Milan football socks 2017-18 away kit 3 – buy at a price of 2290 rubles. in Moscow

Milan football socks 2017-18 away 3rd uniform

Milan football socks 2017-18 away 3rd uniform in online store. Wholesale and retail. Application of number and surname. Delivery across Russia.

Milan football socks 2017-18 away 3rd uniform

Milan football socks 2017-18 away 3rd uniform

In order for the football uniform to retain a good appearance for a long time – it does not lose color, does not roll up and does not wear out, it is necessary to follow a number of simple rules for storing, washing and ironing it.


  • Wash items by hand (without soaking) at room temperature.
  • Use special liquid products. It is acceptable to use ordinary shampoos or liquid soap.
  • Do not wash membrane clothes with ordinary powder detergents – the powder can clog pores and ruin the membrane, as a result of which the item will lose its properties.
  • It is desirable to wash small pollution with warm water with addition of the specified detergents.
  • Machine wash is prohibited!

Spin and dry

  • Do not twist products when wringing. Use a hygroscopic material for wringing (such as cotton cloth).
  • Dry the football uniform flat at room temperature.


  • Products made of membrane fabrics cannot be ironed with a hot iron. The maximum ironing temperature (only from the side of the lining) is 110 degrees.

Dry cleaning

  • Dry cleaning is prohibited – it can lead to detachment and deformation of the membrane.


  • Store the product in a dry straightened form.
  • Do not store the mold wet and compressed.
  • Store products away from strongly smelling substances and materials.
  • Before sending the product for long-term storage, wash and iron it according to the instructions.

Dear customers, in case of difficulty with choosing a size, we advise you to take a thing half a size larger; let it be better to sit loose than tight. But this is only advice, the final decision is yours!

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