FIFA 22 Fastest Central Midfielders

FIFA 22 Fastest Central Midfielders

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FIFA 22 Fastest Central Midfielders

FIFA 22 Fastest Central Midfielders

FIFA gameplay is known to favor players with pace more than any other attribute, and having central midfielders who can move efficiently across the pitch and match the pace of attacking opponents is vital if you want to avoid midfield flops.

A selection of the fastest central midfielders in FIFA 22

This article focuses on the fastest central midfielders (CM) in the game, with Marcos Llorente, Marcelino Moreno and Lateef Blessing being some of the fastest in FIFA 22.

We have ranked these explosive players based on their pace rating and the fact that their favorite position is in central midfield (CM).

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At the bottom of the article you will find a complete list of all the fastest central midfielders (CM) in FIFA 22.

1. Marcelino Moreno (74 OVR – 76 POT)

Marcelino Moreno holds the title of the fastest central midfielder in FIFA 22, with his 91 acceleration and 87 sprint speed enough to cause problems for any opposing player.

The Atlanta United Argentine playmaker provides his team with some serious pace as well as a skill set to take down defenders. Combine his rough pace with 93 agility, 81 dribbling and five star prowess and Moreno is profiled as one of the most powerful midfielders you can use in the game.

With a £6.8 million release clause in Career Mode, Moreno is a suitable signing for a host of potential managers at all levels of the game and given his dazzling form in MLS where he has scored nine times and assisted five more times in just 32 games, his popularity among managers in real life will increase significantly.

2. Marcos Llorente (86 OVR – 89 POT)

Marcos Llorente is an incredibly versatile midfielder, but his 90 sprints and 86 accelerations are what really make the dynamic Spaniard a special player.

Llorente has attributes that most central midfielders could only dream of. His pace, 90 stamina, 86 short passes, 87 attacking positions, 86 visions and 80 standing passes mark Llorente as a huge physical, technical, attacking and defensive figure in Atlético Madrid's world-class central midfield.

At the age of 26, Llorente is only now nearing his physical peak and his whopping £160.8m worth in FIFA 22 reflects how positive his development at Atlético Madrid has been over the last two seasons after they signed him from local rivals Real Madrid for £27 million.

3. Lateef Blessing (71 OVR – 75 POT)

The ratings of 88 accelerations in combination with 85 sprint speed give Latif Blassing mobility to act as a very energetic central midfielder and right defender in the MLS.

The greatest qualities of Ganz, perhaps his pace and endurance are, although Blassing still has technical attributes to perform excellently in central midfield. 75 dribbling and short gears indicate that Blassing can either circle an opponent or a demon to circumvent an obstacle with a pass.

Starting his professional career in his native Ghana, Sporting Kansas City took a chance at Blanding before the 2017 draft, where he was torn by the Los Angeles California club. Since the draft, Blassing has been an outstanding LAFC player, scoring goals once every four games, which is a worthy return from the center of midfield.

4. Federico Valverde (83 OVR – 89 POT)

The early talent of the Uruguayan became one of the best midfielders in La League, and this is to a large extent due to its speed, which FIFA 22 estimates at 90 sprints and 82 accelerations.

Real Madrid constantly benefits from Valverda's mobility in midfield, but it is his gaming and defensive abilities that really change the game in their favor when he begins. 85 short gears and 84 long passes mean that Valverde can dissect the commands with one pass and cut the opponent’s efforts with 81 interceptions and 80 standing gears.

In his 22 years, the sky is the limit for Valverda, which can become a potential centurion for the Uruguay national team, given the fact that it has already played 35 times in his country and has at least another decade at the highest level as at the international one, So on the inner.

5. Aleho Antoleph (66 OVR – 75 POT)

Perhaps he is not the most highly appreciated central midfielder on this list, but Alekho Antholef from Arsenal de Sarandi with an acceleration of 86 and the speed of the sprint 84 distinguishes him from the vast majority of playmakers in the game.

75 dribbling and 73 curve in the game make an antilaf a worthy technician whose ability allows him to influence the game in advanced fields of fields, which is supplemented by its high speed of attacking work.

An ideal signing, if you control a small team in your site, you can pick up a young Argentinean for 2.7 million pounds, and his wages will also be very affordable. Arsenal de Sarandi may be less interested in selling Anthlef in real life, given that he went through the club youth academy and never played in a professional game for another team since his debut in 2017.

