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Coronavirus VS Sports: How Rybinsk athletes cope with self -isolation of the Pandemia of Coronavirus made radical changes in the lives of millions of people. Remote work or study, row

Coronavirus VS Sports: How Rybinsk athletes cope with self -isolation

Coronavirus pandemia made radical changes in the lives of millions of people. Remote work or study, a number of restrictions, the need to pay more attention to hygiene – many had to learn to live in other realities. But there is a category of people for whom self -isolation and catastrophe can be placed. It's about professional athletes.

“Cheryomukha” found out how much the new regime was reflected in the lifestyle of Rybinsk representatives of various sports.

Kirill Belyaev: Everything has changed dramatically

The master of sports of the international class, the medalist of the world and European swimming in open water, Kirill Belyaev admits: the measures that are now taken in Russia and in the world are clear to him and understandable. But returning to the sports regime will not be easy.

– All preparations for the summer cycle went under the knife. Competitions were canceled, at least until August. Huge problems in training. If the form is still somehow possible, then I have already lost the feeling of water and it will be very problematic to find it. A return to the previous form will take a lot of time, but now everyone is in equal terms and understand why this is happening – Talks about the situation in swimming Cyril.

The International Federation has already canceled several large starts in Hungary, Portugal and Canada. The world championship remains in question, which is recommended to be transferred to the next year.

Athletes are waiting, but they do not stop the work, even in self -isolation. What is advised the rest.

– Do not lie on the couch all the time. Start the day with elementary charging, deal with general physical preparation. All exercises can be found on the Internet. The main desire, – Kirill Belyaev is sure.

Alina Fomicheva: For sailing, self -isolation is a disaster

Russian Sports Sports Master of Sports, Sports school coach No. 8 Alina Fomicheva and the current athlete herself, therefore, his attitude to the forced regime of self -isolation can be voiced from two positions. And both positions come down to one – the current situation is like a disaster.

– The weather this spring has active classes. We would already go to the yacht club, prepare the territory for the season, pull the boats from wintering, and we are forced to sit at home before the season, – says Fomicheva.

For children, the coach prepared tasks, but it is recognized: it is not always possible to control their implementation – not everyone has the opportunity to send a video report to the mentor.Parents help, tell whether the young athlete is engaged in at home or not.

There is no clarity with the competitive future. Moreover, there are not only coaches, but also for sports officials.

– The All -Russian Federation of Sailing Sports was forced to transfer a series of regattas for an indefinite period, which were planned in Sochi and Taganrog. Among these competitions there were those on which the Students were selection for the All -Russian Summer Spartakiad. There is still no information about where and when the selection takes place, and whether it will be. The stages of the Russian Cup were canceled, which were supposed to take place in May – June, including in Rybinsk. Everyone is in this suspended state. It is not clear how to prepare a regatta in such conditions as cooking children – The coach is crushed.

Athletes hope that soon the self -isolation mode will end, and they will return to training again. In the meantime, they give advice to the Rybans how to spend time with benefit and not suffer from hypodynamia.

– Start with a small, with a small morning warm -up for 10 minutes. You will begin to fulfill it, and this will tighten it, you will be engaged in more long and intensively every day. For those who are used to keeping themselves in shape, you can advise you to run up and down along the steps of the stairs in the entrance, of course, not touching anything. And another advice – put several alarms that will remind you of the need to arrange a physical education. This will not require much effort, but the body will tell you for that thank you, – recommends the coach.

Kirill Sukharev: We have prepared a course of online training

President of the regional universal battle federation Kirill Sukharev regrets that his pupils lack training. This contact sport cannot be imagined without sparring partner, without fights on the carpet.

– The self -isolation mode for the athlete is destructive. We cannot perform loads and most of the exercises at home. The lack of full -fledged training is hard to affect our sport. We are losing a lot now. Of course, we support ourselves in shape, do exercises for statics, endurance, for strength, engage in our own weight and improvised means, but this is not enough, – says Sukharev.

Starts are canceled one by one. From the All -Russian – Roman Yablochkin should represent Rybinsk at the championship of the country, to large international ones – the young fish athlete won a ticket to the world championship in Finland.

But even if everything goes according to plan, and in May the self -isolation mode will be canceled, then to restore the form a month before the starts – the task is almost unrealistic.

But universal fighters do not relax. Continue training in the proposed conditions. Mentors try their best.

-So that the guys can engage, we recorded a course of online training. There are some exercises that can be done at home and without special inventory.By the way, these exercises will be able to do all Rybans who want to replenish the deficiency of motor activity, – says Cyril.

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