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Turbo for Vesta: 200 hp for 1.8 liter engine

Putting a turbine on a 1.8-liter motor on Vesta dreams of quite a few owners of this model. But only a few are solved on such tuning. And today, the official Lada Club talks with Anton Quiring, the owner of Lada Vesta, who turned their car into a 200 -horsepower turbocharged Monster. Why all

Turbo for Vesta: 200 hp for a motor 1.8 liter

Putting a turbine on a 1.8-liter motor on Vesta dreams of quite a few owners of this model. But only a few are solved on such tuning. And today, the official Lada Club talks with Anton Quiring, the owner of Lada Vesta, who turned their car into a 200 -horsepower turbocharged Monster.

Turbo for Vesta: 200 hp for 1.8 liter engine

How did it all start?

It all started, no matter how funny it sounds, from AvtoVAZ. Our family always had frets. My father was a businessman, was engaged in the trading of spare parts, often traveled to Togliatti (I myself from Chelyabinsk). You have a flame auto market here, and we have a “spark” car market. Probably, throughout the country, such a story, maybe somewhere else there is an auto market “ignition”, “injection” by etc. ). The father always drove each new AvtoVAZ model from the factory. Cars changed about every year. I had a chance to travel on almost all AvtoVAZ models until 2014 and somehow they became relatives or something. I tried a foreign car, but something is wrong! Some kind of soulless they are. Therefore, he still returned to the VAZ models.

In general, it all started about eight years when I first got behind the wheel. It was the VAZ-2101 of my grandfather, on it for the first time I went completely myself at the wheel! Unforgettable impressions. I had four Lada Vesta. In different bodies there were 2 SW Cross sedan, and this is the fourth West and it became the flagship model of AvtoVAZ Vesta Sport. Until the first Vesta, I had a Volkswagen Polo Sedan 1.6 AT in maximum configuration. That is, in 2016, we changed Polo to Vesta. The first impressions after buying Vesta: my wife and I were shocked that Vesta is so more, so comfortable! That is, she exceeded our former car in everything, and it was also much cheaper. After that, I in the Vesti and pinned specifically. Then we had SW Cross as soon as he appeared. All cars were black. I like this color – it always looks more advantageous, more solid and always stands out. When the Lada Vesta Sport was announced, and I love the “hotter” cars, different media said that the motor would be 180 hp. Either 150 hp .. and some talked about a 200 hp motor .. I hoped that perhaps the plant would still decide to make another jump, since they decided to make Lada Vesta so cool and generally went into The stratosphere compared to what was produced earlier. I thought that maybe this time they will decide to put and the motor is more interesting! They have long developed a 1.4-turbo engine for a long time. But for some reason, the project was buried. Although it is clear why – everything is in the know. I will not speak. As a result, Vesta Sports of 145 hp came out .. (on the stand she shows all 150 hp).The car is beautiful, manageable, balanced. The strong features of LADA Vesta in the Sport version have been further enhanced. It would seem, where even cooler to do? Design – not on their own money. It just shocks and makes you fall in love.

In general, do you like LADA Vesta handling?

It's cooler than the BMW-3 F30, and I've driven different cars. At one point, I even somehow wanted to try this new Bavarian sedan. There they just gave a discount of 500 thousand rubles, since this generation was at an end. I took a test drive on it, but it didn’t impress me at all, it seems that expectations were too high, this brand is praised a lot everywhere. But in fact: the interior is smaller, and the steering wheel is there on the hydraulic booster. That is, the steering wheel is like a steering wheel in general. What is the handling of BMW, I generally did not understand what everyone was talking about. At that moment, I was still driving a LADA Vesta SW Cross. The steering settings are much more interesting there, this is 100 percent!

