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Megion sports shops

Sports shops in Megion (Khanty -Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra). Addresses, telephones, work modes of Megion organizations, as well as pre -pool information including companies. A total of 13 organizations were found.

Sports shops in Megion

Megion sports shops

Passion for sports is not only health benefits, but also just a pleasant way to spend leisure time. Sports stores in Megion allow you to choose the right sports equipment and equipment for the whole family, both for everyday classes and for specific hobbies.

  • sportswear and shoes for any direction from world brands;
  • accessories;
  • inventory;
  • spare parts;
  • instruments.

For those who monitor the state of health and body at home, they will be useful: power and cardio traffic, dumbbells, horizontal bars, weighting and rope.

For those who attend individual training or sections, there is a special inventory: balls and hoops for rhythmic gymnastics, boxing gloves, karimat for pilates and yoga, rackets and strings for large shades, hats and swimming glasses, and much more.

For representatives of street sports, such as: cycling, rollers, skateboard, scooters, football – there is everything necessary from clothes and shoes to protection and spare parts.

For lovers of nature in nature in the city stores there is a wide selection of tourist equipment: backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, picnic sets, rubber boats.

On our site you can find an address, phone and other information about the sports points of Megion. Choose a store from the list, get the right things, play sports, get endorphins and be healthy! Megion sports shops will open the doors to you in an active life.

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