Paradise for geeks: where to go to fans of comics and alternative universes in Moscow

Comic book shops with shelves lined with popular series and rare items, cafes with cosplay parties, games with virtual reality glasses, rides on retro trains, large themed festivals – being a geek in Moscow is extremely interesting.

Heaven for geeks: where to go for fans of comics and alternate universes

Comic book shops with shelves lined with popular series and rare items, cafes with cosplay parties, games with virtual reality glasses, rides on retro trains, large themed festivals – being a geek in Moscow is extremely interesting.

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Cyberklub YouPlay

Cyberclub YouPlay 12+

YouPlay is a computer club, of which there are very few left in our time. Here you can use a computer and a printer, work in silence, play games with a fun company.

Comics shops Chuk and GIK

Chuk and Geek Comic Shops 0+

This is the kind of comic book store that Sheldon and company could easily hang out in. With just one look at all these shelves with comics and manga, action figures, posters and other fan paraphernalia, the heart of a real geek starts to beat faster. The catalog of comics is incredibly large, from tried-and-tested classics like the Marvel and DC series to the graphic Fight Club and Archie comics. The store also hosts meetings with Russian comic book authors and sells tickets to comic festivals.

Comic book store Comic Street

Comic Street 0+

Shop for comics, as well as paraphernalia, clothes and accessories based on them. Here you will find Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Image, Vertigo and many other comics in both Russian and English. These are not only new items, but also old editions that are sold at a discount. In addition, you can buy posters, magnets, wallets, bags, mugs, socks, t-shirts and even slippers with the characters of your favorite comics.

Cafe Club Papa Vader

Cafe-club Papa Vader 18+

If you want to get up at the sound of the Imperial anthem, and you are ready to exchange your annual vacation for a tour of Babylon 5, then you will definitely like this place. The Papa Vader Café, decorated in the style of a spaceship, gathers lovers of science fiction, comics and the dark side. It is here that Igromir after-parties, Stalker and Mass Effect themed evenings, stand-up geek performances, costumed cosplay parties, board game days and other sweetheart events take place.

Saberfaiting School

School of Saberfighting 12+

To become a real Jedi or Sith, it is not enough just to buy a lightsaber. Beautiful staged fights in the style of Star Wars are taught at the saberfighting school. Here they will also tell you where to buy a dueling lightsaber with light and sound effects. After training, you can saberfight for your own pleasure or even sign up for one of the artistic fencing championships.

Anticafa Geektime

Anticafe GeekTime 0+

This place is officially the first anti-cafe for IT people and fans of geek culture. In addition to the typical anti-cafe shelves with desktops, there are virtual reality glasses with a large number of games and quests. There is an impressive collection of games for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. There is also one of the largest libraries in Moscow with comics and books, as well as programming manuals. Anticafe regularly hosts game libraries, meet-ups and hackathons. For the work of programmers, there is Wi-Fi, sockets, a projector, a meeting room, a printer, magnetic boards and many other amenities.

Bar Cat Schrödingra

Bar Schrödinger's Cat 18+

Extremely creative bar, referring to the famous thought experiment. A place for their own, which is difficult to find the first time. But it's worth a try: the cocktail menu here is designed in the form of a periodic table, people in bathrobes conjure at the bar counter, and the drinks themselves are poured into beakers, test tubes, lamps and even bags. The atmosphere is appropriate and resembles either an underground bunker or a closed laboratory.

Polytechnical Museum

Polytechnic Museum 0+

The Polytechnic Museum is a symbolic place for everyone who is interested in the structure of our world and follows scientific and technological progress. The Open Funds contains an impressive collection of exhibits. Lectures, excursions and scientific discussions are held at different venues, they teach robotics to children, and boring physics to adults. The Polytechnic Library has a huge collection of scientific and technical literature.

Mosigra stores

Shops Mosigra 0+

Those who prefer to have their own collection of desktops at home should look into the Mosigra chain of stores. There are games for every taste, age and for different companies, including strategic ones: Nefarius, Goblin Corporation, Carcassonne, Jackal, Conquest of Mars. Every weekend there are games rooms in different stores.

Museum of Soviet slot machines

Museum of Soviet Slot Machines 0+

In the 1970s and 80s, these machines were the embodiment of a childhood dream. The lion's share of Soviet schoolchildren's pocket money was fed to machines that take them to the exciting world of the game. Some exhibits of the museum have survived only in a single copy, but all are in working condition. With a ticket, you get real Soviet 15-kopeck coins, with the help of which the machines are launched. The ticket price is 450 rubles.

Friends cafe network

Cafe network Friends 0+

Two of the three establishments of the network were dedicated to the series Friends, but the third cafe on Zemlyanoy Val was given to fans of The Big Bang Theory.There you can fully feel like a geek hero of the sitcom. Figures of the characters of the film, posters and dishes with original names will transfer you to the world of space wanderers. Here the guests will be offered to try the shawarma “Bugagashhenka”, the stew “The Holy Cow”, the dancer “Haleo Night” or the hot “curb-bomb”.

VR clubs in Moscow

VR clubs in Moscow 12+

Fans of geek culture do not get used to life in alternative or virtual universes. Traveling to other planets or to other worlds for them is almost commonplace. We offer a selection of clubs in which the journey will be checked at the highest level using modern technologies.

Star town

Star town 6+

This once -classified training base of astronauts is open today for everyone. Especially here are happy to fans of technology. In the Star Town, they will talk about the preparation of astronauts, conduct a tour of the copy of the Mir station, show a hydrolaboratory, a zintrifug, a planetarium and many other interesting places. A special charm adds secrecy, however, because of this, getting here is not so simple, and the trip should be planned very in advance.

Cold War Museum Bunker-42 on Taganka

Cold War Museum Bunker-42 on Taganka 12+

Bunker-42 is a military-historical museum located in the center of the capital at a depth of 65 meters. Visitors to this unusual place will have to find out a lot of interesting facts marked with a secrecy vulture.

Library of graphic stories

Library of graphic stories

Want to get to the comic book, but not buy quite expensive comics for your own? Sign up at the comic book library (graphic stories library No. 227). The place is as friendly as possible for all lovers of geek culture. The space is decorated in the style of pop art, on the shelves -a huge number of graphic stories, and there are many cool events in the library poster, such as comics, gaming, concerts and other thematic events.

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