Sale of a 1-room apartment in the LCD Petrovsky in Verkhnyaya Pyshma with the realtor of the agency House of Real Estate, the Real Estate of the Urals.

Buying and selling a new 1-room apartment in the Petrovsky residential complex in Yekaterinburg, real estate agency House of Real Estate, Real Estate Group of Companies Urals,

Sale of a 1-room apartment LCD Petrovsky

In the LCD Petrovsky convenient layouts of apartments are presented. Improved turnkey apartments: wallpaper for painting, on the floor – linoleum or laminate, ceilings – water -based paint, doors – MDF (laminated), entrance doors – metal with polymer coating/MDF and plastic windows with a two -chamber glass packet.

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In the amount of 3.30 million ₽ you can buy

1-room apartment, 39 m2, 7/27 floor.

14 088 ₽/month

Beloretsky II, 27 m2, 22/25 floor.

14 308 ₽/month

1-room apartment in the residential complex Repin Towers, 30 m2, 7/29 floor.

14 529 ₽/month

1-room apartment in the LCD event, 40 m2, 8/24 floor.

13 868 ₽/month

1-room apartment in the residential complex by the Baltic park, 42 ​​m2, 3/5 floor.

13 648 ₽/month

1-room apartment in Isetsky residential complex, 22 m2, 1/23 floor.

14 308 ₽/month

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On this topic


Review: Hello, I turned to the real estate house to Oksana Vladimirovna to buy an apartment in a new building. I definitely recommend a very competent specialist.

Nikita: 06.02.2022, heading New buildings Show all


Review: Thank you very much the company's real estate house in the person of Svetlana Vladimirovna for helping to choose exactly the new building that we wanted. Svetlana competently and professionally consulted on all the subtleties and nuances of buying housing under construction, prompted what to look for when analyzing. layouts, took on all negotiations with the developer on the preparation of documents, and we just came and signed everything. They did not regret it that they turned to you. Good luck and more grateful customers.

Elena: 10.11.2021, Category New buildings Show all


Review: I want to express my gratitude to the best specialist (in my opinion, of course) Svetlana Vladimirovna. She helped me buy an apartment in a new building on a mortgage. Of course, there were many doubts and fears. But, as soon as I had trusted, and everything fell into place. I live in another city, the market of new buildings. I know Yekaterinburg poorly, she told me all the information on the objects of interest to me, oriented the location, the developer, the pluses and minuses of each option. Of course, when you don’t understand anything in real estate transactions, the most important thing is to rely on your realtor, even if at first it seems to you that he is doing something wrong. The main thing is to ask questions. She organized a deal remotely, I did not have to go to sign documents to Yekaterinburg, which was very convenient for me, because It is very difficult to get out of work. In general, what I want to say, do not be afraid, trust, and get the result for sure! I recommend it and the company Academy of Sciences of the Real Estate of real estate is necessarily all friends from their city, who will decide to buy real estate in Yekaterinburg!

Marina: 03.09.2020, heading New buildings Show all

Vitaly Petrovich

Review: We express our deep gratitude to the agency House of Real Estate, namely Svetlana Vladimirovna for the great work done in buying another apartment. Having repeatedly turned to Svetlana Vladimirovna, an excellent specialist, we purchased an apartment in exactly the place where we wanted. Time to buy an apartment. We had limited time and thanks to Svetlana Vladimirovna everything was done in a timely manner and on time. We were very satisfied. Thanks a lot!

Vitaly Petrovich: 01/23/2019, heading New buildings Show all

Natalia M.

Review: Good afternoon! I would like to thank the Academy of Sciences Dom Nedvizhimosti for help in choosing a 1-room apartment in a new building for my daughter. Our cooperation began with the fact that the agent selected a bank with a minimum interest rate (applications were submitted to 7 banks). Having received a positive decision from the bank for 3 days, I arrived. ala to Yekaterinburg and they organized a tour of new buildings, where apartments are rented out with turnkey repairs. We chose Nova Park from a reliable developer. The agent not only organized and carried out the transaction, but also controlled the registration process and settlements between the bank and the developer, because I live in another city and was able to come only for one day for a deal. Thank you for your concern! Natalya M.

