Real Madrid ” -“ PSG ”. Benzema is a funeral, the result of the match, the factors come in | Bookmakers rating


How much could be earned on a strong -willed victory of Real Madrid in the Champions League match.

“Real” – “PSG”. Benzema is a funeral, the result of the match, the coefficients came


Madrid “Real” in the return match of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League achieved a strong -willed victory over PSG. Passing in the first half from Mbappa, the Madrid in the second half distinguished themselves three times-the hat-trick on the account of Karim Benzem. In the sum of two games, Real Madrid was released on the quarterfinals.

In the “Rating Bookmakers”, they turned to the pre -match coefficients of the bookmakers and found out which of them played and how much it was possible to win by choosing the right bets on the game.

The victory of Real Madrid was evaluated by a coefficient of 2.49 through the BC “1xstavka” line. The bookmaker suggested setting Madrid to the quarterfinals with a coefficient of 3.13. For 1.54, one could take a bet on the fact that the owners would not lose.

Both teams scored expected and predictably in the match. The coefficient for such a development of events was 1.44.

It was possible to put more than 2.5 goals on the total for a coefficient of 1.53, and the total more than 3.5 goals walked with a coefficient of 2.29.

21 times the winnings exceeded the amount of the rate on the Time/Match market – P2/P1 (coefficient of 21.00).

The rate on the exact account of 3: 1 in favor of Real Madrid was calculated with a coefficient of 14.00.

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