Sports betting strategies for beginners, top strategies

In any case, you need a good strategy. Earnings on bets is the solution to the equation, in which in the long run it is necessary to go positive.

Sports betting strategies

In any case, you need a good strategy. Earnings on bets is the solution to the equation, in which in the long run it is necessary to go positive.

To achieve this, you need to follow a clear plan and it is desirable to have one or two good strategies that bring money.

Most Popular Strategies

There are 9 popular strategies that can be used under any circumstances. They do not guarantee 100% victory. There will even be losses. The main task is to consistently receive money, even in the event of a defeat.

1. Strategy catch-up (Martingale)

Martingale is a classic strategy that almost everyone knows about. The bottom line is this: look for sports events with a coefficient of 2, and preferably 2.05 or 2.1, bet on them, and if the bet fails, double the bank.

Thus, you can recapture all investments and get a profit. The strategy is really working, if at least sometimes you analyze sporting events and avoid 7-8 losses in a row.

2. Ladder betting strategy

Ladder is a typical strategy for beginners. The bottom line is this: a goal is formed and the bank is divided into several parts. The bigger, the better.

Then you need to bet at the minimum odds on clear favorites. Most often it is 1.1-1.15. Each win is an increase in the ladder by 10-15%.

To achieve a 10x pot increase, you need to win about 25 sporting events at odds up to 1.2. Considering that 9 out of 10 ladders may not work, one is guaranteed to lead to a big goal.

3. The strategy of express bets on favorites

Express betting on favorites is a strategy for beginners. The essence is as follows: an accumulator is created with coefficients up to 1.2.

The probability of losing in each individual event is almost minimal. And if you take into account that an accumulator of 10 events can collect a coefficient of 3 or 4, then the risk is quite justified.

The main disadvantage of the strategy is the need for at least basic knowledge in the sport you need to bet on. You need to select only those events that are guaranteed to happen, because even one mistake can cost an express.

4. Strategy Corridors

Middles is a strategy that is most often used for live betting. First, there is a bet on a clear favorite, and then after some time already at another bookmaker, in the event of a dangerous situation, another bet is made, but already on an outsider.

If you choose two coefficients correctly, then for any outcome, a person receives his money. Or at least offset some of the costs.

5. Dallas strategy

The Dallas strategy only applies to football. The main point is to bet on the underdog’s ITM during the match. After 15-20 minutes of the live match, it becomes clear how much the favorite and outsider can score. Especially when you consider the statistics.

If there is a match between a clear favorite and a clear outsider, you can bet that the second team will not score. But it’s risky. It is much better to bet on ITM 2 to earn little money, but reliably.

6. Underdog Betting Strategy

Betting on underdogs is one of the favorite pastimes of experienced bettors during major sporting events. Champions League, World Championship, World Cups in tennis. Clear favorites and outsiders come to tournaments, but there are always such meetings where the underdog wins.

Betting on underdogs is good because with a small pot you can raise 5-10 times more. If the favorite has poor match statistics or the match is not very important for him, then you can always bet on the underdog with a coefficient of 3 or more.

7. Statistics bidding strategy

Betting on statistics is one of the most interesting ways to make money. Each movement of the teams can be adjusted to certain numbers. This is most relevant in the NBA, when separate statistics for all players are formed on each site of the site.

If you analyze the statistics, you can see certain patterns. In what cases the hosts win more often, at what gap the losing team still has chances to win, and so on. All this can be used in the calculation of bets and make more accurate predictions.

8. Flat strategy

Flat is a strategy of minimal risk and systematic play. The scheme is as follows: the amount of the bank and the % rate for the month are selected. After that, the coefficient on which bets will be made is selected.

Most often, the minimum is up to 1.5. And within a month, bets are methodically placed at such a coefficient on various events.

The month ends – a report is being collected. Profit is analyzed, losses too. The probability of losing can be minimized by looking at what moments were unsuccessful bets and minimizing them.

Gradually improving your skills, you can constantly play in the black at minimum bets.

9. Surebets

Surebets is a kind of strategy, in which you can always get a profit. The bottom line is this: bookmakers give different odds for the same events. Sometimes in two offices the odds are set in such a way that if you bet on both outcomes, the player will still be in the black.

The strategy itself consists in finding such surebets and betting under these odds. The strategy is win-win, the only negative is the constant search for surebets and low profit, from 0.5% to 3% of the bank.

Betting strategies really work and make money in the long run. If you follow your logic, do not succumb to excitement and get a profit at least in 51% of cases, then you can freely earn money on bets. You don't even need to be an expert to do this.

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