Natalia M.: 12/31/2018, heading New buildings Show all


Review: We turned to the real estate agency Dom Nedvizhimosti for help in buying an apartment in a new building. Very grateful – they are professionals in their field. They not only picked up a dream apartment for us, but also helped to complete all the documents correctly, received several positive decisions for us from the ba. nkov for a mortgage, and we only had to choose the best and come to sign the documents. The transaction was successful and, most importantly, without unnecessary hassle, which is very important for us, since we ourselves are from another city. Success, prosperity and new clients! Ekaterina, Denis M.

Ekaterina: 10/28/2018, heading New buildings Show all

Sergey and Anastasia

Review: We would like to express our deep gratitude to Svetlana Vladimirovna! We decided to buy a new building with a mortgage and, on the advice of our friends, we turned to Svetlana Vladimirovna for professional help! The whole work process, paperwork, closing the deal was quick and easy. If the need arises in the future. if you are a realtor, then we will no doubt turn to her in the Real Estate House company!

Sergey and Anastasia: 09/20/2018, heading New buildings Show all


Review: I would like to sincerely thank the Real Estate House for the assistance in buying a one-room apartment! Thanks to the competent selection of the bank, the mortgage was approved, although the experience at the last place of work was only 4 months. The apartment was chosen in a new building with a renovation as a gift. The renovation is already being completed, I'm getting ready to move! Health, new clients, and fulfillment of desires! Sincerely, Filipyev Alexey.

Alexey: 02/21/2018, Category New buildings Show all

Svetlana Ivanovna

Review: I, Svetlana Ivanovna, turned to the Academy of Sciences of the real estate house to buy an apartment in Yekaterinburg. I found this agency over the Internet. I read a lot of forums, reviews, watched the story of the creation of agencies, how long has existed in the market of these services. First, I just wrote just an application for the agency’s website. . They immediately contacted me, despite the weekend. Within 2 weeks, we have prepared all the necessary documents. Considering that I live and work in Chita, they helped me collect all the necessary documents on a mortgage and found a bank that was suitable for my possibilities. Time for a deal (five days) was limited, but thanks to the professional work of realtors, everything worked out! I became a happy owner of a large one -room apartment in Academic! Thank you for your help! I am very grateful to the agency. Success in work and customers without problems!

Svetlana Ivanovna: 01/29/2018, Category New buildings Show all

Mangilev E.A.

Review: I entered into an agreement with the Agency of the Urals Real Estate to receive a mortgage for an apartment in a new house, my agent was Oksana Vladimirovna. She coped perfectly, the mortgage was formed taking into account all my wishes, and without even having the first fee, the loan was approved for the amount we needed. . We really liked the selected apartment, everything we wanted. Thank you for the work done!

Mangilev E.A.: 08/23/2017, heading New buildings Show all


Review: Many thanks to Svetlana Vladimirovna if you need an apartment in Yekaterinburg without any problems and red tape, contact her. I myself am from Kazakhstan, in June I bought an apartment. I spent only a few hours on it. All the preparatory work was done by a realtor. Thanks a lot. I recommend that all the Civil Code is motionless. Ost of the Urals, Academy of Sciences of Real Estate, this is a 100% guarantee that you will not be thrown.

Ruslan: 07/24/2017, heading New buildings Show all


Review: I am very pleased that I applied to the real estate agency of the Civil Code of the Urals LLC Academy of Sciences of Real Estate and personally to Galina Mikhailovna for help in buying an apartment. For me, it was a very important life issue and thanks to the support of the realtor, its determination, efficiency and knowledge of all questions I bought. apartment. We turned to several agencies, but we could not even advise there, because we chose an apartment on Khrustalorskaya, 84. At this time, the act of acceptance of the apartment was already signed, the ownership certificate was not yet executed, and the purchase was supposed to Mortgage. A specialist without a share of doubt took up the organization of the transaction. Has always been in touch. All our questions answered clearly and competently. Caring for us was constantly felt. I wish further success, prosperity and career growth, happiness, health. Thank you very much!

Ulyana: 01/18/2017, heading New buildings Show all

Tamara Pavlovna

Review: I really want to thank the Ural Real Estate Group and its employee Oksana Vladimirovna for a job well done, for tact and accuracy. I am very pleased with the work: she will check everything and tell you. .

Tamara Pavlovna: 01/07/2017, heading New buildings Show all

Olga Kolomina

Review: Galina Mikhailovna! You are a true professional and not an indifferent person. Thank you very much for your patience, responsiveness and decency.

Olga Kolomina: 05/31/2016, heading New buildings Show all

Rakhimyanova R.Z.

