Pukhlyash spoke about participation in a shamanic rite

“He made a rite of worship“ White Elder ”: Dmitry Krasilov Pukhlyash-“ arrived ”about the filming of the Travel Show

The famous dancer and actor told Teleprogramma.pro how he participated in shamanic rituals and ate a bear's paw.

“Performed the ceremony of worshiping the “white old man”: Pukhlyash Dmitry Krasilov – about the filming of the travel show “Arrived”

The famous dancer and actor told Teleprogramma.pro how he participated in shamanic rituals and ate a bear's paw.

“He made a rite of worship“ White Elder ”: Dmitry Krasilov Pukhlyash-“ arrived ”about the filming of the Travel Show

Dmitry Krasilov in Irkutsk while riding a snowmobile. Photo: Muz-TV channel

From April 23, the travel show “Arrived” starts on the Muz-TV channel, hosted by a dancer and actor Dmitry Krasiloin, known as Pukhlyash. Its task is to acquaint the audience with the wonders of our Motherland. Thanks to Pukhlyash, Russians and not only will discover our country from a new perspective, having seen the shamanic rites of Yakutia, having visited cold Irkutsk, hospitable Dagestan and many other parts of Russia.

Dmitry Krasilov told Teleprogramma.pro more about his adventures.

“I was cold in Irkutsk, and then burned in Makhachkala”

— Dmitry, did you count how many cities you visited as part of the travel show “Arrived”?

– Recently we started traveling with the project Arrived and have already been filming in Ulan-Ude, Yakutsk, Irkutsk, Dagestan. In the near future we will go to Vladivostok, Kazan and other cities. In general, we will draw the most unusual route on the map of Russia and show the beauty of our places! Each city is superior to the other! So many new things have been seen, so many interesting things will be told by me to our viewers – it's just a plague!

The other day we returned from Makhachkala, and everything that happened there was wild emotions. We even managed to swim! The film crew told me: “What? Are you going to swim in the sea? Are you sure about this?”, all the guys are in winter jackets, an incredible wind is blowing. And I stand in a bathing suit and say: “Guys, remember, you only have one take! I'll just dive in and out! All for the frame!

But the most interesting thing is that I dived, and the water was so warm that they couldn’t pull me out of there! As they explained to me, the coast heats up the most, and the water temperature is almost +20 degrees. In general, traveling around the country, I froze in Irkutsk, then burned in Makhachkala, this is the maximum combo! This is such a diverse nature, but we have a lot to see in Russia.

Dmitry Krasilov and Rinpoche Bagsha in Ulan-Ude. A photo:

Dmitry Krasilov and Rinpoche Bagsha in Ulan-Ude. Photo: Muz-TV channel

– In the first issue, you went to the land of shamans in Ulan-Ude. Did you happen to see some kind of shamanic rite?

“Wherever I went, various rituals were performed on me everywhere: to purify thoughts, karma, and conscience. As one shaman said: “You are a public person, a lot of envy, evil eye and damage comes to you. You need to be cleaned! And I happily agreed. In Ulan-Ude, they performed the rite of worship of the “white old man”.

It all looks like this: four people come, sit down at the table, start ringing the bells, perform various actions. I fall on the carpet and answer the questions of the shamans.Then you bring the offering, it is charged and after the rite you take it and go to the wasteland where the alms are performed – sweet things, you need to burn the oils, and while it all burns, splash charged vodka and milk so that the path is enlightened, and life improves. Locals told me what and how to do it, they said: Quiet, quiet! Or get up, you have to bow!.

– Did mystical stories happen to you there?

– Most of all in the history of rites I believed in Yakutia, where a young guy without unnecessary actions, in his own language, read the mantras so that it introduced me into a trance! Perhaps it was from fatigue, but I turned off right for a couple of minutes and felt something inside me. I caught myself thinking that I did not even understand what was happening: I hear only his recitative. Was completely immersed.

I began to come to my senses only when the shaman began to say: Here you have to throw it into a fire, now you have a koumiss. I realized that I unconsciously obey what the shaman tells me to do. And when it ended, I realized that some kind of zero occurred. The rite, by the way, was called the opening of the White Road.

Dmitry Krasilov on Lake Baikal. A photo:

Dmitry Krasilov on Lake Baikal. Photo: Channel Muz-TV

– In which city of Russia was the coldest of all, and how did you warm?

– It was Irkutsk, it was there that my frostbite happened. We shot for four hours without interruption, already in the evening, in the frost. I am still actively gesticulating in the frame – and this is the great resistance of the body with air.

