Three types of products, the purchase of which is considered “shameful” acts that it turns out that “shameful” products are a great many. The prejudices are exposed in the masses with a rapid pace.

Three types of products, the purchase of which is ranked for shameful acts

It turns out that “shameful” products are a great many. The prejudices are exposed in the masses with a rapid pace. We tell you which products should not be bought so that you are not shameful.

In Soviet times, it was a shame to live in an apartment without carpets, crystal and a furniture wall, and in our time it was “ashamed” to buy certain foods. The origins of a bad attitude towards them remain unknown, but the opinion has already been so rooted in the minds of people that it is already issued as an indisputable truth. It is strange that the concept of “shameful” products still lives in a society where from all sides they speak of freedom of choice. Perhaps only the “illusion of freedom” is cultivated, in which some foods are good and right, while others are ashamed.

Kilka, Moyva, herring, pollock – this is the top of shame. If someone dares to lay out a recipe, where such a fish appears as an ingredient, then there will certainly be commentators who hasten to express their dissatisfaction.

Such fish can only be bought to cats!

And this is the softest thing that they say about sprats and shirt. The opinion was rooted that distant varieties of fish are eaten only by those who have not seen anything sweeter than carrots in their lives. And this is strange, since in our society “herring under a fur coat” is a classic of the New Year's feast along with “mimosa” from fish canned food (often Syras or Sardins in their own juice). And who does not like herring with onions for boiled young or fried potatoes? And also a sprat in tomato sauce, smoked moy and other goodies – and all these are distant varieties of fish, in the purchase and use of which there is nothing shameful.


Only “Nearby” eat sausage from the store!

This opinion can be found on the Internet everywhere. It turns out that decent people do not eat sausages, since they have many salt, fat and all sorts of harmful additives. We must cook everything at home! On one's own! And to feed the family with an industrial sausage – ashamed. By the way, a similar situation with mayonnaise, for the purchase of which society is ready to make fun of everyone! Only exclamations can be heard:

How to etch industrial mayonnaise! This is the first step to obesity! There is one chemistry! It is necessary to prepare mayonnaise at home, independently and certainly from natural products!

There can be nothing to buy mayonnaise or sausage as a shame – everyone is free to choose what to eat. Do you want mayonnaise or sausage from the store? We buy – and this is not a lack of respect for ourselves. By the way, if the majority with the harmfulness of store mayonnaise is more or less according to, then the issue of the harmfulness of industrial sausage is controversial-yes, not all manufacturers offer the ideal composition.If this is important for a person, then he will simply choose some craft sausages from environmentally friendly ingredients and without additives. Their price, of course, is high. But this is a completely different story.

A person who buys meat is worthy of hellish flame, fans of vegetarianism say. In recent years, there has been an inadequate attitude to those who eat animal products. People began to aggressively respond to those who buy meat and eat it with pleasure. It is noteworthy that it should not be ashamed of those who violate the right to freedom of choice of products (I want meat – buy), but for those who dared to purchase a “piece of flesh of an innocently killed animal” for their own money in the store. And this is very strange.

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