6. Orasio Orsan (69 OVR – 69 POT)

An experienced veteran at the age of 33, Orasio Orsan has a pace that you absolutely do not expect from the central midfielder approaching the sunset of his career, from 85 sprint speed and 82 acceleration, which allows him to get ahead of his rivals in the Peruvian example.

Orsan is calmly competent in all aspects of midfield play. 75 visions and 73 short passes allow him to create chances from open play, 68 free kicks are more than usable in dead ball situations and 69 aggressions and 62 interceptions mean he can also contribute defensively.

Career mode will have better options for a long-term signing, but there's no questioning the Argentine journeyman's experience, given that he played for eight different teams in four different South American countries during his ten-year professional career.

7. Nicholas de la Cruz (79 OVR – 84 POT)

De La Cruz has an athleticism rarely seen in central midfield, and his acceleration and sprint ratings of 86 and 83 respectively represent just one side of his physical gifts.

A four-star weak foot and ability to move along with the specialization of an engine and acrobat player make De La Cruz a special find in FIFA 22. When you consider that he has 92 stamina, 84 curve, 81 dribbling and 80 short passes, the Uruguayan is not only a phenomenal attacking option, but and one of the most underrated players in this year's game.

Having started his career, De La Cruz is available for bigger clubs with a value of £33.6m. At 24, he still hasn't reached his peak in the game, and the same is true in real life with De La Cruz becoming more and more productive for River Plate over the past few seasons since he came from Uruguayan club Liverpool.

All the fastest CMs in FIFA 22

Name Step Acceleration Sprint Speed Full Age Position Team
Marcelino Moreno 89 91 87 74 26 CM, CAM, LW Atlanta United
Marcos Llorente 88 85 90 85 26 CM, RM Atletico Madrid
Lateef Blessing 86 88 85 70 24 CM, RB Los Angeles FC
Federico Valverde 86 82 90 83 22 CM, RW, RM real Madrid
Miles Hippolyte 85 83 86 62 26 CM Scunthorpe United
Alejo Antilef 85 86 84 66 22 CM, CM Arsenal de Sarande
Horacio Orsan 84 82 85 69 33 CM, CM FBK Melgar
Nicholas de la Cruz 84 86 83 79 24 CM, CAM, LW River Plate
Marcos Antonio 84 85 83 73 21 CM, CDM Shakhtar Donetsk
Renato Sanchez 84 86 83 80 23 CM, RM GLOSS Lille
Shintaro Nago 84 88 81 64 25 CM, CDM Horns of Kasim
Matthias Esquivel 84 85 83 68 22 CM, CM Club Atlético Talleres
Arturo Inacio 83 80 86 78 21 CM, CM Flamengo
Kunde Malong 83 82 84 73 25 CM, CDM Olympiacos CFP
Domingo Blanco 83 89 78 76 26 CM, CDM, RM Club Atlético Independiente
Canales 83 85 82 83 30 CM, LM, RM Real Betis Balompie
Darius Olaru 83 82 83 70 23 CM, CAM, RM FCSB (Steaua)
Mubarak Wakaso 83 81 85 71 30 CM, LM Shenzhen FC
Ricky Harakawa 83 85 81 69 27 CM, CDM Cerezo Osaka
Warren Chimbembe 83 79 86 67 23 CM, LM FC Metz
Ryota Oshima 83 84 82 71 28 CM, CDM Kawasaki Frontale
Junior Dina Ebimbe 83 84 82 72 20 CM Paris Saint Germain
Ryan Broom 82 84 81 65 24 CM Plymouth Argyle
Petter Strand 82 84 81 66 26 CM, LW Valerenga Fotball
Frederic Holst 82 84 81 67 26 CM, RB IF Elfsborg
Enok Mwepu 82 78 85 75 23 CM, CDM, CAM Brighton Hove Albion
Joel Obi 82 86 79 71 30 CM, LM USA Salernitana 1919
Thomas Lemar 82 84 80 83 25 CM, LM, CF Atletico Madrid
Weston McKenny 82 81 82 78 22 CM, RM, LM juventus
Drew Yearwood 82 82 82 64 21 CM, CDM New York Red Bulls
Aaron Herzog 81 82 80 62 23 CM, CAM, CDM Hallescher FC

If you want the fastest CMs to dominate your fifa 22, don't stray far from the list above.

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