaklava Palace of Culture and demonstration of a wider audience belongs to the volunteer headquarters We are together – Sevastopol and is supported by the Sevastopol branch of the United Russia party.
“Patriotism is not only to remember the story, it means also to be proud of those heroes who live among us. An example of Anton Klokaplerov, who dreamed of space from the age of five, shows that our country provides each citizen with the opportunity to embody his dream into reality. I am convinced that in such living examples we will be able to not only educate our youth, but also prepare a worthy shift to our hero, glorifying Sevastopol on an international scale, ”explains Pavel Kharlamov, coordinator of the volunteer headquarters“ We are together – Sevastopol ”.
Indeed, the project is aimed at civilian-patriotic education of children, youth and youth, based on the example of the personal achievements of our countryman-cosmonaut. For the children of Sevastopol and Crimea, Anton Cab cane is a single role model. For several years he has been doing active educational work with children and says this: My task is to promote space in the formation of our youth.Today, the aerospace theme for the younger generation opens up prospects for the realization of dreams and offers the opportunity to choose their place in the most modern industry.” The example of Anton Shkaplerov convinces children of the reality of these prospects.
I must say that Anton Shkaplerov was personally present at the opening of the museum exposition and was happy to talk with the guests and participants of the ceremony. On behalf of the residents of our city, Tatyana Lobach, Vice Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol, addressed the Hero of Russia, who will make his 4th flight into space on October 5, 2021, with a parting word. She gave the cosmonaut a handful of Balaklava land and sea pebbles, brightly painted by the children of the Balaklava House of Children and Youth Creativity, so that next to him there would always be a part of his Motherland.

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