Summer tire Michelin Pilot Sport 4, 235/60 P18 107 V XL A A 70.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4, 235/60 P18 107 V XL A A 70 The cost of goods in an online store may differ from the cost in the retail chain stores. Products marked only online

Summer tire Michelin Pilot Sport 4, 235/60 P18 107 V XL A A 70

The cost of goods in the online store may differ from the cost in the stores of the retail network. Products marked only online are not sold in stores.

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NB! The amounts indicated in the calculator of the sprout are approximate and informative. The exact amount of payments depends on the installment supplier, all amounts will be agreed with you when concluding an installment agreement.

Product properties

General characteristics

“M+S -“ Mud and Snow ”or“ Dirt and Snow ”means that on such tires you can ride both the summer and in the winter season.

This is a width from one edge of the disk to another. This can also be seen in the name of the tire, for example, R16, R17, and so on.


Tire height relative to the width of the tire, expressed as a percentage. For example, /50 means that the height of the tire is half of the width of the tire. The smaller this number, the lower the height of the tire.

Load parameters, speed and tread

This parameter determines the maximum permissible speed of the car allowed when using these tires. K-110 km/h, K-110 km/h; L-120 km/h; M 130 km/h; N-140 km/h; P-150 km/h; Q-160 km/h; R-170 km/h; S-180 km/h; T-190 km/h; H-210 km/h; V-240 km/h; W-270 km/h; Y-300 km/h; ZR is more than 240 km/h.

There are three types of tire treads: symmetrical, asymmetric and directed. Symmetric are suitable for short distances and compact city cars; Asymmetric – for powerful sedans and sports cars, and directed protectors are designed specifically for sports cars.

Fuel economy is estimated by classes from A to G. The most economical tires A are the most economical, in turn, class G is the lowest assessment of fuel efficiency.

This parameter indicates the ability of the tire tread to keep the road surface. Designation A means the maximum level, and F – the minimum level. In tires with a high indicator, the braking distance on the wet road will be much shorter.


RF – reinforced sidewalls – tires with reinforced sidewalls provide the ability to maneuver and if they no longer have air. Tires with reinforced sidewalls XL (Extra Load) are provided for greater load. The RF (Reinforced) designation is also used for tires capable of making an increased load, and tires with designation C are in turn provided for minibuses.

This parameter indicates whether the tire has a protective side of the disk. The protective side avoids damage from the edges of sidewalks and stones.

Warranty 24 months

Get Ready for Journeys of Sheer Driving Pleasure in Safety, with Ters that Instinction Translate Youdo The Road.

  • Dynamic Response Technology: A Hybrid Belt of Aramid and Nylon Ensuers Optimum Transmission of Steering Instructions Onto The Road
  • An Ultra-Raactive Tried Pattern Design, Comb from Motorsport Experience (Formula E, WRC), Adapts Continously to the Road, For Optimized FootPrint on the Road
  • A New Mix of Compound with Specific “Functional Elastomers” and Hydrophobic Silica Provides Excellent Wet Grip and Bracking
  • Wide and Deep Longitudinal Grooves Ensure a High Level of Drainage on Wet Roads
  • The MICHELIN PILOT SPORT tireline is co-designed with the most demanding car manufacturers (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche)*
  • The tread pattern design comes from motorsport experience (FORMULA E, WEC**, WRC***…)

The shade of the product may differ from that shown in the photo. The product description is general in nature and does not necessarily contain all the features of the product. The prices of goods published in the online store may differ from the prices of goods used in supermarkets and service centers. The balance of goods in the warehouse and in the online store in exceptional cases may not match, therefore, there is a possibility that delivery times may differ from those indicated when placing the order and / or we will not be able to fulfill your order or will only partially fulfill your order (in such cases, the Buyer will informed immediately).

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