The loudest festival in Europe, Las Founded in Valencia, March 15-19, 2022.

las fallas valencia

Las-Falias is known for its lights, traditional costumes, fireworks and music. Valencia in mid -March – excellent advice to travelers.

The loudest festival in Europe, Las Founded in Valencia

las fallas valencia

Las-fmpress Fiesta Known for his lights, gunpowder, traditional costumes, fireworks and music, therefore, visiting Las Founded and Valencia in mid -March is an excellent advice for travelers.

Las-ftenies are held annually from March 15 to 19.

Oh Las Falasy

The city of Valencia, located in the heart of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, notes the arrival of spring with an exciting program.

This combination of the fiesta, fireworks, the quality of the satire shows – all together are placed under the same name – Las -fience.

On each street in the city center depicts colorful giant paper figures, known as Ninots, often several meters high, placed in fantastic groups at the end of the parade – created to make fun of politicians or soap stars.

Every day at 2: XNUMX, “La MasCleta” is held – a concert of gunpowder, in which hundreds of talismans explode simultaneously.

For those who love charming ceremonies, on March 17 and 18, this is an event dedicated to the patroness of Valencia Deva, when thousands of “parallers” come to the city center in traditional costumes.

This festival dates back to the time when carpenters cleared their workshops, throwing the old forest at the end of winter.

Over the centuries – this has turned into a series of events that placed Valencia on a map of the most striking events, festivals and carnivals in March in Europe.

The roots in pagan cleansing rituals, announcing spring and a new start.

There is something exciting in seeing these huge figures from paper and wood, turned into ashes.

If you visit Valencia during Las Fluenius, do not miss an impressive fireworks, which is usually demonstrated on Paseo-de-la Alamed on March 19. The moment when all Falasy burn throughout the city in the sight of fire.

Las-Falia Feireverk of War

Floral parades end around midnight, and Nit de Foc begins with an official hour -long fireworks.

It begins with a spectacular show, but it is this night that can turn into a fireworks.

Perhaps you prefer to be in maximum safety during this guerra de las-tattos-and you will probably need Berushi if you want to sleep a little.

It is important to add that this carnival lasts not only a few days.

This is a series of events that take place during March of each year, and all of them begin on March 1 with MasCleta on Plaza del Ayuntamiento in 2: XNUMX.

It all ends on March 19, and the program lasts from 11: 1 to 20: XNUMX – XNUMX March.

Children have their own events Falasy.

Young visitors can find the main events terribly, although the small Valencia locals come to be wrapped against stray sparks.

The best attractions for young people are their own Ninot figurines.

They are put on display for several days in a central mall and then installed on street corners.

The burning of all ninots takes place on huge bonfires in the Town Hall Square, with a special early evening bonfire for children.

For more information about Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain, visit the festival's official page:

Helpful information

  • There are official warnings for pregnant women and anyone with a weak heart.
  • You really could end up playing with fire and you might want to pack your earplugs.

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