I tried different foreign cars, went to different classes. Not that I own them, but I often drive completely different cars and I have something to compare with. I can objectively assess what they did, for example, with Vesta, what they did with Vesta Sport, and what they did with SW Cross – how successful these cars are. Evaluate precisely on the contrast of my experience. What is bad about foreign cars, in addition to their very high price (due to the exchange rate, it is absolutely not justified – in other countries they can be adequately priced), is the lack of the possibility of tuning them. Tuning is very mean and expensive! Especially in this class in general, there is little that can be done. Take LADA – there is a whole sea of ​​possibilities for tuning. If you want an atmospheric version, collect a million receivers, camshafts, whatever you want can be made to order, the car is very easy to tune. If you want – turbines, if you want – compressors, you can supply anything. And I'm a creative person. I'm just not interested in driving, I always need to refine something! And I decided to take the best of what AVTOVAZ did, in my opinion, after the VAZ-21106. Vesta Sport, I think this is the TOP. It's like a diamond that needs to be cut.

What was good about LADA Vesta Sport? Yes, almost everything! There were some nuances, but their factory decided over time. Any foreign car, in principle, also has a lot of stocks, I know firsthand and I myself came across. And in the same way I had to modify them myself, a lot of jambs! Which, for some reason, is not customary to talk about in our country. Everyone likes to curse only AVTOVAZ for some reason … All these modern foreign cars are marketing dullness, designed for the masses. And I wanted something unique, something of my own, so that I would be the only one. They often say: “I would rather buy a Skoda”, “I would rather buy a BMW”, “I would rather buy a Camry”. This mythical Mego Camry, on which the entire Internet is “polishing”.

Yes, 3.5, of course. It is necessary, by the way, to arrange races, to see what mother's schoolchildren are praying for.

Everything, like everyone else. And I'm not like that. I am a bright person. And the car should be bright and beautiful, like a woman. To be nice to see. And she was still unpretentious.

I decided, since AvtoVAZ does not give us a motor due to the fact that he is a member of the Alliance and he is not allowed to do it too cool, so that, as they say, “father don’t go forward”, then I will do it myself! A bunch of bloggers and journalists say: I wish LADA Vesta Sport were equipped with a turbo engine. But everyone just talks, read the comments – everyone is exhausted in anticipation of a turbo engine. And there is no one to go and do something. Nobody went and did not. And I made the first LADA Vesta Sport Turbo, I wanted to make it in such a configuration, so that, first of all, it would not break down from the additional power received, everything under the hood looked like it was from the factory. I wanted to collect the golden mean so that the car does not lose its overall balance: in the suspension and brakes. That is, the suspension and brakes were originally a head taller than the engine. I decided to approach with an engineering approach, as if I were the director of the Vesta Sport project and my hands were untied: I can do anything, I don’t depend on anyone. The task: minimum intervention, maximum impact, and the Sport nameplate should then fully correspond to this car.

Tell me about your education. Are you a homemade Kulibin? Or do you have a technical or engineering education that you received?

There is such. I trained as an auto mechanic. I could, in principle, not study, because, as they say, I bought a VAZ – I became an auto mechanic. There is such a joke.

My first car was 2106. Then I had eights, nines, three tens (I also had a turbo ten). Constantly modifying something with the boys in the garages. We completely disassembled / assembled from and to these machines. Then it was interesting.

What were the first problems you encountered when designing a turbine for LADA Vesta? Because LADA Vesta Sport is already your consistent project. At first, probably, there was an ordinary LADA Vesta?

I had SW Cross. We worked with comrades in Chelyabinsk – with a rally team, when the 1.8-liter engine 21179 came out, no one knew how to tune it and, moreover, tune it, few people knew how to properly adjust the phase shifter, no one knew the parameters of the camshafts either. Somehow I wanted to just “chip” my car, I drove on SW Cross, probably 4,000 kilometers. I drive, I drive and I understand that the motor seems to be missing something, that it can do more, especially at the top, and there it opens like a parachute. And I thought it was time to go chip. Although the motor is new and not particularly studied. But it didn’t scare me, and I decided to do it. Then, according to the logs of 3 months, we rolled out the program, changed the configuration, exhaust. Then I somehow got a cold inlet from Vesta Sport, which was in great short supply (then, by the way, you could still buy the original, but then there were monstrous queues for this part: people waited for several months). Here … They put a cold inlet, made an exhaust, and everyone wrote it off for a very long time. As a result, we removed 147 hp. and 205 Nm on standard shafts and standard nozzles.The block did not open at all. on a standard receiver. Then it caused a stir on the Internet. Many did not believe that this was even possible, many idiots wrote that we “go over everyone’s ears.” As a result, after a year and a half, when the rest had already learned to do something like that, everyone was convinced that it was quite real. Again, we were pioneers in this regard. By the way, my SW Cross after modifications went 9.6 seconds. That is, he drove like Vesta Sport. With more weight and worse grip at the start.