Review: My daughter Victoria and I thank Oksana Vladimirovna for her assistance in finding and purchasing an apartment in the Akademichesky district of Yekaterinburg (for our daughter). Since I am from the city of Rezha, various problems arose, which were successfully solved, thanks to the professionalism of Oksana Vladimirovna. Perceptive, up to . friendly, responsible. It was nice to just talk like a human being. We contacted the House of Real Estate agency just by chance. At first we tried to search on our own, and then just randomly chose your real estate agency via the Internet and were not at all disappointed with the work. Thank you very much. I think if someone you know is interested in buying a home, then your real estate agency (GK Real Estate Urals) can be recommended as a worthy company. And, the most important thing for today is decency.

Rakhimyanova R.Z.: 20.02.2015, heading New buildings Show all


Question: I want to buy an apartment in a new building. Interested in preferential government programs. I would like to understand what I fall under? Is an initial deposit required? An adult girl is not married, the average salary is 50,000 rubles. No kids.

Valeria: 04/04/2022, heading New buildings Show answer

Specialist +79086315339

Thanks for the question, Valeria. You can use one of the state support programs, here are the conditions for it: Loans under the State Program 2020. The minimum loan amount is 500 thousand rubles. The maximum loan amount is 3 million rubles. Loan term from 36 to 360 months. Interest rate, per annum 5.85% Down payment from 15% to 80% of the cost of the purchased apartment. Methods of settlements with the seller. Loan repayment monthly, in equal installments. These conditions are valid until 04/06/2022. From 07.04.2022 the maximum amount was increased to 6 million rubles and the interest rate from 12%. But there may be different nuances. We are ready to help you with obtaining a mortgage under the State Program 2020 and choosing an apartment. Call us, we will be happy to serve you.

04/04/2022, heading New buildings»


Question: Hello. We want to buy an apartment for our son in a new building in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. There are some interesting new buildings there. Tell me, is it true that the selection of an apartment in a new building will be free? And do you help with mortgages. And what is included in your service?

Julia: 03/16/2022, heading New buildings Show answer

Specialist +79030819972

Hello Julia. Yes, of course, we help to buy an apartment in new houses at prices from the developer.And this service will be free for you, as the commission is paid by the commission. And we will also provide help in a mortgage. This is a turnkey deal for you. That is, our specialist is present at all stages of the transaction. First, we book an apartment, and then an application for a mortgage in several different banks is submitted so that you can further choose the most interesting rate and monthly payment. And then, having agreed with you all the conditions, we are convinced that the apartment is suitable for you, since you can choose an apartment based on your capabilities. Further, our real estate specialist coordinates all the nuances with the developer, and is engaged in the preparation of all documents for approval of a mortgage for the selected apartment. When the apartment is approved by the bank, the agent organizes a deal in one day. And after signing all the contracts, the specialist participates in the receipt of ready -made documents by the buyer. And we are in touch all the time, we will solve any issues promptly and as profitable for you! Call

03/16/2022, heading New buildings»


Question: Good afternoon. I am selecting an apartment in a new building. Some developers indicate the design of the purchase for DDU or the payment of DDU for the escrow account. How not to make a mistake?

Love: 01/17/2022, heading New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79536086529

Love! Thank you for contacting us. Previously, the apartment in a new building was most often bought under a shared participation agreement (DDU): the developer directly received money from buyers and built a house on them. It happened that there was not enough money for construction, it was delayed or completely stopped. People lost both money and housing. From July 1, 2019, the DDU payment rules have been changed: Escrow account was introduced. This is an account with the bank, which stored money from equity holders until the construction is completed and the house does not go into operation. Only after that the developer will be able to pick up the money. Now, with the bankruptcy of the developer, interest holders will not lose money. The funds will be saved on the escrow account regardless of the construction results, since now the developer spends on the construction of customers, but credit funds. After the innovations of July 1, 2019, buying apartments in houses under construction became a little safer, but you should not lose vigilance. Any mistake when buying real estate can cost millions of rubles and years of lost time. Call and negotiate a free advice on buying an apartment in a new building.

01/17/2022, section New buildings»


Question: Hello! Please tell me, is it better now to buy an apartment in a new building already in a freshly house or in the construction? The question arose, because some options are the same, although the offer in the finished object should cost more, in connection with what it could be?

