Sports Club “Living Steel” Our advantages Club map for martial arts allows you to attend any types of classification for the duration of the card for owners of club cards by martial arts for the entire duration of the card of the gym as a gift

Without Kevordo

New Year shares only until December 25, 2020. Maps into the gym unlimited: the gym (12m) unlimited – 10,500 rubles. System Hall (12m) Unlimited + 10 personal classes with a coach – 18000 rubles. Maps in the gym + martial arts unlimited: 12 weeks + 1 week (gift) = 11400 rubles. 24 weeks + 2 weeks (gift) […]

On October 29, boxing competitions were held. The Sports Steel Sports Club took second place. Congratulations! Well done boys. Of the 5 wards of the “live steel” coach, Alexei Makhnenko became the winners and two silver medalists.

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