Family consecutive at the side

Family consecutive at the side | Photo by Sergey Gritskov

Last week, a line has failed under the regular championships of the entire hierarchy of domestic hockey championships. SKA-Neva, the St. Petersburg representative in the VHL, plays his playoffs almost in unison with SKA.

Family consecutive at the side

Last week, a line has failed under the regular championships of the entire hierarchy of domestic hockey championships. SKA-Neva, the St. Petersburg representative in the VHL, plays his playoffs almost in unison with SKA, who yesterday spent the fifth match of the series with Lokomotiv yesterday. But the MHL clubs, which finished the last, will begin their campaign for the Kharlamov Cup next week.

Family consecutive at the side | Photo by Sergey Gritskov

Photo by Sergey Gritskov

MHL is the largest Europa League. 54 clubs are subordinate to the system of these three letters. In addition to Russian – Belarusian, Latvian and Kazakhstani. 31 The team performs in the Main MHL, another 23-in the second echelon, MHL-B. Among the latter-“SKA-Varangians” from the village named after Morozova and SKA-Carelia from Kondopoga. Until recently, the VHL club of the same name was based in this Karelian city, but last summer he returned to St. Petersburg, becoming SKA-Neva. Kondopozhtsev, however, did not leave hockey, creating the MHL-B club on the basis of SKA. The Karelians did not succeed in starting to the quarry: in the current playoffs, the SKA system will be represented only by the Varangians, in the rivals of which the Minsk Yunost, a year ago, by the way, performed in the Main Championship of the MHL.

Compared to last year, the economic crisis reduced the number of MHL participants, the reduction did not affect the Petersburgers. A year ago, all three teams performed in the playoffs, this season “SKA-Silver Lions”, who filled the ending of the regular season, failed. But Dynamo and SKA-1946 achieved their own. Moreover, the Dynamo, led by Leonid Tambiev, taking the sixth place in the summary table, showed their best result in history. A year ago, they were 23 and, getting into the playoffs, they lingered there for a while: fellow countrymen from SKA-1946 knocked them out in the first round 3-0.

That season for the “forty -sixth” was generally great. The team reached the final, but could not duplicate the success of the main HC from the banks of the Neva, losing in five matches of the Nizhny Novgorod Seagull. It is all the more amazing that in the fall her coach Viktor Kovalenok was removed from his post, which was first entrusted with the former striker of the St. Petersburg Spartak, Vladimir Filatov, and in November – the venerable Peter Vorobyov.

The 67-year-old mentor immediately took his son Alexei as assistants, who had previously worked in Dynamo, thereby constructing a family in a row not frequent for the MHL coaching shops.

The ability to work with youth and set the game in defense has always been a hallmark of Vorobyov Sr.. And, probably, it is even surprising that their countrymen from Dynamo (69) were the most non -permanent team of regular women. The goalkeepers SKA-1946, for comparison, took out a projectile from a grid 98 times.

“SKA-Silver Lions” received his dividends from the season, although he did not fall into the playoffs.Forward of this team Andrei Feklistov became the second scorer (66), the third sniper (26) and the best opener (40) MHL, and, given that the strategic task of MHL clubs is to raise professional hockey players for the vertical VHL – KHL and, possibly, NHL, This is not so bad. The next season, the 20-year-old striker will most likely begin in SKA-Neva, the second club of the Hierarchy SKA. “Sailors”, by the way, during this year made a jump comparable with Dynamo: from 21st place in the regular season-2014/15 to the 7th in the current one. However, looking at the composition assembled under the leadership of Sergei Pushkov, this does not seem so surprising. By the standards of VHL, it is quite powerful. Moreover, among the best bombarders of the club – television expert Andrei Rychagov (27 points) and the son of general manager SKA Nikita Tochitsky (18). In addition, the goalkeeper Igor Shestherkin, defenders Yegor Rykov and Dmitry Yudin, strikers Alexander Dergachev and Alexander Barabanov were dropped from SKA.

SKA-Neva has already begun the battle for the Brother Cup, the main trophy of VHL. Their rival on the first round was last year's finalist of Izhstal, with whom the Petersburgers have already managed to exchange victories. The third match of the series began yesterday in Izhevsk an hour and a half earlier than the confrontation of SKA – Lokomotiv. To Zhdanovka in the Palace of Sports Hockey, basic for SKA-Neva, the series will return on March 4. As for the St. Petersburg clubs of the MHL, they enter the dispute on March 8. Dynamo went to rivals MHK Spartak (Moscow), SKA-1946-Cherepovets Almaz.

The final position of the teams

1. THK (Tver) – 103 points;
2. HC Ryazan – 100;
3. “Toros” (Neftekamsk) – 96;
4. Oilman (Almetyevsk) – 93;
5. Buran (Voronezh) – 91;
6. Ermak (Angarsk) – 88;
7. SKA-NOVE (St. Petersburg)-87;
8. Saryarka (Karaganda) – 87;
9. Torpedo (Ust-Kamenogorsk)-87;
10. Izhstal (Izhevsk) – 87
24. “Chemist” (Voskresensk) – 42;
25. Crystal (Saratov) – 34;
26. Star-VDV (Dmitrov)-11.

MHL. Division North-West
1. Loko (Yaroslavl) – 92;
2. Dynamo (St. Petersburg) – 83;
3. Diamond (Cherepovets) – 80;
4. SKA-1946 (St. Petersburg)-75;
5. “SKA – Silver Lions” (St. Petersburg) – 63;
6. HC Riga – 51;
7. Atlanta (Mytishchi) – 45;
8. Dynamo-Raubichi (Minsk)-2.

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The material was published in the newspaper St. Petersburg Vedomosti No. 035 (5652) dated 03/01/2016.

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