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Portal verifier Betonsuccess

The Betonsuccess capper verifier is positioned by the creators as a betting exchange, having the functionality of a forecast verifier, as well as including additional tools – surebets calculator, betters forum, various betting ratings, etc.

The site allows registered and verified users to create their own mailing lists, both with free forecasts and on a paid basis. As of the time of writing our article,  is among the TOP verifiers in terms of the number of monthly unique visits.

Among other things, Betonsuccess has the necessary better tools to track your own statistics, test strategies and buy predictions from other verified cappers.

Forecast verification methods on the Betonsuccess site involve automatic bid verification and manual entry. In the first case, there are no complaints about the resource, but scandals systematically occur with manual input, when verification and correction of forecasts are used by dishonest tipsters for selfish purposes.

So, some system flaws with manual entry allow you to “correct” the statistics in your favor, misleading potential subscription buyers.

The Betonsuccess administration assures that it is fighting such fraud by introducing new forecast verification methods that should not allow statistics to be cheated.

Site verifier Betzone

Betzona is an information and analytical resource in the sports betting segment, founded in 2018. The capper verifier has been included in the list of popular verifiers with capper statistics for two years of its existence.

Additionally, the Betzone service is dedicated to the topics of bookmaker rating, betting competitions, and educational issues.

Betzona is available for viewing the available materials to the guests of the portal, but in order to gain access to the verifier and additional functionality, you need to register. Regardless of whether you have an account on the Betzona verifier site or not, you can view custom predictions posted for free.

For each capper registered on the Betzone resource, personalized statistics of the passability of the forecasts given by him is kept.

Verifier Forecast

Vprognoze is one of the most popular bet verifiers, providing access to the forecast statistics database of users registered on the service.

The Vprognoze portal was launched in 2010, offering users the following information products:

  • TOP rating of cappers on the verifier Vprognoze;
  • training materials and strategies for betters;
  • rating of bookmakers from the editors of;
  • live broadcast;
  • fork scanner;
  • rates of professional cappers verified on the Vprognoze website.

Of course, there is also a forum, analytical materials and news publications on the Vprognoz site.Forecasts on the Vprognoze website are published with a detailed description.

Capper verifier Vprognoz offers its own ratings of experienced and novice forecasters.In a separate section of the site in the Forecast regarding sports betting, the rating of bookmakers is also included.

Website verifier cappers Kush in Sport

Kush in sports – a site, like those described above, dedicated to verifying predictions of cappers. The functionality of the portal is in many ways similar to the Betonsuccess or Vprognoz projects. Here you can also leave your own and buy other people’s forecasts, using the forum, betting school, ratings, etc. along the way.

Forecasts of verified cappers are sold both in a single format and as a subscription.

Kush in sports is an exclusively automatic capper verifier, since the project administration decided to refuse to manually enter variables when generating statistics.

This minimizes fraud on the part of analysts who want to dishonestly break into the TOP of the Kushvsporte verifier.

However, even so, the Kushvsporte site has not completely ruled out data falsification, so you need to be careful when using the monitored resource.

For example, painfully cunning forecasters give bets on small markets or errors in the line of bookmakers, which in statistics gives a percentage increase in the pot, but in reality such forecasts are useless for the player.

Blogabet verifier

Blogabet is a capper verifier that has become famous all over the world, primarily due to the large database of verified analysts who systematically post free predictions. also supports the ability to sell subscriptions and individual bid recommendations.However, betters bypass the ban with the help of VPN.

The Blogabet capper verifier offers bettors not just paid and free bets on specific sports outcomes, but also encourages cappers to supplement their own predictions with detailed analytics.

The Blogabet capper verifier repels many users from the CIS countries due to the lack of a Russian version of the website.

But this shortcoming is designed to level the translators built into browsers. They are enough to not experience problems with navigation on the Blogabet portal.

Speaking about the benefits of Blogabet for professional analysts, we would note the currency in which the payment for capper services is made – the euro. If you really have the right skills to predict sports events, Blogabet can make good money.

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