After 18 years, she met a classmate who mocked her: the name of the film and shots, plot and actors


In the life of the main character of this series, everything is fine. She is preparing to marry her beloved man, but then after 18 years she meets a classmate who mocked her.

The name of the film, where the heroine after 18 years met a classmate who mocked her

The main character of the mini-series is successful and beautiful. She leads a large company, and is also preparing to marry her lover named Ilya. However, happiness turned out to be unsteady. Everything changes at one moment, when the heroine, after 18 years, met a classmate, who mocked her at school. Now in her life a series of disappointments and trials will begin.

After 18 years I met a classmate who mocked her – the name of the film

The first season of the mini-series was released on April 19, 2020. In Russia, the film was first shown on the Home TV channel on February 26, 2021. Its director was Pavel Deadia, who also worked on the paintings “Dead Lines” and “Maternal Heart”. The producers of the series were Irina Zarya and Irina Chemeris.


Lyanka Gryu, who played the main role, has 59 works in his filmography, mostly these were melodramas. She began to appear in the cinema from the age of four.


The main character is businesswoman Marina. She is 36 years old. The woman leads a large enterprise. In her personal life, everything is also safe. Marina is going to marry a pretty young man named Ilya.

At first glance, everything in the life of the heroine is perfect, but for some reason she herself does not feel happy. Marina tries not to show that something confuses her. Not understanding how to change her condition, the heroine is trying to keep her face.


Once everything in the life of the heroine everything stands upside down. A certain Julia settled down in the company of the heroine. It turned out that Marina knew her, but she would like to forget. The heroine goes to her city to get rid of the ghosts of the past. Soon problems arise in the present.

After a while, it turned out that Ilya was incorrect to Marina. In addition, he also robbed the company. The main character drives the traitor. She later meets him again. Ilya invites her to join the group of those who steal money from the company. The woman refuses, and the former lover promises her trouble.


In the end, having gone through difficulties, Marina was able to find a new love and become truly happy. And Ilya went to prison.

Personnel and trailer for a multi -part film

You can see the most interesting moments of the mini-series here.

Actors and main roles

In the role of Marina, the audience saw Lianka Gryu. The heroine in her youth was played by Alisa Debabova-Lukshin. Ilya was played by Andrei Averkov. The role of Oleg was played by Vyacheslav Dovzhenko. Julia was played by Ekaterina Gulyakova. The role of a girl in school years was played by Olesya Nadeeva.

In the image of Nicky, Alina Razumenko appeared. The role of Bory was played by Maxim Boryak.The role of Marina's father was Vyacheslav Gindin.


The opinion of the audience

Parts of the audience seemed relevant and vital, and the other part – banal and filled with stamps.

Some were delighted with the game of actors, the work of the director and the operator. This audience segment also liked the plot. People call the movie life -affirming and positive. The plot for this part of the audience, although not new, is revealed in the picture from a new side. He shows the problems of an adult woman who has the beginning in the fact that in school years she was subjected to bullying.


Especially people noted the beginning and plot ties. These viewers say that the series shows the right things. The audience appreciated the strength of the heroine’s spirit and the love line demonstrated in the film.

Another part of the public considered the picture primitive, gray and boring. Many said that they could not watch to the end. Others said that they got acquainted with the series completely, but they will not revise and recommend it to friends. They said that all the actions of the characters could be predicted.


The plot of the audience, indeed, does not consider the plot new. Many even called the picture banal. In addition, the audience annoys the stretched timing and the abundance of excess dialogues. In the behavior of characters, people noticed many stamps familiar from other films, mainly created in the post -Soviet space. The acting also left far from all satisfied.


The estimates of the series have not yet been formed either at Kinopoisk or IMDB.

Melodramas with a similar plot

The name of the multi -part film – Never give up (2020).


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