When such a result was obtained, what were your emotions?

It was generally cool. She very cheerfully undermined, and the motor was very elastic and smooth. In character, it was very reminiscent of a diesel engine, that is, an adequate pedal, the wildest bottoms and no tuning artifacts, which was very difficult to achieve on these e.b.u. They rolled out for a very long time, burned a lot of rubber, put a lot of lambda probes. After that, I realized that, firstly, the SW Cross is definitely not suitable for racing, although it is a comfortable, cool car and very convenient. But here the hook is very difficult to implement there, because the back is heavy, the car is “pulled up”, the suspension is soft. Although I put on a stiffer suspension, put tires like on Vesta Sport (Conti Sport Contact 5) – it didn’t help much. And I realized that further tuning is only a turbo. And it must be a sedan. What sedan? The most logical and suitable chassis that is out of the new Lada cars is, of course, the Vesta Sport.

Whom did you “punish” in the first place when you ran out of town in your modernized car?

With Vesta Cross, to be honest, I don’t even remember who I “dropped by” with. With Kalina Sport in the first generation, with Vesta Sport, with Solaris started. Well, they generally say there that Vesta is not going. But they were surprised. I just wanted to make a comfortable car, add power to it, because it is quite heavy and 122 forces and 170 Newtons are clearly not enough there.

How did you realize that you need to change from Vesta Cross to Vesta Sport?

Having traveled on atmospheric 150 forces on the SW Cross, I realized that this is also categorically lacking for me. Yes, it's hilarious. But for her to drive straight, to get a directly specific buzz and it was already possible to “snack” with more expensive foreign cars, and just to make overtaking on the highway more convenient and comfortable – this was not the case. And I realized that you need to turbo. LADA Vesta Sport is the best, it is the most suitable model, in which everything has already been done from the factory and all that remains is to work with the engine, you just need to add a little bit of street magic!

What is street magic? In a turbine?

Yes, of course, street magic lies in supercharging, in overpressure.

Why LADA Vesta Sport? Because here you don’t need to spend money on brakes, on a suspension for an aerodynamic body kit, “buckets” are already more interesting. She is just very beautiful. It is bright and attracts attention, people turn their heads, they are constantly interested in the car.When I first bought it, 2-3 per person was suitable. They ask how much it costs and what kind of LADA is this? Many even thought that this was some kind of tuning of mine, and not a factory model.

There is no end to those who want to “drop in” with Vesta Sport: she provokes everyone with her nameplate and all her appearance. Who says so: I'll scatter you all, I'll stay alone). Everyone wants to see how much of a sport it is. There were situations that you just drive along the highway for 150 kilometers and some kind of BMW or something else more interesting is driving. And the driver smiles, looks, like: “Che! Let's?. And you either do not give him anything, or you go and he leaves you. But it's not right! Sports must go! And I decided that I definitely need a turbo. In the atmosphere to swing – it will be a very small resource, this is a limited opportunity: the car will overstrain and it will have to be twisted very hard, plus it will be very loud. It's just not comfortable. Because I just know what atmospheric tuning is. Such a big machine needs torque. And torque can only give a turbo. Well, or a compressor. Turbo – more economical, more pleasant sound. This is more advanced technology. The compressor is still yesterday. Therefore, the choice is obvious: only turbo!

What turbine did you use as a basis?

As a basis, I decided to take a Chinese-made TD-04 HL 15T turbine. In China, quite high-quality turbines are already being made. You just need to know where to get it. China – it can be different, as many people know. A Japanese turbine will cost 60-100 thousand. It's absolutely not realistic. This is half the cost of the entire revision and it is absolutely impractical. A Chinese turbine costs about 20 thousand.