When I went on the bus to bask, I just did not feel hands. After this incident, every shooting day was wrapped from head to toe: three underpants, eighteen sweaters, a jacket, a sheepskin coat, something else. And we will come to Yakutia, where, in fact, it should be even colder, but in the end I went there in one T -shirt! The joke is that when we went to the shooting, the temperature was minus twenty degrees, and during the day it rose to minus two. That is, a very strong difference!

“You just returned from the filming of Dagestan!” There is an opinion that it is dangerous there. Can you confirm this stereotype or debunk a myth after visiting this country?

– When I just arrived in Dagestan, my mother, director, my friends began to call me right away and ask how I am there. The first impressions are as follows: I fly there, leave the airport, and there a crowd of local guys speak in an incomprehensible language, it is not clear what is happening, there are “walls on the wall”. It was scary.

But at the same time, when the shooting began, the impressions changed sharply. People are cool, responsive, ready to help, show the road. There was a situation – we walked past the house and a man went out: “Brother, what is needed? Maybe you are water? Eat? You can contact with me any time! Just!

Or, for example, it was struck that people walk in the stream among cars and distribute water. I am thinking: Seriously? After all, everything that we know about you is radically different! We have a “secret place” section, where we learn about random passers -by: where to go, where to eat delicious.So, a 21-year-old guy told us about the mosque in such detail, as if he had been thrown off a Wikipedia article! I saw Makhachkala from the other side.

Dmitry Krasilov on the Tarki Tau plateau in Makhachkala. A photo:

Dmitry Krasilov on the Tarki Tau plateau in Makhachkala. Photo: Muz-TV channel

– And what is the most interesting thing you remember from there?

— In Makhachkala, I tried sky surfing. I was trained to stand on a board with a parachute. They said: “You are very good at it, not everyone can do it!” I think they just comforted me. Did I get on the board? See the program! But I will open the veil of secrecy – I was trained by an instructor, where they attached a mount to me, hung a parachute, and we figured out how to twist everything and keep balance. A couple of times I was even lifted from the sand.

It turns out that Makhachkala is not only barbecue and lezginka, but there are also such interesting activities as sky surfing. They have a whole sports community there, where tourists come! My instructor, for example, is a vice-champion in skyboarding, almost the world, with 17 years of experience! What are they doing there, twisting pirouettes! It was very unexpected!

“Everywhere we were met with pancakes and koumiss”

— What is the most unusual dish you had a chance to try throughout the trip? What is it like to eat a bear paw?

– The program has a heading, as I like to call it, “Feed Dimasik, please.” We come to every city and try something everywhere. I tried a bear's paw – the taste is specific, it feels like ordinary meat, it chews well, but for me it was not a direct “wow”, just very unusual and original! I ate and ticked the box that I tried the bear's paw! And so, during the filming, the residents each time met us with pancakes and koumiss, they were very hospitable. In Irkutsk, right on Lake Baikal, they laid an ice table with freshly brewed fish soup for us!

Dmitry Krasilov on tasting local dishes in Yakutsk. A photo:

Dmitry Krasilov at a tasting of local dishes in Yakutsk. Photo: Muz-TV channel

— Have you met any unusual dances during your travels? – Since I am a dancer, there was nothing new for me in dancing, I just perfectly complemented all these stories. In Irkutsk, we performed local dances with the residents, they showed me the movements, and I immediately repeated them.

And in Yakutia, he was a speaker at a youth festival, where he danced a flash mob with the guys. By the way, that day there were difficult shootings, I got a concussion – I hit my back, but I had to somehow get out, because the guys were already prepared, they wanted to dance together. And I threw away all the pain and fatigue, and somewhere from the third take we filmed a very cool flash mob! I still get marks on social networks.

— Were there cities on your route that you previously visited, but discovered from a new perspective?

— I have not visited any of these cities before. Everything was new and new!

Dmitry Krasilov in the tourist complex The Kingdom of Eternal Merzlota in Yakutsk. A photo:

Dmitry Krasilov in the tourist complex Kingdom of Permafrost in Yakutsk. Photo: Muz-TV channel

— You were born in Zarinsk. Is this city included in the itinerary? And what is unusual about it?

– My city did not enter the route. Zarinsk – the town is actually small, but very beautiful. But if you go towards the Altai Mountains – there is all the “wealth”, you can see and shoot a lot of surprisingly! In May, for example, there is a festival of flowering of a stroke. Many peoples gather on it in honor of the fact that this beautiful flower is blooming. Such beauty: both Katun and the mountains with which Makhachkala can compete with confidence!

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