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School and sports

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School and sports

Every child should grow, develop and be as healthy as possible. However, to achieve this without regular physical activity is extremely difficult. In particular, Spanish scientists working at the University of Zaragoza found that in order to negate the likelihood of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, students are simply required to play sports every day. Modern youth moves very little. Children spend most of the day sitting – at home and at school. Free time, in most cases, is occupied with understanding the capabilities of the computer, which means that the guys are sitting again.

Physical education in childhood

Since there is a direct relationship between physical activity and the health of the child, the importance of classes must be conveyed to the student. True, this is only part of the story. It is very important to choose the right sport and correctly dose the load on the growing body. Among the harmful factors noted by Spanish scientists caused by insufficient physical activity are high blood pressure, unimportant sports form, a fair layer of subcutaneous fat, high cholesterol.

The experts found that younger students need daily: one hour (at least) to do physical exercises of moderate intensity, or 20 minutes or more to play sports more actively. However, as a teenager, a child can already double the duration of such a load. Interestingly, compared to adults, children spend more energy, but they are more likely to get tired. However, exhaling faster, schoolchildren quickly restore lost strength. Thus, when considering the mode of physical activity, it should be remembered that the child needs to be engaged for a short time, but often.

Which section to choose?

The number of sports sections today is quite large, and therefore you need to choose the one that will be optimal for your child.

• Swimming

Such physical activity has a positive effect on the formation of the musculoskeletal system, strengthens the nervous system. It must be remembered that chasing medals is not at all necessary. It is optimal if the student will engage in the chosen discipline for his own pleasure.

• Horseback Riding

Indicated for children of all ages. Horse riding contributes to the formation of correct posture, helps to become more self-confident, liberated, teaches to work in a team (tandem). The resulting positive emotions are an additional argument in favor of such activities.

• Tennis

For children's activities, both large and desktop options are well suited.Tennis classes contribute to the development of coordination of movements, fine motor skills, respiratory system and even vision (during the game the look focuses on the ball, forcing the eye muscles to function more). Regardless of the selected variety, you will direct the indefatigable energy of the child into a peaceful channel.

• Skiing

For information to a minimum of injuries, the child must follow the established rules, and then skiing will help him develop strength and dexterity. And the student will learn to coordinate movements and develop peripheral vision.


The weakened, often suffering from ARI and SARS, as well as for asthmatics, is good for children. The healing effect on the body is supplemented by the development of coordination of movements, flexibility, strength. At the same time, the metabolism and the emotional background are improved. Liques and muscles train, strength of spirit, determination and endurance are developed.

• Games with the ball (like: volleyball, handball, football, basketball)

In most cases, children like them. Such games develop tactical thinking and team spirit, train the reaction and speed.

Today there are few children who can be classified as completely healthy. Therefore, before writing down the child in the selected section, it is advisable to visit the local doctor. The professional advice will help you understand what discipline will be the best for the mental and physical development of the student, and will not harm the growing organism.

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