Turbine TD-04 HL 15 T is the optimal solution in terms of A \ R ratio for this engine size, given its sports camshafts, lift, phases and a good cylinder head – it is very well blown. The motor has high efficiency. We also have a standard bottom. Low pressure 0.5 bar. What is good about this engine: mechanical losses are reduced here by the plant, that is, everything is as light as possible there. Camshafts, T-valves, stem 5 mm. That is, large valves 32 by 27 mm, like at the outlet, channels have been drilled between the pistons, which improves the cooling of the block and cylinders. everything is already very well done. In such a motor, you can only “blow” like this, but wisely. The radiator itself on Vesta with a margin. It is difficult to warm it even up to 90C. Everything has a stock. Large underhood space. There is a place where all this can be arranged very competently so that it does not get warm, does not hurt and does not rattle. There is also room for an intercooler. It's like it was all set from the factory. The body did not have to be cut at all. Usually, when tuning a LADA, everything needs to be redone: everything is cut, everything is adjusted, bent. Here the body remained absolutely factory. Everything is very well laid down, well blown. It turned out very cool.

We are already blowing into the motor already unclenched, that is, we are unclenched by a special plate. The degree of compression from the plant on Vesta Sport 10.7. We drop it until 9.3. Why 9.3? Because this degree of compression is most optimal and effective for our excess pressure at 0.5-0.6 bar. Now the configuration is already completely ready. They also installed an additional front support on special guitars so that the car would not lose in comfort. We tried to put more stringent supports – it turned out to be vibration that even the mirrors all trembled. It was a loss in comfort and it did not suit me. After all, I wanted to achieve precisely the factory version so that there were no minuses, but there were only pluses. As a result, they made it to be motionless all 3 factory supports and strengthened to the same stiffness with an additional support in front. Thus, the longitudinal movements of the engine were reduced under load and retained the comfort of vibration loading. He remained, as a result, the same as he was from the factory, and the motor sat stronger and stopped walking so much in the inconceived space.

Collided with thermal protection, with thermal screens. There was a very deep work with the placement of pipeing. All this was a little replayed in the process to reduce the temperature at the inlet. As a result, they reduced to very cool indicators as on foreign cars from the plant. What and what – I will not disclose. I said so much. They selected the nozzles, selected the “DAD” so that it would fit our boost as correctly as possible so that it eats less gasoline and drove the most effectively as possible, well, and allowed to configure more finely online. I went to this as an engineer. The loud word is an engineer, where I am before the engineer. Nevertheless, we play in the “Lego” for adults). It’s just that in my opinion, so far no one has so approached LADA tuning.

Here we have a stock box from Renault JR-515. She holds 210 nm from the plant. I understood that it was necessary to make a small overload so that it kept this excessive torque. As you know, the plant always lays an additional resource in nodes. And this resource is simply not used. The manufacturer, so to speak, is reinsured and the “iron” from the plant will never work from the limit of its capabilities. For example, Vazovskaya MKPP-2181. The plant claims that it is designed for 160 Nm by a passport, and in fact it has long been found out by the scientific-optical way that it holds 250 nm. Without breakdowns with prolonged hard operation. Such configgurations have been going on turbo vases for years. This overload is almost 100 nm. Our overload is even smaller. Despite the fact that the box itself is initially stronger. And he holds from the factory, as a statement already 210 nm, as well as a clutch, which is already 215mm. For reference: during turbine vases, they used to put a tuning on a turbo car for 300 hp. And with us it is already coming from the factory! We proceeded from the capabilities of the factory iron so that this does not increase the budget, accelerate the assembly.It's just that on the front-wheel drive, I think more than 200 forces is superfluous. The machine on the scales weighs 1240 kg. With a turbo kit and half a tank of gas, 200 forces is enough for her eyes. It goes very easily, very torquey, good pick-up with these sports cars, the wildest tops, the engine has a very cool character, I would say explosive! And I really like him! The car is now directly provokes to go and hack someone on the road). Now the car – its appearance, its chassis, suspension and steering settings, brakes – they are in perfect harmony with the engine. Everything fits together here. The exhaust here is already bifurcated from the factory 60th. It doesn't need to be redone. The resonator is simply removed and a straight line is thrown through the dowpipe. And everything is a complete thrill. Minimum investment. The factory did the rest for you. Why spend a lot of money to make a Vesta Sport from an ordinary Vesta, when you can buy a ready-made car and modify what, unfortunately, the factory does not yet give. It turns out here is such a, in my opinion, competent, beautiful, cool configuration!

