Besiktash district in Istanbul – hotels, photos, how to get – 2022

Stadium Inenu in the Besiktash area

Besiktash district in Istanbul – photos and description, location on the map. How to get to Beshiktash from airports.

Besiktash district in Istanbul

Besiktas (Besiktas) – a district in Istanbul on the European coast of the Bosphorus Strait, 43 km from Istanbul International Airport. The total area is 21.33 square meters. km, the local population is 200,000.

Stadium Inenu in the Besiktash area

This is one of the oldest, green and prestigious areas. At the same time it is a business and cultural center, as well as a large port. Tourists especially love in it quarters Lens, Bebek, Oratkey.

The name Beshiktash literally translates from Turkish as a lullaby. According to one version of the origin of the name, the Ottoman navigator placed five stones for mooring ships near the shore. And on Turkish 5 stones sounds like a bean.

Palace Dolmabahce in Besiktash

A few centuries ago, there was a Byzantine settlement of diplocionion, and then Archeon. After the district was the administrative center of the last Ottoman sultans, which built palaces and hunting residences, many of them have been preserved so far and are true masterpieces of Ottoman architecture.

Besiktash district on Istanbul map

Infrastructure and attractions in Besiktash

In the Besiktash area, infrastructure with hotels, expensive clubs and restaurants is well developed. It is here that the stadium is Inonia (Vodafon-Arena), where the Beshiktash football club is.

The area is ready to offer many interesting attractions:

  • Palaces Dolmabahche, Chiragan and Yildiz,
  • mosques of Sinan Pasha and Orthki,
  • Barbarossa Square,
  • Pavilion Nihlamur,,,
  • The Mausoleum of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa and others.

How to get to a hotel in Besiktash

To Besiktash 43 km from Istanbul Airport and 40 km from Sabiha Airport. From there you can get by public transport or taxi. Transfer from the airport to the hotel can be booked via the Internet.

1. Airport Istanbul.

From the airport Istanbul to Besiktash, the IST-5 bus walks, the final stop next to the berths of Besiktash.

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2. Airport named after Sabiha Gekhen.

You can get to Besiktash from Sabiha airport on Havabus or E3 buses.

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Hotels in Besiktash are one of the most expensive in Istanbul, at the same time very high quality. Of many, a magnificent panoramic view of the Bosphorus Strait opens. A lot of 5-star hotels at a price of $ 150 to $ 700. Of the inexpensive options, Golden Street Sea View Apartments isbul can be recommended with sea views.

In the high season about the hotel in Besiktash, it is better to take care of in advance, we recommend reservation for the widest selection and low accommodation prices.

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