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Izh Planet Sports

Recently, readers' letters with questions but the Izh-Planeta-Sport motorcycle have been increasingly coming to the editorial office. We selected the most characteristic of them and turned to the manufacturer. The answers of designers, specialists are before you.

What changes have a motorcycle underwent during the production process since the release of the release to the present?

There are a lot of changes. We will call the main of them. In the engine is a new cylinder head. Now her nuting is not “fan”, but ordinary, and instead of the combustion chamber of the “Jockey Cart” type – a camera formed by concentric spheres. The number of screws tightening the halves of the crankcase and lid is increased, and the engine mount to the motorcycle frame is reinforced. The shape of the muffler has been improved, due to which it is excluded by contact with the road with the slopes of the machine, and the diameter of the exhaust pipe is also increased. The Mikuni imported carburetor was replaced by the domestic K62M, which has a flange mount and a new coupling that connects it to an air filter. The filter element, headlight optics, speedometer, sound signal and rear light are now also acted from Soviet enterprises. In the near future, the imported battery will give way to the 6MT-9 type to the 6MT-9 type, the production of which has already been mastered by our industry. The rear shock absorbers of the motorcycle acquired a more modern look (now they do not have a protective casing), the diameter of the knitting needles on wheels is increased from 3.5 to 4 mm. There are other, less significant changes from which we note elongated rubber covers of the front forks.

Is it possible to replace the Planet-Sport engine intended for Planet-3 or Jupiter-3?

The jokes and the method of fastening in these three engines are different, therefore, without changing the frame (what to do is strictly forbidden!) They cannot be installed.

Is it possible to put a cylinder and piston “Planet-3” on the Planet-Sport engine crankcase?

The diameter of the cylinder for Planet-Sport is 76 mm, the piston stroke is 75 mm, and for Planet-3, 72 and 85 mm, respectively. Thus, the difference in these dimensions, as well as the attaching dimensions of the cylinder and crankcase, excludes interchangeability.

It is sometimes difficult to purchase piston rings of the planet-Sport engine. Can you replace them with any other?

You can use compression piston rings from the VAZ-2101 engine (standard lower ring-2101-100425), if in its castle, that is, the junction, from the inside, cut the semicircular grooves so that they include a stopped pin.Recall that the piston is placed in the engine so that the locking pins are directed forward along the motorcycle.

Are the repair dimensions of the cylinder-piston group provided?

The plant produces repair pistons and two -sized rings, the values ​​of which are given in table. one.

Table 1

Five random motorcycles:

Laverda 750 Sport (Half Faird) 1998 motorcycle

Triumph Rocket III Touring 2015 motorcycle

Sunbeam b2 1958 motorcycle

Kawasaki En 500 Vulcan 1990 motorcycle

Honda CB 75 0 Prototype 1968 motorcycle motorcycle

Five random articles about motorcycles:

The word to drivers is Jav. Reading conference for owners of Czechoslovak motorcycles in 1966

The word to drivers Yav is the smallest square in Moscow – Kuibyshev Square – one of the June evenings became the largest parking in the java and “chaz”, prescribed in the capital. Not a case, of course, brought here in one day and an hour so many Czechoslovak cars. Information in “Evening Moscow” and announcements notified that the club of the Ministry of Finance of the editorial office of the magazines “Behind the Wheel” and “Motor-Revu” (Czechoslovakia) hold a reader conference for owners of the Czechoslovak motorcycles. Several hundred “Yavists” filled a large hall. Many right from work. In leather jackets, with helmets in their hands. And behind these people are a huge audience of half a million people. We did not make a reservation. That is how many motorcycles, mopeds, scooters made in Czechoslovakia have been sold in our country in recent years. Import of products of the Czechoslovak motorized industry is one of many components of mutual turnover between the two fraternal art.

