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Source: Sportmaster

Sportmaster Pro: The company launches updated store format – news of Russian retail chains for retailers and suppliers ✓ on the portal.

Sportmaster Pro: The company launches updated store format

Source: Sportmaster

Three Sportmaster Pro stores opened in the updated format-in Moscow, Mytishchi and St. Petersburg. On the territory of stores (about 5,000 square meters) you can find inventory and clothes for any budget and tasks.

“Model categories cover more than 50 sports. We have people who are versed in sports, leading sports brands and modern technologies. They can give a professional advice on the sports area of ​​interest. These are highly qualified sellers and specialists, many of whom themselves are enthusiastic athletes participating in international and Russian competitions, ”he explains Irina Ismailova, director of marketing communications Sportmaster.

Source: Sportmaster

Source: Sportmaster

Pro services are repairs, upgrade, individual selection of equipment, preparation for competitions and inventory maintenance. The store specialists will prepare any equipment: from tennis missiles and bicycles to scooters, skiing and snowboards. Lovers of winter sports will be able to restore Kant, sliding surfaces of skiing and snowboards, sharpen ice skates (including profiling blades for specified parameters), apply structures to running skis and prepare them for competitions. Butfithing is also available to customers – adaptation of ski boots, skates to an individual anatomical shape.

At the Run, visitors will be able to conduct a gait analysis of running techniques and choose shoes taking into account the individual characteristics of the athlete. Pesscam testing on the Presscam platform will allow experts to determine the features of the structure of the feet for further adjustment by individual/anatomical insoles.

The store format will spread throughout the country: only during the next year it will appear in Novosibirsk, Sochi, Kazan and Yekaterinburg.

Earlier it was reported that Sportmaster refuses plastic and switches to virtual cards.

In addition, Sportmaster will continue to work in Ukraine, despite sanctions.

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