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NHL in our opinion: in Kostroma, the qualifying stage of the All-Russian Festival of the Night Hockey League started

The knock of clubs on ice – the teams are ready for the battle for the championship. Today they are here 12. From Kostroma, Buya, Nerekhta. Four are youth. The rest are adults, where hockey players are from 40 years old and older. The night league is good that you can play in it at least until retirement. And even in retirement. Good luck to amateur athletes is wished by a professional. At the opening of the festival from Yaroslavl, 2-time Russian hockey champion Ilya Gorokhov arrived.

Ilya Gorokhov, hockey player, two -time champion of Russia: “They find a hobby here, the game, fan, fall in love with sports and infect their children with it. It's great!

The night hockey league was created in our region, like throughout the country, 7 years ago. The name got its name due to what its participants play mainly in the evenings-after work. Here people of different professions – from movers to bankers. Those who are passionate about hockey. And ready to pay for it. Players themselves buy equipment – but only professional skates, for example, cost about 50 thousand rubles. They pay for ice rental – training usually takes place 2 times a week. Costly – but, they say, it's worth it.

Sergey Rumyantsev, captain of the Rook of the Hockey team: “These are emotions, this is communication … I see only one pluses in the occupation of hockey. We find time – we are engaged, we are holding comradely meetings, we play with ourselves. In general, all the time in motion. ”

This festival – and it is already traditional – for the teams a chance to measure strength. Feel the spirit of competitiveness – what is so missing in training. The first meeting in the framework of the selection is between the old -timer of the NHL – “Russia”, and the newcomer who plays the third season – “rook”. 3 periods for 20 minutes. There are restrictions. Unlike professional hockey, in amateur athletes you can’t push on ice. The type of puck is also prohibited as a “click”. This is dangerous.

Anatoly Shpotin, regional representative of the night hockey league in the Kostroma region: “This championship, in my opinion and the opinion of many participants and captains, is more equal. The teams grew up. Accordingly, the games will be much more interesting. ”

The qualifying stage will go until spring. According to its results, 1 team-winning team will be determined. She will go to Sochi to the final, where she will play with the strongest amateur national teams of the country. Last year, the KTK team represented Kostroma. In the standings among 80 regions, it took place in the middle. This season, our hockey players hope to improve the result.

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