The connector in the headlight of Java. Installation of the connector in the headlight of the old woman

Relatively often you have to remove the upper headlight casing to change the oil in the shock absorbers of the front fork, when pulling the nuts of the steering wheel column, for lubricating the bearings of the steering column, etc. At the same time, it is easy to damage the wires going to the ignition lock, and to work with a casing hanging on the wires Unknown. And if the motorcycle is “sports”, the casing is generally very difficult to remove, the transverse spacer interferes. For convenience, you can make electrical connections with the upper casing through the plug, for example, such as the RSA-14 or RSA-20. These details are sold in radio -volume stores. The pipelines going to the upper cover of the headlights are sequentially disconnected from the central switch (two from the speedometer bulbs) and soldered to the contacts of the nesting part of the connector. In this case, the numbers of contacts and addresses of the wires from both parts of the connector are recorded. Then, to the forking part of the connector, the wires with a cross section of at least 1.5 mm2 are soldered and connected to the contacts of the central per.

The path is long for half a century. IZH-7, Izh-D, IZH-9, IZh-350, IZh-49, IZH-56, Izh-Planeta-4, Izh-Jupiter-4

IZH-7, IZh-D, IZH-9, IZH-350, IZH-49, IZH-56, Izh Planet, Izh-Jupiter on the outskirts of Izhevsk, a monument rises-motorcyclists on uplifted machines. It symbolizes the successes of the city workers in the production of motorcycles, in the development of motorsport. Half a century ago, in accordance with the decision of the People’s Commissariat of Heavy Industry, in Izhevsk, motorcycle production was organized on the basis of the experimental workshops of the Izhstalzavod.Even earlier, in 1928, in these workshops, a group of enthusiasts under the leadership of engineer P.V. Mozharov designed and built prototypes of cars. However, due to the lack of production capabilities, it was not possible to deploy the serial production of motorcycles. Izhevites began their manufacture in 1933. Between the two models that you see in the pictures lies the path of half a century long. They started with the IZH -7 motorcycle, which only in detail differed from a simple L -300 machine with a two -stroke engine, which was developed by that time by the Leningrad plant “Red OK.

On the operation of motorcycles IL. Answers to questions of the owners (1965)

The answers to the owners of the owners are now a motorcycle season. The owners of Izhee – the most popular motorcycles in our country – have accumulated many questions. Our readers V. Metreveli (Batumi), V. Konenko (Kharkov), Yu. Nekrasov (Moscow), E. Elyashov (Odessa), A. Demchenko (Tbilisi) write about this. ) and many others. The issues of the owners of motorcycles of IZH are answered by the engineers of the Izhevsk Machine -Building Plant V. Abramyan and V. Rozhnov. On the IZH-Jupiter motorcycle, cylinders sometimes work unevenly. Will this defect and what are its causes? Will the installation of one breaker and a double -speed coil help? Yes, indeed, in some motorcycles, cylinders work unevenly. Special research conducted at the factory, it was found that they create this unevenness mainly two defects. The first is the protrusions between the nozzle camera and the carburetor case (Fig. 1) supplied by flax.

Motorcycle Izh Jupiter 5. Pros and cons of the new model

The pros and cons of the new model in the September issue of the magazine for 1985 was told about the testing run throughout Central Asia, during which we met with new Izh-Jupiter-5 motorcycles. One of these machines, equipped with a new stroller of VMZ 9.702, after the run was provided for the testing editorial office. May was May when I left it from Ustinov to Moscow. Of course, I myself was not able to feel the adaptability of the motorcycle to changes in road conditions, comparing it with Jupiter -4 (“Drive”, 1982, No. 7), which had other power characteristics. In Central Asia, only plain roads fell on my lot, where it was impossible to evaluate this indicator. Now, the Ustinov – Kazan section was enough to draw the first conclusions. For long horizontal lines, I tried to find the minimum speed in the direct gear with which I could accelerate. It turned out that at 30 km/h, the engine still works steadily and jerks in t.

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