Sportmaster discount by phone number

Sportmaster discount by phone number Sportmaster has developed a special bonus program that is valid for purchases in all stores of the network and on the site how

Sportmaster discount by phone number

Sportmaster has developed a special bonus program that is valid for purchases in all stores of the network and on the website.

How to join the bonus program? To do this, just register by selecting the appropriate option:

  • Buy sports goods in the nearest store or on the website, fill out a form and become the owner of a personal bonus card Sportmaster.
  • Pass the registration on the official website, on sites that tell about store promotions, in a mobile application. This method allows you to join the program, even without purchases. For this you need to go to registration page, then select I don't have a club card. Fill out the online membership form with up-to-date personal data and click the “Join Club” button. In the future, you can pick up your card at any store or download a mobile club card. The latter is equivalent to its plastic counterpart.
  • Take the promoter's questionnaire, during special promotions, fill it out and pick up your club card.

Participation in the club sportmaster program provides great opportunities for receiving equipment repair services, newsletters, and purchasing goods. Each participant has his own personal account, where bonuses are accumulated. Once saved, you can spend them on payment up to 30% of the amount next acquisition in Sportmaster. Each bonus is equivalent to one ruble.

Login to your personal account Sportmaster bonus. Methods of authorization in the club program.

If you have already filled out the participant questionnaire, have a bonus card and want to enter your Personal Account for the first time, then you need to get a password to enter, to do this, do the following:

  1. Go to the participant registration page on the official website;
  2. In the window that appears, select I have a club card” and press the button “Get password. You will be redirected to the password recovery page;
  3. Next select By club card number«;
  4. Indicate the type of card, card number (on the back of the card) and enter the characters from the picture.
  5. Click the buttonRestore password. After that, an SMS message with a temporary password will be sent to the phone specified when filling out the questionnaire. After entering it, you need to come up with and specify a new permanent password.

If you registered in the program through the official website or received your first password using a card, you can enter your Personal Account as follows:

  1. Go to the main page of the site;
  2. Click on the blue button Account enter the site – it is located at the top next to the search bar;
  3. In the drop-down list, select the item Enter the site has a club card;
  4. Next, you will have three options for logging into your Personal Account:
  5. Login by email. To do this, you must enter the E-mail that was indicated during registration and the password;
  6. Login by phone number. Here, instead of E-mail, you need to specify a phone number and password;
  7. Entrance by the number of the Club card. Here you need to select the type of card from the list, enter its number (on the back side near the barcode) and password;

How to get a Sportmaster bonus card?

  • Make a purchase and enter the data in the questionnaire in the store.
  • Register for the program online. To do this, you can use the site, applications for the mobile company itself or its partners. After that, the card can be picked up at the nearest network store. There is no need to buy anything though.
  • Fill out the questionnaire during the thematic promotion of Sportmaster.
  • You can also get a card again if it has been lost.

Authorization of the participant Sportmaster bonus. How to spend and receive bonuses on the card

To start spending bonuses, you need to log in. You can use several methods for this:

  • Present the card to the cashier.
  • Pass SMS authorization.
  • Show mobile club card.

To earn bonus points, you can log in in several more ways:

  • Give the phone number to the seller.
  • Write the mobile number or card number on the site when buying online.

What are Sportmaster bonuses read on page.

SMS authorization of the program participant

The service is available free of charge and helps to manage bonus points even without a card. They can be used in any Russian store of the network and on the website.

How to get a service?

  • Enter the data in the questionnaire in the store or at the promoter. Then the service will become available within three months from the date of receipt of the card.
  • Register on the Sportmaster website or websites created as part of special promotions of the store, in the mobile application of the company or its partners. Then the service can be used from the next day.

To use SMS authorization, you need to perform a number of actions:

  • Take with you a mobile phone, the number of which was indicated during registration.
  • Paying for the goods, call the number to the seller.
  • After receiving SMS with the code, voice it to the cashier.

By completing these steps, the member can spend and earn points for the purchased item. The number of accrued points does not depend on the authorization method.

Possibilities of a personal account

Using a personal account expands the possibilities of the participant. Here you can check bonus account, choose future purchases, create a wish list, keep track of all promotions and tempting offers.