Ivan: 12.10.2021, Category New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79086315339

Good afternoon, Ivan! Sometimes, indeed, if you look at prices in houses under construction and in the newly rented ones, you can see the picture that the prices are almost the same.But this is only at first glance. In fact, this is completely wrong. Firstly, it can be just an advertising move of the developer to attract the future buyer. And secondly, this can happen due to the fact that at home they are in different price belts. More expensive houses, even despite the fact that they are still built, as a rule, are located close to the center, have a developed infrastructure, an interesting filling of the complex itself, etc. Therefore, talking about some kind of distortion of prices is not entirely correct. If you leave the application on our website and write the names of residential complexes that interests you, then we will be able to advise you in more detail and orient you in the pros and cons of each object.

12.10.2021, heading New buildings»


Question: Good afternoon! My question is: can I remotely buy a new building in Yekaterinburg with your help?

Evgenia: 09/16/2021, Category New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79086315339

Dear Eugene! Of course, today almost all developers of Yekaterinburg have established a system of distance real estate sales. And we, of course, can help you not only organize the purchase process, but can also help in choosing from the whole variety of residential complexes presented in the Yekaterinburg market, we will analyze with you all the advantages and disadvantages of each new building you like, we will reserve it for free, take it for you All negotiation processes with the developer and organize the signing of the contract. For a more detailed consultation, we need more detailed purchase conditions from you: by mortgage or for cash, using certificates or by installments, as well as your wishes for housing itself. Call or apply on our website through the feedback form and we will definitely try to help you.

09/16/2021, heading New buildings»


Question: Hello! Interested in buying a 2-room apartment in a new building for sorting up to 3.200,000 rubles. Is it possible? I live in another city. I am not very guided by prices.

Igor: 10.06.2021, heading New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79086315339

Good afternoon, Igor! To date, in connection with the latest events associated with the introduction of state programs for new buildings, apartments have increased significantly. In the area of ​​sorting, prices for two -room apartments in houses under construction start from 4.700,000 rubles. We can help you for the missing amount to arrange a mortgage loan with minimal interest rates with your partner banks. The mortgage service will be free for you. Contact.

06/10/2021, heading New buildings»


Question: Hello. We would like to purchase a 3-room apartment in a new building up to 6,000,000 rubles. We move from Tyumen to Yekaterinburg, your city is not very good. You will need a school in walking distance. The deadline is interested in the end of this year or the beginning of the next. What areas and residential complexes will you advise?

Elena: 07/07/2021, Category New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79086315339

Hello, Elena! Thank you for contacting our company. We, indeed, have a large -scale developing city in terms of new buildings. Of course, for 6,000,000 rubles in the city center in a new house under construction – this is an insufficient amount, but we have several good offers in your price category. You can consider several residential complexes in different residential and well -developed areas. Uralmash district – railway White Tower, Pionersky district – railway Contemporary, district of Uktus – railway River Park, in all these areas: good transport interchange, schools, kindergartens, shopping centers. But, we would advise you to especially pay attention to two residential complexes: 1. The Rodnik complex South-Western district. Residential complex of the Comfort class of variable number of storeys 25 and 16 with an underground parking lot. The residential complex is located next to the southwestern forest park. This is an environmentally friendly area. Morning jogging, family picnics, bicycle walks – all this is available to residents. The house has a finish. A pedestrian and walking area is organized around the house. The small residents of the house will be pleased with the specially created courtyard with game entertainment zones. Nearby kindergartens and schools and gymnasium No. 161. For residents of the district, large shopping centers of the KIT, Granat, Parakhod, Pyaterochka grocery chain, hypermarket “Wright” are offered their services. A convenient transport interchange will quickly deliver to any end of the city. 2. Complex Komsomolskaya, 67 Kirovsky district. The house is located in an impeccable place for life. There is everything that is needed for a comfortable life and solving everyday problems. Life in the quarter is thought out to the smallest detail. A building of a kindergarten and a municipal kindergarten with 100 places are being built next to residential buildings. Street retail will appear on the first floors: shops, cafes, banks' offices. The house is equipped with a supply and exhaust ventilation system with heat recovery. The air is taken at the roof level of the house and delivered to each apartment. Such air is always fresh, without street dust, pollen of plants. In the courtyard there are playgrounds, a sports area equipped with street simulators, and recreation areas. Only adult plants will be used for landscaping. This is a great opportunity to save time, means and effort to repair, but at the same time create the interior of the apartment to your liking, realizing the most daring design ideas. And one more important importance: in walking distance is one of the most prestigious universities in Yekaterinburg – UrFU, perhaps in which your children will subsequently study. Both new buildings have been handed over, and you still manage to fulfill your dream. And we will definitely help you with this! Call! We will be happy to help.

