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Sanatorium them. Bakirov in Tatarstan – a modern complex is located at the address of the Republic of Tatarstan, Leninogorsk district, with. Bakirovo. Treatment in LPUP, mud therapy and entertainment for children, the price of a ticket in 2021

Sanatorium Bakirovo

3.52 Sanatorium Bakirovo

Modern 4-storey complex sanatorium Bakirovo, located in the village of the same name, is a well-known health resort in the Kazan region, which annually receives up to a thousand or even more guests. Modern infrastructure, excellent layout of rooms, magnificent design – this is what distinguishes the new health resort from the rest, and therefore it is not surprising why many vacationers tend to come here and buy vouchers to this sanatorium.

Sanatorium Bakirovo

Innovative methods of treatment and prevention of various diseases are a significant advantage, so you can often find people who have undergone surgery and injuries here. It is very convenient and pleasant to rehabilitate your health here, away from the noise and dust of big cities, and modern medical equipment makes it possible for many people to successfully restore their health.

  • Information about the health resort
  • Ticket prices
  • Treatment in a sanatorium
  • Infrastructure and rooms
  • Sanatorium services
  • How to get to the resort
  • Payment and guarantees

general information

You will also be pleasantly surprised by the refined interior, made by masters of design, who took into account modern requirements in the field of room design. Each room has a bathroom, shower accessories, TV system, mini fridges and tea accessories. Many rooms offer a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding area – coniferous forests, ennobled courtyards, flower beds and parterre lawns.

Sanatorium Bakirovo

On the territory of the complex you can find a pharmacy, several ATMs, a gym, a grocery store, a souvenir shop and even a helipad. The natural wealth of the resort can also include healing mineral water, blue-gray clay and saprole mud. Sanatorium treatment includes hirudotherapy, acupuncture massage, ozone therapy, coniferous-pearl and antler baths. In the immediate vicinity of this sanatorium there is a zoo, which everyone can visit.

Period of operation: All year round

Period of stay: from 7 days.

Checkout time: 13:00

Prices for accommodation and treatment in 2020 (day/person)

The cost of the tour, in addition to accommodation and meals, includes treatment:

  • Primary appointment with a general practitioner
  • Repeated appointment with a general practitioner
  • Laboratory research (according to indications)
  • ECG (according to indications)
  • Drinking mineral water
  • Therapeutic baths (one of the types)
  • Foot baths
  • Thermal treatment (treatment of mud)
  • Galvanized mud
  • Therapeutic exercise – group
  • Therapeutic exercise – individual
  • Massage (one zone, 10 min)
  • Physiotherapy (according to the main diseases)
  • Phytotherapy
  • Swimming pool
  • aromatherapy
  • Mud, ointment tampons (gynec. and urol.)
  • Climatotherapy
  • Irrigation of gums with mineral water
  • Periodontal mud
  • Irrigation of gynecs. or micro enema
  • Souls (one type)
  • Aqua aerobics

The minimum stay in the sanatorium is 7 days


  • Back and joint treatment:
    arthritis of non-tuberculous origin (including rheumatoid); radiculopathy; polyarthritis; deforming osteoarthritis; osteochondrosis, protrusion, intervertebral hernia; consequences of injuries and postoperative conditions; bursitis.
  • Gynecology and infertility treatment:
    mud treatment; Therapeutic mineral baths and irrigation; magnetotherapy: chronic inflammation of the pelvic organs, pain syndrome, postoperative rehabilitation, incl. to stop the adhesive process; laser therapy: chronic inflammatory processes in the uterus and appendages, as well as in the tissues of the vagina, adhesions in the pelvic organs, menstrual disorders, cervical disease, endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction.
  • Restoration of men's health:
    mud applications; mud electrophoresis; water procedures with the use of hydrogen sulfide water of the Matsesta type; various types of hydromassage; various types of classical massage
    general, cavity mud therapy; electrophoresis; magnetotherapy; phototherapy; ultrasound therapy; reflexology; hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches); physiotherapy; ozone therapy; laser therapy; increasing physical activity through walking.
  • Skin Treatment:
    psoriasis in the hospital stage and regression; neurodermatitis in the chronic stage (limited and diffuse); eczema in the chronic stage (true and seborrheic); scleroderma.
  • Treatment of the digestive system:
    hydrotherapy with the use of hydrogen sulfide mineral water; diet therapy with the use of drinking mineral water; phototherapy;
    laser therapy; mud baths; galvanic mud; ozone therapy; phytotherapy; microclysters; climatotherapy.
  • Treatment of the nervous system:
    mineral hydrogen sulfide baths using water of the Matsesta type; mud baths with sapropelic mud; dietary treatment with the use of drinking mineral water of the Naftusya type; various types of hydromassage; various types of classical massage; mud treatment; phytotherapy; ozone therapy; various types of physiotherapy, in particular, a set of measures for the respiratory system; hirudotherapy; physiotherapy.