What can be seen in the personal account. Displayed Information

  • My office. In this section, in addition to personal data, you can see the number of accumulated points, the amount you need to make purchases to get the next level, your card number.
  • My orders. Here you can see all previously ordered products or go to the catalog to select purchases.
  • Personal data. This window stores and displays the information written in the questionnaire during registration. It can be changed at any time, as well as the password to your personal account.
  • My bonuses. Information about the number of bonuses and the level of the participant is displayed here. As well as full details of bonus accruals – for what and when they were accrued, and until what period can be spent. In the same window, you can see a statement of all bonuses.
  • A wish list. This is the planning section. Items go here from the shopping cart for future purchases.

Functional features of a personal account

The personal page on the site not only informs, but also makes it possible to manage your data, purchases, and plans. By logging into your profile, you can:

  • Change phone, email, personal data. To do this, open the My Account window, select the line Change personal data, then Change data. We find the necessary lines, make adjustments and click on Save.
  • Add and change shipping and store addresses. To do this, open the Personal data window and add the necessary information at the bottom right of the page.

Sportsmaster personal account application for iPhone and Android

The application is developed for iPhone and Android mobile phones. Gives quick access to your personal account. The advantages of the application are as follows:

  • Ease of management. For example, you can find out all the information you need about a product by scanning its barcode.
  • Quick selection and ordering. Anything you like, you can add to cart, read reviews and descriptions and order.
  • A wish list. You can add products that you want to buy in the future.
  • Store data. By going to the personal page, you can find out the full information about the store you are interested in: opening hours, services, location map.
  • Personal account. In the application, you can always find up-to-date information about your bonus account, get acquainted with promotions and all the best offers.

Information services for program participants

Participants who have agreed to receive information receive regular messages on mobile and e-mail. The company informs about special offers, new products, promotions, the number of accumulated bonuses.

To obtain this information you will need:

  • Enter the data in the questionnaire in one of the stores.
  • Or register in the club program on the website or in the mobile application.

How to find out your card number

The personal number consists of 9 digits and written below the barcode on the back of the plastic card. The number may be needed when entering your personal account on the official website and restoring the card, as well as to clarify the data on the account balance.

How will the personal information written in the questionnaire be used?

The information is used in the interests of the participants themselves:

  • To be able to accrue or write off bonuses if you did not have a plastic card with you. To do this, the seller will send a special mobile code.
  • Mobile number information help to restore the card, in case of loss.
  • Also company informs participants about their promotions and special offers, invites you to visit closed sales.

What is SMS Authorization?

This service is designed to accrue and write off bonus points even in the absence of a bonus card at the time of purchase of goods.

To use it you will need:

  • Pre-write data about the phone number in the questionnaire.
  • Give the seller a mobile phone number when paying for the goods.
  • Tell the store employee the code that came in SMS.

After completing these steps, you can manage the bonus account without a card.

I am the owner of several Sportmaster cards. Can you combine them into one?

Yes it is possible. To do this, you need to contact the cashier in any store or call the number 8-800-777-777-1.

When buying goods in Sportmaster, you can compensate for part of the purchase with bonuses. Up to 30 percent. 1 bonus = 1 ruble. Bonuses are poured for past purchases. And it often happens (almost always) that the required number of bonuses is not enough. Or they don't exist at all.

What to do? What a pity to lose extra money. Overpaying, buying goods at almost full price.

There are several ways to get free Sportmaster bonuses. From a modest 500-1000, to an almost unlimited number. If you want 2-3 thousand or 5 – no problem at all. You need 10-20 thousand, you have to spend a little more time. But eventually get them.

So, let's go save our pennies.

Free bonuses in 5 minutes – 500+500

If you have already bought from Sportmaster, it is better to check the available amount of bonuses on your account first. Suddenly, the store “poured” you the N-th amount, sufficient for a future purchase (and you even knew). And then the problem is solved.

How to check the number of points in Sportmaster?

We go to the store's website and look for something like a Club Program or just follow the link.

Enter the phone number to which your account is linked. We confirm the code from SMS. And voila.

As you can see, I have only 50 points on my balance. Not much. And you always want to eat.))) Moreover, I have planned a purchase on the weekend.

We will need a phone number that is not highlighted in the store. If there is, great. If not, the easiest way is to buy a new SIM card for 100 rubles.

And a mailbox (about which Sportmaster does not know).

When registering, Sportmaster gives everyone 500 points.

Enter your data (you can left). We confirm the phone number and 300 points in 1 minute in our pocket.

The system asks you to confirm your e-mail. Promising us another 200 bonuses. Good. So be it.

In just a couple of minutes, we received 500 bonuses.

When registering, you can cheat a little and indicate your “real” birthday, which is coming in a couple of days.

On day X, Sportmaster will congratulate you with another 500 bonuses.

