Hairpin cut TR 10×2000 (Bar) – buy at a price of 254 rubles.

Hairpin cut TR 10x2000 (Bar) - photo

Hairpin cut TR 10×2000 (Rod), price from 254 rubles. – buy with delivery to your home or construction site. All information on this page: certificates, photos, characteristics, reviews on Hairpin cut TR 10×2000 (Rod)

Hairpin cut TR 10×2000 (Rod)

Hairpin cut TR 10x2000 (Bar) - photo

Price for a one-time order in the amount of 500,000 rubles.

Price for a one-time order in the amount of 100,000 rubles.

This price is available to all buyers.

The code С-000108517 Brand No Brands
Weight, kg 0.932 Country of origin CHINA
Coating galvanized (white zinc) Type of work Indoor and outdoor
Base material Metal, Sheet materials (metal) Hardware packaging Small packaging
Length 2000 Mounting tool Manual installation
Tip type Blunt thread pitch Metric thread
Material steel Diameter 10
Fastener type general construction

This information is taken from the website of the RDS Stroy company
From the page

Threaded pin. Description: Material: steel C1008 for strength class 4.8 or C1045 for strength class 8.8 Finish: white zinc. DIN 975. Application: It is used in the installation of air ducts, false ceilings, fire extinguishing systems, water pipes, gas pipelines, when building up fastening structures. It is a round rod with a metric thread along the entire length. Often used in combination with nut, washer, union nut, driven anchor, brass anchor, high wedging anchor. It can also be used when installing and connecting wooden logs, slats, boards, logs, etc.

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