Indications for treatment in a sanatorium:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: Arthritis polyarthritis of nontuberculous origin; rheumatoid arthritis in the inactive phase with minimal and moderate process activity, infectious polyarthritis of a certain etiology with process activity not higher than stage II, deforming osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, spondylarthrosis, anclosing spondyloarthritis with process activity not higher than stage II without visceritis.The consequences of fracture of the body of the body and limbs with slow consolidation; chronic synovites, bursitis of various localization, tendovaginitis, myosites, fibromyosites, myalgia, epicondilites, styloiditis; osteomel is hematogenous (except tuberculosis), which does not require surgical intervention
  • Diseases of the nervous system: diseases of the reapric nerves, the autonomic nervous system. Injuries of nerves, injuries of roots, plexuses, nervous trunks that do not require surgical intervention. Diseases and consequences of the central nervous system: residual phenomena after adopted, arachnoiditis, ecephalus-myelitis at the end of an acute period no earlier than 3 months after the disease. The consequences of closed (after 4 months) and open (after 5-6 months) of brain injuries. Functional diseases of the nervous system, migraine of any type and shape. Subject to independent movement and maintenance of the patient.
  • Gynecological diseases: chronic salpingitis, osphoritis after 2 months. After exacerbation, meter, endimometer 4 weeks after exacerbation, parametritis 4-6 weeks after the end of the acute period. Incorrect position of the uterus: fixed or subfixed retroflexia, retroovetorization after the inflammatory process of the female genital organs or due to pelvic rods of the peritoneum. Ovarian dysfunction, infantilism or uterine hypoplasia, including in combination with the chronic inflammatory process of the female genital organs. Infertility that arose as a result of inflammatory diseases. Climacteric syndrome.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system: xp. prostatitis, hr. Vesiculite (non -noble) in the stage of remission with limited infiltrate without stricture of the urethra, chronic pyelonephritis, xp. Cystitis in the stage of remission, urethritis, vesiculite, urolithiasis (with urolithiasis, drinking treatment is prescribed subject to normal urinary outflow, that is, when the size and shape of the stones, the condition of the urinary tract does not violate the passage of urine).
  • Skin diseases: psoriasis in a stationary and regressive stage, neurodermatitis limited and diffuse in the chronic stage, true and seborrheic eczema in the chronic stage, scleroderma.
  • Digestive diseases: chronic gastritis with normal and increased secretory function of the stomach. Parliability of the stomach and duodenum. Intestinal diseases. An irritated intestine syndrome is mainly with hyperkinetic dyskinesia. Liver diseases: chronic viral hepatitis, toxic and drug damage to the liver. Diseases of the gall bladder, biliary tract: chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis; biliary disease, not complicated, in an impregnable period; Postcholecystectomic syndrome.
  • Scandinavian walking
    Scandinavian walking (Finnish, Nordic walking) is a popular type of physical activity based on a certain walking technique using special sticks that look like skiing. The principle of movements is based on summer exercises of skiers.
  • Manual massage
    Massage in the sanatorium, carried out in the traditional way with hands, is one of the most effective and popular spa treatment procedures. Massage movements are performed in the direction of the lymphatic pathways to the nearest lymph nodes.
  • Pressotherapy
    Pressotherapy is a mechanical effect on human tissues, created by forcing air at a certain pressure into special cuffs that cover the zones necessary for therapy.
  • Vertebral trainer Goldfish