05.05.2021, heading New buildings»


Question: Good afternoon! Tell me please.Interested in buying an apartment in a new building in Yekaterinburg. The son plans to act in the URFU a year later. But we want to engage in the purchase now to give up the house next year. Tell me, in which area is it best to buy to be easy to get? What are the prices in these areas? Will these new buildings be with finished finishes? Will it be possible to buy remotely?

Ivan: 04/14/2021, Category New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79022558076

Ivan, thank you for the question. We can offer you new buildings in walking distance to URFU at Komsomolskaya, 67. The house was rented out, apartments on sale at a cost from 5.500,000 rubles to 7,000,000 rubles. VTUZGORODOK is rich in new buildings, if you are interested in a more budget option with the delivery of the house next year, we can offer an excellent option for the “warm quarters” residential complex, the cost of apartments in which starts from 4,000,000 rubles to 8,000,000 rubles. There are also good budget options in the concrete area at a price of 2.400,000 rubles per studio. This area is very popular among students, because It is only 10 minutes driving a tram. All new buildings we proposed are sold with turnkey decoration. The object can be booked remotely. And in order to sign a shared participation agreement, your presence is necessary, although there are developers with whom the signing of DDU is possible and remotely. We are ready to help you choose the right option and accompany the remote purchase. Leave your application on the site or contact us by phone.

04/14/2021, heading New buildings»


Question: Hello! We plan to buy an apartment. They found a cheap option (unlike other new buildings of the city) but you can’t go to the mortgage, only for cash. They refer to Federal Law No. 127 On Insolvency (Bankruptcy). From the announcement: “A KVARTIPA is awarded to the Ramkas of the Bank -Tests at the auction (Federal Law“ On Bankruptcy ”). There are no burden, there are no restrictions. Nobody lived in the apartment and was not registered. Should I buy an apartment? Or is it a deception? Something cloudy and better not to go there?

Alexandra: 01/18/2021, Category New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79086315339

Good afternoon, Alexander! The sale scheme of such apartments is quite legal. Another question is that, firstly, apartments that are put up for auction have a starting price in an ad, i.e. You will have to participate in the auction, which means that the one who will voice the maximum offer will win it. Secondly, the very procedure for buying such apartments is quite complicated and long. Thirdly, fraudulent schemes can also be disguised as this quite legal sale. Therefore, if you liked the apartment and you are ready to participate in the auction, then we recommend that you still contact professionals to support the purchase process, checking documents and signing a contract of sale. Believe me, the risks in such transactions are much higher than the payment of the Agency for escorting! Contact trusted professionals.We are waiting for you to detailed and free consultation at the address: Yekaterinburg, ul. Malysheva, d. 29, of. 301

01/18/2021, heading New buildings»


Question: We recently invested money in the purchase of new buildings. Is it possible to sell an apartment on the assignment if the money is on the escrow account?

Nadezhda: 12/17/2020, heading New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79086315339

Hello, Nadezhda. Yes, perhaps. Together with the rights of a participant in shared construction, as a seller of an apartment in a house under construction, you will transfer to another individual all your rights and obligations under an agreement on the opening of the escrow account, which was concluded before. The only difference is that earlier it was necessary to get the consent of the developer to assign the rights to DDU, and get a certificate of full payment of DDU from them. In your case, you need to get the developer’s consent to the assignment of rights to DDU, and get a certificate of full payment of DDU from the escrow bank, the rest of the procedure will remain the same.

12/17/2020, rubric New buildings»


Question: Good afternoon, 1-room apartment in the residential complex of New Botany is interested. I would like to see: what is the layout, the area of ​​the apartment, which floors are on sale, at what price they sell, is it full -fledged apartments, that is, the kitchen is separated from the room?

Elena: 11/20/2020, heading New buildingsShow the answer

Agent +79221360119

good day, Elena! Thank you for contacting our agency a real estate house! We are ready to help you consider different options for one -room apartments in the residential complex of New Botany, like any other residential complex. Our agency collaborates with many developers of the city of Yekaterinburg and the region. We invite you to our cozy office located in the center of Yekaterinburg at the address: Malysheva, 29 office 301. In comfortable conditions, with the speed of the current Internet, we will consider all the interesting offers: the location of the LCD, the number of storeys, layout and the cost of apartments, the location of the parts Sveta, information about the developer with which banks collaborates. We give advice on all questions of interest to you. Come.

