Manufacture of inverter welding machines | NPP Technotron, OOO

NPP Technotron LLC manufactures welding inverter equipment for various purposes

Product Catalog

– DS 315AU.33 Argo
The products were developed as part of research and development work with OOO Gazprom transgaz Tchaikovsky, a subsidiary of PJSC Gazprom. When purchasing products of PJSC Gazprom and/or its subsidiaries, a discount is provided.

Semi-automatic welding – MIG/MAG

– DS 400.33UKP MIG/MAG. MMA. Controlled droplet transfer. Gazprom. Transneft.
– DS 400.33M MIG/MAG. MMA. Gazprom. Transneft.
– DS 500.33M MIG/MAG. MMA. Engineering.
– PMR-2 Knapsack semi-automatic.
– PM-4.33M Semi-automatic Engineering.
– PM-4.33 Route Semi-automatic Gazprom. Transneft.

– DS 400.33M
– DS 500.33M
– PMR-2
– PM-4.33M
– PM-4.33 Route
– Complex Wave

contact welding

– Frequency-4M Spot welding. Up to 1mm.
– Frequency-6 Spot welding. Up to 1.2mm.
– TT 53 Seam welding of membranes and bodies of revolution. Up to 0.8mm.
– TT 69 Longitudinal seam welding. Up to 0.8mm.
– TT 84 Seam welding of bellows and bodies of revolution. Up to 0.8mm.
– Impulse-3 Pulse source of contact welding. Up to 1.2mm.

TIG automatic welding – aTIG

– OKA 18-45 / OKA 40-80 / OKA 70-140 / OKA 120-220
– UPS-1250
– Tool for sharpening electrodes
– Root protection kit
– TT 598
– RM-10
– TT 542
– TT 504

Mechanized automatic welding – aMIG

– UAST-1 Orbital welding of pipes with a diameter of 219mm and above. Gazprom.
– UAST-1 Alpha Orbital welding of pipes with a diameter of 108mm and above. Gazprom.
– OSA-PA Welding pipes into tube sheets.
– ADS-1 Welding tractor.
– TT 582 Automatic welding of pipe assemblies with a diameter of 57 mm.

– UAST-1 Alpha
– ADS-1
– TT 582

Air plasma cutting and gouging

– DS 120P.33
– UPR-2.3, UPR-2.4 pipe cutter and sheet cutter
– UPR-2.4S Strizh
– TT 390

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