Tutu schedule of electric trains of the Leningrad direction for tomorrow. Schedule of electric trains of the Leningrad station. The cost of tickets for electricians of the Leningrad direction

Tutu schedule of electric trains of the Leningrad direction for tomorrow. Schedule of electric trains of the Leningrad station. The cost of tickets for electric trains of the Leningrad direction look for a schedule

Tutu schedule of electric trains of the Leningrad direction for tomorrow. Schedule of electric trains of the Leningrad station. The cost of tickets for electricians of the Leningrad direction

Looking for a schedule of electric trains of the Leningrad direction? On Tutu, you can find out all the changes in the schedule of electric trains of this direction and keep abreast of all innovations.

The Leningrad station is notable for the fact that with the Moscow station, which is located in another Russian capital, it is united by one construction project. This station not only amazes with beauty, but is also under the protection of the state, because it is an attraction of architecture.

The most convenient option to get to the station is the metro, of course. After all, a station such as Komsomolskaya is located nearby. And near the station there is a stop of public transport and several taxpieings.

AT Schedule of electric trains of the Leningrad direction Tutu All flights are included, thanks to which you can get to any place of the northwestern part of the capital. At the same time, it is completely optional to communicate with the cashier to purchase a ticket, since there are special terminals that simplify the receipt of the ticket. It will be more profitable to buy a paper ticket, but a travel ticket.

Flights of the Leningrad direction

With the help of one of the many electric trains that go from 5 platforms of the station every day, you can easily get to Konakovo-GRES and Tver. Almost the entire flight of the electric trains of the Leningrad direction passes in a straight line. But after passing the station, Reshetnikovo, the route is divided into a couple of branches. The first allows you to go in the main direction, and the second to get to Konakovo. Another branching is present in the Dorotheity.

The cost of a ticket that allows you to come to Tver is 310 rubles. Schedule of electric trains of the Leningrad direction on tutu Completely corresponds to the schedule of the railways of Russia. The largest stations of this area are, Bologoe, Ostankino, Klin, Sunflonachny, Zavidovo, Kryukovo, Khimki and Konakovo GRES.

Highly -ski train swallow

Swallow is a high -speed train running in the area of ​​the suburbs. Tutu schedule of the electric shoes of the Leningrad direction contains the routes of the movement of all electric trains of this type.

The interval of the movement of such electric trains is an hour, and the slightest change in the schedule is immediately placed in the schedule of electric trains of the Leningrad direction.

During the trip, you can enjoy the landscapes that open up before the passengers of the train. This is the Gangway Valley, and the chapel of Sergius of Radonezh, and the Ostankino tower, as well as many pretty towns and villages.

In order not to make a mistake in planning a route to work or home, you should use the online train schedule, which is available around the clock, even in mobile mode.

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Every day hundreds of trains and trains depart from Moscow railway stations. They go in different directions and directions, picking up passengers from the platforms and successfully bringing them to the platforms of the terminal stations.

What do train passengers want to see and what attracts them in the first place. This is:
— a large selection of routes: suburban destinations are very diverse;
— convenient time of departure and arrival: trains leave almost every 15 minutes and run around the clock;
– travel time: the routes are laid out in an optimal way and with the right choice, the road takes a little time;
– fare: train tickets are inexpensive, and if you still use the purchase of a travel document, you will generally get a very attractive price;
– regularity of trips: the schedule of commuter trains is constant, changes are made to it very rarely, the travel time is clearly calculated, and it is very convenient to plan your trips.
All these advantages make travel by suburban transport very convenient and profitable.

One of the MZD directions is the departure of commuter trains from the Leningradsky railway station.

In total, 246 suburban trains run at the Moskva station (Leningradsky vokzal) at the moment. They connect this station with many other cities and towns, and everyone starts their journey from this station.

The first scheduled train departs from the station. Moscow (Leningradsky railway station) at 0 hours 38 min. on the route Moscow (Leningradsky railway station) – Kryukovo Russian Railways. The latter, in turn, follows at 23 hours 59 minutes. . Most of the trains depart during the daytime.

Information on all routes from Moscow station (Leningradsky railway station) and many others can be found on our website, where there is an up-to-date online scoreboard of railway stations, schedules, diesel and train schedules, their route and a lot of other useful information. We also took into account seasonal changes so that you can see the summer or winter version of the schedule.You can buy a ticket for the Moscow (Leningradsky railway station) – Kryukovo train at any ticket office of the Moscow (Leningradsky railway station) railway station, where they will also help you deal with your questions.

To find out all the stations that can be reached from the station Moscow (Leningradsky vokzal) without transfers, click .

The current schedule of electric trains at Leningradskaya station contains a total of 256 electric trains (suburban trains) that connect Leningradskaya with such stations and settlements as Moscow-Rizhskaya, Nakhabino, Novoyerusalimskaya, Shcherbinka, Lvovskaya. According to the schedule, the last electric train (suburban train) leaves at 23:48 to the destination Nakhabino. Nearest stations and stopping points Pokrovsko-Streshnevo, Red Baltiets. For all routes to the above-mentioned settlements, complete information about the schedule is available – departure time, arrival time, routes and other useful information. When planning a trip, you should pay attention to the fact that most often electric trains at Leningradskaya station depart or arrive during the day – 61 electric trains (commuter trains, diesel engines) of different directions, such messages as Tsaritsyno – Novoyerusalimskaya, Volokolamsk – Leningradskaya, Depot Kursk direction – Dedovsk. A regularly updated schedule of electric trains (suburban trains) at Leningradskaya station is displayed on this page.

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