Total: we get exactly 1,000 points (rubles, bonuses).

Considering that we can pay with them up to 30% of the cost, the maximum “profitable” purchase amount will be 3,333 rubles.

Let's keep saving.

By installing the Wallet mobile application and linking our Sportmaster card to it, we get another 500 bonuses.

The Wallet application will be useful for customers of the Perekrestok supermarket. You can save 15-25% on purchases. Details at the link.

We buy correctly – online order

When placing an order through the store’s website, you can additionally cut down a few rubles using cashback services.

The scheme is simple. We register in one of the sites that return money specifically for Sportmaster. We order goods. AND …. after a certain time (usually 2-3 weeks) a part of the purchase price is returned to you in the form of money.

How much can be returned in the form of cash back?

On average 2-5% of the purchase price. Depends on the cashback service and promotions held on it.

Many people return money for purchases at Sportmaster. But it’s better not to fall for the profitable offers of any little-known services. They appear almost every month (week, day). And then they also disappear safely. Naturally, without paying anyone the due remuneration.

I recommend choosing only from reliable and proven ones that have been working for many years.

How much money are we offered to return for Sportmaster?

The returned money goes to the personal account of the service. You can withdraw them to bank cards, phone or electronic wallets.

The minimum amount available for withdrawal from EPN starts from 1 ruble. Letishops and Kopikot pay only from 500 rubles.

Payment by card

Traditionally, we pay for the order with a bank card with a good cashback. Well, or at least just with some kind of modest return. You won't surprise anyone with the standard 1%.

Almost all bank card products designed for cashback programs usually offer 1% for all purchases. And increased bonuses for special categories.

We need the “correct” cards that give exactly the highest cashback for Sportmaster.

  • Tinkoff Black — 5% in the Sporting Goods category. Once a quarter, the bank allows you to choose 3 categories out of 5 with a cashback of five percent. Over the past year, this category has always come across to me.
  • Halva pours 3% for contactless payment by phone.
  • Your cashback from Promsvyazbank will give 3%.

Our profit:

  • 1000 points for registration and birthday;
  • 4% for a purchase through a cashback service;
  • cashback for card payment — 1-5%.

Plus for pickup from the store – pour another 300 points.

Total: 30% discount for points + 5-9% in the form of cashback + 300 bonuses for future purchases.

I will accept Sportsmaster points as a gift

Is 1000 points enough for you? A major purchase is planned. Or just too lazy to go through all these registrations.

The second way to get points is to take them from other strangers. Many offer to use their points for free, that is, for nothing))))

There are people selling accumulated bonuses. The price tag is usually 20-25% of the face value.But we don't need this. There are plenty of free offers.

The principle of operation is as follows:

  1. Send the person a link from the online store to the goods that you need.
  2. He makes an order. Compensating part of the purchase with your own points.
  3. Gives you an order number.
  4. You go to the store. Call your order number. You pay at the checkout.

Two questions immediately arise.

Why would someone give away their points for free? Especially for a stranger. Just out of the goodness of your heart?

Perhaps such people exist. But the main reason is cashback services.

When placing an order for you, the “ball” owner does everything through them. And if you make a purchase, he gets his penny. Remember? About 4% of the order amount.

Additionally, he is poured new points for your purchase. Plus 300 bonuses for picking up the goods in the store (pickup) will also go to his balance.

As a nice bonus – the account of the owner of the club card is pumped (blue -\u003e silver -\u003e gold).

Got it sorted out. Now the second question.

And where to look for these generous people?

You will be surprised. But there are no problems with the search. There are entire groups on social networks specializing in the transfer of free bonuses. Vkontakte in the search immediately showed 44 communities.

Free points – Vkontakte groups

On Avito or Yulia, you can easily find “bonus givers”.

Sportsmaster bonuses on Avito

And of course various forums.

We type in the search engine “I will give Sportmaster bonuses” and the like.

The main disadvantage of this scheme is that points will not be awarded for other purchases (just for you). Plus, there will be no promotion on the club card, which sometimes gives good discounts.

Alternatively, you can split the purchase into 2 parts. Use your own bonus points to the maximum. And the rest take on the side.

Happy and profitable shopping!

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Discounts from the community admin and our subscribers. If you have coupons, bonuses, points or other promos in popular and not very Russian and foreign marketplaces, then here you can give or exchange them. Sportmaster, M.Video, O'STIN, OZON, AliExpress, Wildberries, Lamoda and other online giants are held in high esteem.

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