    The main purpose of such a simulator is to relieve tension and restore the mobility of the spine. Classes on it do not require much time or significant volitional efforts.
  • Gynecological massage
    Gynecological massage is a physiological method of influence that has a healing effect on the diseased organ and on the entire body of a woman.
  • Magnetoturbotron
    Magnetoturbotron is a large capsule-shaped apparatus that helps in the treatment and prevention of many diseases due to the magnetic field, and is also used for research purposes.
  • Colposcopy
    Modern medicine can prevent cervical cancer in almost all cases. This requires regular cytological screening. A cytological examination of a smear from the surface of the cervix and an analysis for the human papillomavirus help to suspect diseases of this organ, in particular cancer. To confirm or exclude such a diagnosis, a routine examination is not enough. In such cases, cervical colposcopy is used.
  • Spinal traction system DETENSOR
    Detensor therapy is an extension of the spine, which occurs with the help of a special device. The Detensor mat is a construction consisting of soft ribs made of polyurethane foam.
  • Apparatus for the treatment of prostatitis Matrix Urologist
    Treatment of prostate adenoma, erectile dysfunction, chronic prostatitis, vesiculitis – this is an incomplete list of urological diseases that modern hardware can successfully cope with.
  • Apparatus AMO-ATOS-E
    A living organism is constantly exposed to the influence of the external environment, the pressure of which is increasing in the conditions of modern progress and civilization.
  • Dermatoscopy
    Dermoscopy is a method of studying neoplasms on human skin (nevi), which consists in a visual examination of a mole with its multiple enlargement. Previously, it was possible to determine the nature of a mole only after conducting an examination and collecting analyzes of an already removed nevus. Now the method of dermatoscopy allows you to recognize a malignant neoplasm (melanoma) without prior removal, right on the human body.
  • Trichoscopy
    Trichoscopy is a method of examining hair using a special device – a trichoscope.The result of such a study is often called a trichogram. The conduct of such research is usually engaged in a trichologist-a dermatologist who specializes in hair ailments.
  • The apparatus is AVANTRON
    The muscles of any department of our body need regular loads and training. The lack of physical activity leads to dystrophic changes, a decrease in blood supply, which is manifested by a weakening of muscle force. All this applies to the muscles of the perineum of the pelvic floor.
  • Cherotherapy
    The fact that the air of salt caves has been known for the body has long been known. For healing and treatment, salt caves were used by people a thousand years BC. In modern medicine, this method is known as the channel therapy.
  • Cryotherapy
    Cold treatment, known as cryotherapy, has long been used in folk medicine. Cold is a popular hardening factor. A short-term dosed effect of low temperature tones the body, causes vigor, trains the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system.
  • Carboxytherapy
    What people just do not come up with to preserve youth and beauty are plastic, Botox injections, mesotherapy and many other procedures. For injection rejuvenation, more often began to use substances more natural for the human body.
  • Pante baths
    Pante baths – a real elixir of youth!
  • Coniferous-mesh baths
    Among the variety of physiotherapeutic procedures, there are many those that have not only a preventive or therapeutic effect.
  • Hirudotherapy
    Hirudotherapy (from Latin Hirudina – leech) – treatment with leeches was used long before our era. Egyptian pharaohs used leeches, the mention of leeches is available in the Qur'an and the Bible.
  • Wrap with blue clay
    The procedure for wrapping blue clay perfectly steams the skin, cleanses it, opens pores. As a result, the process of penetration of beneficial substances through the skin is activated.

