Sprinkler / drencher TYCO TY365 NEW (K 80) universal – buy in Moscow

sprinkler Tyco TY365 universal

️ Sprinkler/drencher TYCO TY365 NEW (К=80) universal

Sprinkler/drencher TYCO TY365 NEW (K=80) universal

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sprinkler Tyco TY365 universal

EAC certificateULVDS

Model TY365 Universal Sprinklers are standard response bulb type automatic sprinklers (5mm bulb) with a standard opening and can be installed either upside down or upside down. With any type of installation, they produce a spray of spherical shape – about 50% of the water flow is reflected upwards from the outlet, the rest of the flow is sprayed downwards.

Installation of universal sprinklers in shaped plinths is not recommended, as this may disrupt the irrigation map.

TY365 sprinklers have replaced the obsolete TY3651 model, discontinued.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of individual components and parts that do not impair the quality of the product, without prior notice.

The appearance of the equipment may differ from the image posted on the site and in the documentation.


Max working pressure

12.1bar(175psi)/ 17.2bar(250psi)*

*Maximum working pressure of 17.2bar(250psi) is for items listed under Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. only. (UL).

K=80l.min/bar(European)** K=5.6GPM/psi1/2(US) 0.42 l/s/MPa Russian

** when calculating the water flow through the sprinkler, the formula Q=K*√p is used (where Q is liters per minute, K is the factor, and p is the pressure in front of the sprinkler in bars)

– glass bulb 5mm (standard response)

– 57°C(135°F), 68°C(155°F), 79°C(175°F), 93°C(200°F), 141°C(286°F), 182°C ( 360°F)*

*Approved by UL, C-UL and VdS only

-NPT 1/2

physical characteristics

Valve plug Bronze/Copper

Sealing assembly Stainless steel with Teflon

Clamp screw Bronze


C-GB.ПБ47.В.00271 valid 26.03.13 – 26.03.18

Incl. to the UL register


Price equipment is listed in price list, which can be obtained by sending a request to our e-mail or by contacting the managers of our company.

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