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Sberometer – A tool for measuring and preserving savings: tips, current currency rates, dollar and euros for tomorrow, official exchange rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Dollar and euro
now and tomorrow

* The course on the graph is given in bivalyat units for 1000 rubles. (i.e. 1000/bead. Basket). The ruble is getting more expensive – the schedule up; The ruble falls – the graph down.

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Rating of banks and deposits

Contribution (ruble) Bank
Food account Safe Bank VTB
Accumulative account unlimited Promsvyazbank
Online cap Svombank
Orbit. Right income Bank Zenit
At home is better (until 30.04) Bank Dom.rf
Fixed Raiffeisenbank
Own rules (online) Es-Ba-Ai Bank
Expo key Expobank
Just a contribution Transcapitalbank

The rating of deposits in more detail

We discuss and comment

We discuss everything regarding currency, banks, finance, economics, savings. We do not post: curses (all the more obscene), a policy in isolation from the economy, offtopus beyond measure (see all the rules of the forum). Cm. Ready -made answers On the two most popular questions: is it worth buying currency now and which one, dollars or euros.

About the currency in VKontakte (see also the VK group)

On a note

  • What is a currency course in a general and profitable course in particular
  • The answer to the question is to store savings in currency or rubles and the current forecast for the dollar and the current forecast for the euro
  • Russian ruble vs. Belarusian ruble and Ukrainian hryvnia. And St. Petersburg and which is better: dollars or euros?
  • What should be the ruble to the dollar now based on the cost of oil? : Is this the best choice for a private borrower, which one to choose? , what it is?
  • At leisure: how to win a roulette
  • How to transfer money from one card to another for free


What to store savings? What currency and when is it better to buy: dollars or euros? Friends, relatives, acquaintances often ask us this question. To answer everyone and everyone, we created this site. Sberometer – This is a tool for measuring and preserving savings. Information about the currencies, tips for the purchase and sale of currency and optimization of savings presented on the site are reference.

The authors of the currency tips are trying to help the Russians understand complex financial issues, but are not responsible for the decisions that users make on the basis of the data presented. At the same time, the authors themselves regularly use these data, so they try to ensure that they be operational and reliable. Our tips will not help you get rich, but will allow you to save savings!

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