Infrastructure and numbers

Building: Residential buildings:

  • Corps Akkosh (White swan) 4-story building. Wi-Fi areas on floors, in equipped places of rest. Sticking rooms on all floors.
  • Corps Turgai (Lark) 5-story building. There is an elevator. Wi-Fi areas on floors, in equipped places of rest. Sticking rooms on all floors. In the case there are a post office, the Sberbank ATM.
  • Corps Sandugach (Nightingale) 4-story building. There is no elevator. Wi-Fi areas on floors, in equipped places of rest. Sticking rooms on all floors.
  • New VIP Corps Karlygach (Swallow) 4-story building equipped with modern elevators. Wi-Fi in the rooms. Sticking rooms on all floors. A separate hall power on the 2nd floor of the case.

Power: Swedish table. 2 large dining rooms, there is a buffet. Dietary menu, general menu and food for a special order.Daily fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

  • Standard 1-bed, 1-room: 70 rooms with room area from 8.6 to 12.2 sq.m. Corps Turgai and Akkosh. One-room suite consisting of a comfortable bedroom, an entrance hall and a balcony. Room equipment: bed 1.30 cm, TV, mini-fridge, kettle; set of dishes. Bathroom equipment: clothes dryer; shower, towel, bathrobe, slippers, disposable hygiene products. Included in the price: buffet
  • Standard 2-bed, 1-room: 87 rooms, with room area from 10.9 to 17.3 sq.m. Corps Turgai and Akkosh. One-room suite consisting of a comfortable bedroom, an entrance hall and a balcony. Room equipment: two single beds, TV, mini-fridge, kettle, crockery. Bathroom equipment: clothes dryer, shower cabin, towel
  • Superior double room, one room: area 20.4 sq.m. Corps Sandugach and Akkosh. One-room suite consisting of a comfortable bedroom, an entrance hall and a balcony. Room equipment: two single beds, sofa bed, TV, mini-fridge, kettle, crockery. Bathroom equipment: clothes dryer, shower cabin, towel
  • 2-bed, 2-room superior: 28 rooms, with room area from 17.9 to 23.8 sq.m. Corps Turgai and Akkosh. Two-room suite consisting of a cozy living room, a comfortable bedroom, an entrance hall and a balcony. Room equipment: bed 1.60 cm or two single beds, add. place – sofa bed, TV, Wi-Fi, mini-fridge, kettle, set of dishes. Bathroom equipment: clothes dryer, shower, hair dryer, towel, bathrobe, slippers, disposable hygiene products. Included in the price: buffet
  • Suite for 2 persons, 2 rooms: 28 rooms, with an area of ​​53 sq.m. Corps Karlygach. Two-room suite consisting of a cozy living room, a comfortable bedroom, an entrance hall and a balcony. Room equipment: bed 1.60 cm or two single beds, add. place – sofa bed, TV, Wi-Fi, mini-fridge, kettle, set of dishes. Bathroom equipment: clothes dryer, shower, hair dryer, towel, bathrobe, slippers, disposable hygiene products. Included in the price: buffet

Territory: In one of the most beautiful places in the south-east of Tatarstan at the foot of the mountain Love, in the floodplain of the Sheshma River and the valley of the lake Ozyn Kul, surrounded by a unique picturesque nature, the sanatorium Bakirovo is located. Nature and climate have a full range of resort landscape factors: mountainous relief, water objects, picturesque landscape of the sanatorium park, forest, open meadow spaces.

7 wonders of the sanatorium:

  • Therapeutic sapropelic mud
  • Highly mineralized strong hydrogen sulfide water of the Matsesta type
  • Therapeutic and drinking low-mineralized water for the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Sub-deposit blue clay
  • Low-mineralized medical-table drinking water Bakirovskaya, such as Naftusya (Truskavets) and Volzhanka (Undory), for the treatment of urological diseases
  • Natural water Bakirovskaya
  • Nature and climate

Complex: Free guarded on the territory of the sanatorium.


Services and entertainment in the sanatorium:

  • Wi-Fi throughout the territory, including In the rooms
  • Pool (closed) 6 x 18
  • Mini-zoo, denshop
  • Fishing on the lake and sales of fishing equipment
  • A ski route with a length of 400 m with drops from 50 to 60 m, equipped with a lift (rental of ski equipment, “cheesecakes”)
  • Helipad
  • Sauna with a pool
  • swimming -water bath (+7 ° C)
  • Mini-reveling next to the bathing
  • billiards (Russian and American pool)
  • table tennis
  • gym
  • Sports playgrounds (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis)
  • Sports equipment rental point (bicycles, skis, skates, snowboards, “cheesecakes”, balls, missiles for large tennis)
  • In winter, a rink is poured
  • pharmacy
  • score
  • mail
  • cafe-bar, barbecue
  • ATM
  • Museum of the sanatorium
  • Protected parking
  • beauty saloon
  • Open sports grounds
  • disco
  • Cinema concert hall
  • disco
  • interest mugs, karaoke club

How to get?

Address: Republic of Tatarstan, Leninogorsk district, p. Bakirovo, sanatorium “Bakirovo”. (see card)

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