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NPO StarLine is a Russian developer and manufacturer of smart security and telematics equipment for car protection.


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The best offer for modern SUVs is the new StarLine D97 LTE GPS smart security and telematics system.

The novelty of the seventh generation of the Starline security and telematic complexes based on an ultramodern processor-Starline A97.

StarLine A97

A novelty of the seventh generation of StarLine security and telematic systems based on the ultra-modern processor – StarLine A97.

Smart Protective-Telmatic Complex Starline with a miniature label for lovers of modern minimalism.

StarLine AS97

Smart security and telematics complex StarLine with a miniature tag for lovers of modern minimalism.

Smart and reliable automobile security and telematic complex with Bluetooth Smart authorization. Smart safety, comfort and savings.

StarLine E96 V2BT

Smart and reliable car security and telematics system with Bluetooth Smart authorization. Smart safety, comfort and economy.

Smart and reliable automobile security and telematic complex with Bluetooth Smart authorization using your smartphone or miniature mark.

StarLine S96 V2BT

Smart and reliable car security and telematics system with Bluetooth Smart authorization using your smartphone or miniature tag.

The code multichannel microral Starline R7 is designed to protect the car from theft by blocking the engine and expanding the functionality of your security and teematic complex.

StarLine R7

StarLine R7 multi-channel coded microrelay is designed to protect a car from theft by blocking the engine and expanding the functionality of your security and telematics system.

The compact smart tracker Starline M66 is designed for smart monitoring and reliable protection of passenger and freight transport. Protects. Reports. Shows

StarLine М66

Compact smart tracker StarLine M66 is designed for smart monitoring and reliable protection of cars and trucks. Protects. Reports. Shows

Smart and most affordable tracker on the 6th generation platform-Starline M18.

StarLine M18 PRO

The smartest and most affordable tracker on the 6th generation platform is StarLine М18.


Smart technologies and innovations for reliable car protection

StarLine Per-minute insurance

StarLine Telematics

Smart autorun

Smart Authorization

iKey Smart Keyless Bypass

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Smart and reliable protection StarLine


StarLine security and telematics equipment has been recognized as an original accessory by the world's leading car manufacturers and since 2010 has been centrally supplied as an OES accessory to 4,000 car dealerships in Russia and the Commonwealth countries

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StarLine today is 17,000,000 car owners who are confident that they will find their car where they left it

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Everything is as always: we remove the old system, install the new StarLine X96 with launch, with GSM / GPS, with flexible logic and much more interesting things. Due to the fact that the car is advanced and all information on the status and control of the car works via CAN buses, the installation took 2 hours. As a result, we see all statuses, control the central lock and emergency lights. We put on the protection of the regular buttons on the key fob. Manage glass and mirrors. And the most important feature is the keyless bypass of the immobilizer, which means that we did not leave the second key in the car to start.

Author: BandoS058 (Penza)
Automobile: Mitsubishi Outlander

Installed the latest security system, smart and reliable complex StarLine X96.
During installation, many convenient service functions were implemented:
– Starting the engine with the Start / Stop button (individual setting of the button operation algorithm)
– Keyless entry with lock control by a button on the door handle with owner authorization
– Closing locks when accelerating (configurable) opening when parking
– Full integration with the engine preheating boiler (starting the boiler before starting the engine or separately from the remote control or the application)
and much more.

Author: Detonators (Blagoveshchensk)
Automobile: Toyota Will Cypha \ Toyota Caldina Smart X96

After buying a car, like any person who loves his transport and wants to secure it, I installed the StarLine E95 alarm system with auto start. Chose for a long time. Before that, I installed StarLine A91 on Solaris … On the new E95, everything is done through the CAN bus and the tag. There are more than enough functions, and this complex also works with a regular key. That is, when closing not from the alarm key fob, but from the standard key, StarLine is also armed. Everything is done and installed in the mind. Also, in addition to this alarm, there is a GSM module, thanks to which you can control and monitor the condition of your car through the official StarLine application. In general, I am very pleased with the choice of alarm. Also a nice bonus was that the display is already LCD on the key fob, which is very pleasing to the eye. If you have any questions – ask)

Author: vakandrey (Rostov-on-Don)
Automobile: KIA Ceed FIFA Luxe

I really like the signal. Some of it is already more modern or something … No bulky key chains for you – you opened it with your key, put a label in the documents and that's it. The most important thing is not to forget to carry documents with you. Without a tag, when disarming, the car will scream and will not start. Through the application, you can configure sensors, signals, you can also check the temperature of the engine and understand whether you need to start the engine in advance or not. The turbo timer keeps track of the number of revolutions for the last time on the trip, and determines the engine running time after a stop. In short … a lot of all sorts of interesting things.

Author: vadevil (Kurganinsk)
Automobile: Volkswagen Touran 2.0 CLCA DSG-6

… and of course, many of you may now say or think that they put such things mainly on expensive cars, and it’s like from theft and safety, but they say there’s no point in the old 13-year-old trade wind., I disagree with you ., I did it first of all, not for safety, because I know that my trade wind is unlikely to be needed by someone, (although this will also not be superfluous), I put it in, first of all, to be more modern and keep up with the times ., Well, really, this is a very convenient thing, I'll tell you (although not cheap). You can call your car at any time. listen to the salon, start it from autorun without worrying that the key fob is not enough., see where and where your car went, if for example you gave it to a friend, spouse, etc., see the battery charge, and at any time you can see exactly where your car is the car is now. and much more… This is actually a very useful and interesting thing

Author: Goshab (Nizhny Novgorod)
Automobile: Volkswagen Passat

StarLine E96BT. Of the pluses, I immediately want to note the increased range of the key fob and the ability to turn on the “hands-free” mode, where the label is a smartphone tied to the alarm via Bluetooth. Also, this system is equipped with a digital shock sensor, tilt and 3D accelerometer for more complete protection of the car from theft.It is convenient for the user, all auto -start settings: temperature, interval, as well as the time of the engine are exhibited from the keychain. Well, the most greasy plus with the help of sensory sensors can be added to the car some convenience: non-clock access to the car, starting the engine without the key, opening the trunk by moving the legs and much more. In general, I am very pleased with the signal, now you do not have to constantly wear a keychain, enough tags.

On my previous car, I put the signaling Starline E90 + GSM, GPS. I liked it – a very convenient thing. Management from the phone, settings of everything and everything is also from the phone.
Then I decided to call in my friend in Sparta Market, to see what Novinochka we have, well, or also buy E90. He arrived, and he says to me: look, they say, there is E95. I say: well show! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how a keychain bribed me!
And of course, I bought an additional GSM, GPS and wiretap – all this in the same M32 lighthouse! And also three SIM cards go with the lighthouse: Megafon, Beeline, MTS! Access to the car from anywhere in the globe! With any alarm, a keychain is triggered, the car calls you on your phone, writes SMS)

Author: Yaroslavch1k (Krasnoyarsk)
Automobile: Infiniti fx

Starline S96 is already standing)) In fact, I am very pleased!
The response of the STARLINE EC-1 sensor is instantly. The smartphone works like a label))
If someone doubts that it is definitely 6 generation

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