Weather forecast for October 13, 2020

News of the Volkhov district and the Leningrad region

Weather forecast for October 13, 2020

In the morning and night, fog in places. At night, the air temperature will decrease to +4 degrees. Forecasters promise snow in the near future.

On October 13, 2020, the weather cloud with clergy is expected in the Leningrad region. Most areas are small, in the morning and afternoon, moderate rain. At night and in the morning, fog in places. The wind is southwest, western 3-8 m/s. Air temperature at night +4. +9 gr., In the afternoon +8. +13 gr. Atmospheric pressure will change little.

In the Volkhov district, cloudy weather is expected to clear up. The air temperature at night is +8, in the afternoon to +9, by evening, the air temperature will drop to +6 degrees. In the morning and afternoon, light rain. The wind is southwest, western, north, north-west, 1-3 meters per second, in gusts up to 6 meters per second. The relative humidity of the air is 93-99%. Atmospheric pressure at night, in the morning and afternoon 758 mm Hg, in the evening will rise to 759 mm Hg.

The State Emergencies Ministry of Russia in the Leningrad region warns the residents of the region about adverse phenomena. On October 13, fog is expected in places on the territory of the Leningrad region at night and in the morning. On October 15, in the Leningrad Region, rain with wet snow is expected in places in the East.

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