11/20/2020, rubric New buildings»


Question: Do you need a realtor when buying a new building? We plan to buy a 2-room apartment.

George: 06/06/2020, heading New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79536086529

Good afternoon, George! At first glance, it seems that there is a complicated one … I chose a new building- I took the money- I signed the contract- I paid- sit. Many people think, after reading reviews on the Internet, and the responses are all positive. In the office, the situation has. All in white shirts …. can someone deceive you? And we advise you to buy an apartment through a real estate agency. Warranty of a competent search for the apartment, analysis of the documents of the developer, protection of your interests. And it is very important to understand that we are working with all developers. Turning to us, we can consider: where is the territorial new building, what layouts, price, deadline for delivery … and compare everything.The price of the apartment will be the same as the developer. But you have a complete support of the purchase. Time saving. Call and we will agree on a meeting.

06/06/2020, heading New buildings»


Question: Hello! I am from another city, Yekaterinburg is not very good. There is a need to buy a 1 room apartment in new buildings in interesting areas up to 3,500,000 rubles. What can you suggest?

Julia Sergeevna: 02.27.2020, Category New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79086315339

Good afternoon, Julia Sergeevna! Unfortunately, it is not clear what you mean by interesting areas, so we will answer your question from the point of view of transport accessibility to the center and developed infrastructure. One-room apartments within 3,500,000 rubles can be purchased in such interesting areas as an academic, wide river, South-West, bus station, Uktus. Depending on the deadline, the area of ​​the apartment, floor and location, the price can start from 3,200,000 rubles. In order for us to offer you specific layout options in interesting residential complexes within your price request, you need to send us an application to the company's website indicating your email. You can purchase all new buildings through us completely free, as we are official partners of many developers. We can book for you any object that is suitable for you, prepare all the documents for signing and accompany you to sign documents from the developer. Thus, you can purchase any new building with practically without leaving home. Agree that this is a great option for cooperation! In addition to all of the above, we can also help in the design of a mortgage, if necessary. We are waiting for your contact information by e -mail: [email protected].

02.27.2020, heading New buildings»


Question: Hello! You need to choose two one -room apartments in a new building as close as possible to the center I would like to know the approximate cost, you can in the house under construction. We expect two apartments to buy for 4,000,000 rubles (20,000 each).

Sergey Ivanovich :: 12/17/2019, heading New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79536086529

Good afternoon, Sergey Ivanovich! Thank you for contacting us. The center is good. But there are few new buildings in the center. And they are expensive, unfortunately, it is impossible to meet the budget you specified. We suggest considering you other areas. They have new buildings with the deadline – 2020 – 2022. And the new buildings that have recently surrendered and there is already a settlement in them. In any area, the entire infrastructure is established. When are you planning to come to Yekaterinburg? Are you well -oriented around the areas? We offer you to drive through these areas, and then it will be clear where to look. Come. We will meet you and see apartments in different areas of the city.

12/17/2019, heading New buildings»


Question: I look after a two -room apartment in a new building, in a rented house or in the house at the stage of delivery. Buying budget up to 3,000,000 rubles. I am considering the areas of the academic, wide river, sunny, Uktus. What do you advise?

Alevtina Aleksandrovna: 02/07/2019, heading New buildingsShow the answer

Specialist +79086315339

Dear Alevtina Alexandrovna! All areas you are considering are interesting in their own way and have advantages in relation to each other. As a rule, when choosing a particular real estate object, we recommend that we start primarily from indicators such as: transport accessibility to the place of work, or place of study, development of infrastructure for children and adolescents, if it is relevant for the client, as well as air purity and air purity and air purity. Ratality from large industrial enterprises. From the point of view of these factors, all these areas are quite good in demand, in addition, the pricing policy of these districts allows you to buy modern housing on favorable terms. If you live in Yekaterinburg, then we can drive up to you and show current offers for new buildings for the current day. We will familiarize you and your loved ones with the layouts of objects and their decoration, with the stage of readiness of houses, with the cost of a particular option, including with the promotions, as well as with all payment methods, while we will be able to immediately book the apartment you like and agree with the developer The timing of the armor. If it is more convenient for you to drive up to us an office – welcome! If you live in another city, then we will be able to send review options with presentations to you by mail. Send your application to us by e -mail: [email protected]. Write, call! Buying a new building with our agency is easy and simple!

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