No one has done such average competent resource options before in terms of tuning a VAZ engine when turbocharged. Everyone is trying to remove as many numbers as possible so that it all breaks down, screams, that is, it is extremely unreliable. Yes, it will show some numbers once or twice. And you won't pass it on the road. And then it all breaks down! Will slip, ring. And under the hood, it usually always looked like frankly fawn. There are people who are trying. But it all comes out, and I tried to hide it all and do it very carefully. With a lower location, the piping is all powder coated – they were taken to the factory so that it would not peel off. The piping is all stainless steel. We tried to make everything as high quality as possible. Black silicone, so that when the hood is opened, it does not shine. That is, it looks like it was there.

What is the result?

It turned out the buzz, which should be from the factory. The car drives comparable plus / minus as Octavia 1.8 on Stage 1. For a VAZ model, this is very cool, I think. Many people compare LADA Vesta with Polo 1.4 turbo. That is, the 1.4 turbo on the Stage is already lost, it is no longer a rival to my LADA Vesta Sport. The car is already ready to stand on a par with more expensive models, with more advanced and larger engines.

I am very pleased with what happened. What I planned is what I got. Since I already had experience in building a turbo-VAZ, I already roughly understood how the car would drive. It turned out specifically verified configuration.

What resource?

I think it will be like the standard 1.8. So much will pass and pass. Turbine – I don't know. How to change oil. Ideally, on a turbo engine, the oil should be changed every 5, in extreme cases, 7 thousand mileage. If you fry especially in the summer – even more so. And, in principle, nothing will happen to the motor, because the excess pressure is very small, as well as the load on the motor.including thermal ones. The bottom line here is that there are sports camshafts, there is a volume, a light piston, light valves, good purge. In general, I repeat, this motor has a high efficiency. It doesn't take much blowing here to make it go.

Tell me how much are you blowing?

0.5 bar. In the third or fourth gear, 0.65 bar can “arrive” for a short time.

How long does it take your Vesta Sport to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h after modernization?

In hot weather (+33C), acceleration is 7.2 seconds. In a drag racing distance of 402 meters at a temperature of +25C, acceleration takes 14.3-14.5 seconds.

That is, you get that a good grip in the heat – the rubber works?

The wheels are very heavy from the factory. 18 kg wheel . But I really like them. They have a very good design. They were drawn by Steve Mattin and I don't want to spoil the maestro's picture with some slicks. Yes, I understand that I can win something on overclocking, but I don’t want to spoil the overall design of the car. Firstly, it is expensive, and secondly, it is impractical, because I do not want to drive it from the spot. This discipline is purely for racing, but in everyday life we ​​calmly start off and it’s much more interesting how the car moves when there is a hook. There is no goal to collect cramps or dragsetr cramps, which can break at any moment and I will be left without wheels. It's useless to me.

How much money should be invested to make a 200-horsepower LADA Vesta Sport?

To get 200 hp need to spend 200 thousand rubles. No more and no less. This is the best price for a turbo VAZ engine. Wherever you go, they often ask for even more. And the performance leaves much to be desired. As well as reliability, and the overall layout. Considering how traffic cops are now going to cheer up for tuning, then such tuning is not fawn. Now more than ever it is important to make tuning hidden, without any blue silicone, chrome piping, turbine, which is located on top and is immediately visible. All this needs to be hidden and mowed under the plant. Exactly what I did in my project. So far, I have not seen this approach anywhere.

Is it possible to make a turbine without any “fawn” at all? To keep her from puffing on the bypass?

If we develop the Stealth theme, I call it Turbo-Stage 1- Stealth (Stealth – inconspicuous, secretive), then you can make an almost completely secretive turbine not on the Blow Off, but on the Bypass with a closed system. And she won't pee at all. And you can make her pshikat. It doesn't affect the money in any way. It can always be done quickly and easily. Tired of zilch – you can remove it. I prefer to ride with zilch, because it's very cool, everyone is watching, you get high yourself. It's like the Fast and the Furious, like the Underground. We all played these games. It's stuck in our heads. And now we play it in reality, and not on a computer.

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