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Usyk Vitaly Olegovich, maxillofacial surgeon, dentist-surgeon, dentist-implantologist-Moscow

“Dentistry on Sports”, Moscow: 4 doctors, 23 reviews, recording for the reception ☎ (499) 110-31-65, prices from 250 rubles.

Dentistry on sports

“Dentistry on Sports”, Moscow: 4 doctors, 23 reviews about the clinic and its doctors, prices from 250 to 50,000 rubles, recording for reception (499) 110-31-65, official website, 710 place in the dentistry rating (60 /100), address – Moscow, st. Khamovnican Val, d. 28, p. 1.

Doctors of Dentistry on Sports

Usyk Vitaly Olegovich, maxillofacial surgeon, dentist-surgeon, dentist-implantologist-Moscow

Nordova Olga Borisovna, dentist-surgeon, dentist-implantologist-Moscow

Plyass Eduard Efimovich, orthopedic dentist - Moscow

Shevtsova Antonina Nikolaevna, dentist - Moscow






The Medical Center Dentistry on Sports is located in the Khamovniki area, in the territory of the city of Moscow. It provides a wide range of professional services: from diagnosis and prevention of dental diseases, ending with treatment and restoration of tooth. The opening of the clinic took place in 1992.

The medical resource of the company Dentistry on Sports is represented by experienced and qualified employees. The organization is headed by the head doctor E.E. Patients are conducted 6 days a week, from 10:00 to 20:00.


The institution “Dentistry on sports” offers a wide range of services that cover the following areas: therapy, periodontology, implantology, endodontia, orthopedics and professional hygiene. Clinic specialists perform such types of procedures as the introduction of anesthesia, treatment of various forms of caries and pulpitis, removing soft dental deposits with Detartrin paste, ZOOM-3 bleaching, deep fluoride of the teeth, installation of E-MAX creams and implantation of OSSTEM and ASTRA Tech systems.


It will be most convenient to get to the organization “Dentistry on Sports” by the subway running along the Sokolnichesky line. It is necessary to carry out travel to the Sportivnaya station. Having risen to the surface, you need to go out onto the Khamovnican Val Street and proceed along it to building No. 28, p. 1. The duration of the walking route is 5 minutes.


There is a free open parking along the building in which the clinic is located.

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