Only adults: games for two and company (18) |

Fands, maps and thematic sets of TM Las Games.

Only adults: games for two and company (18+)

Looking for how to diversify gatherings with friends or surprise a soul mate? We have prepared games and thematic sets of Las Games so that you spend time fun and with pleasure.

For two

How to please your soul mate? Arrange a romantic dinner with muffled light, fruits, drinks … and games. They will refresh the relationship and give them piquancy. Special cards and phantas with provocative issues will help the partner about fantasies, and to realize desires – exciting props and ready -made scenarios.

50 shades are more frank

Game with cards

For the holiday

What needs to be done so that the festive evening is remembered for a long time? It's simple: call friends or a soul mate, prepare a table and offer funny games. Our collection contains congratulatory sets for birthday, wedding and corporate party. In them you will find cards with toasts, contests, nominations for guests, “alcoholic tales” for theatrical performances and, of course, games.

Party game

Romantic quest
I love you

Happy Birthday

For a party

These games will allow you to have fun with friends. You will find toasts falling towers with fantas for drinking, communicative games, where participants have to guess words and get out of incredible situations.

Out -award game

Board game
Both laughter and sin

Game for the company
Who am I?

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