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Shadow of the mountain

Shadow of Mountain photo

For the first time in Russian is the long -awaited continuation of one of the most amazing novels of the early 21st century. “Shantharam” was a confession of a man who was refracted in an artistic form who managed to get out of the abyss and survive, who was dispersed around the world four million copies (of which half a million in Russia) and deserved enthusiastic comparisons with works of the best writers of the New Age, from Melville to Melville to Hemingway. The venerable Jonathan Carroll wrote: “The man whom the“ Shantara ”will not touch to the core, or has no heart, or is dead. “Shantharam” – “thousand and one night” of our century. This is a priceless gift for everyone who likes to read. ” And finally, G. D. Roberts wrote a continuation of Lin's story, nicknamed the Changars, who fled from the Australian prison of a maximum security prison and became a counterfeiter and smugglers in a bomb. So, two years have passed since Lin lost the two closest people to him: Kaderbhai – the leader of the mafia who died in the Afghan mountains, and Karl – a mysterious, coveted beauty who married a Bombay media Magnate. Now Lin has to fulfill the last assignment given to him by Kaderbhai, to gain the trust of the sage living on the mountain, to save his head in the irrepressibly flared conflict of the new leaders of the mafia, but the main thing is to gain love and faith.

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