PROMA-IDM-016|PROMA-IDM-016-DD-XX-0.1 | Differential pressure meter

The principle of operation of the meter is based on the conversion of the measured pressure parameter by the sensitive element (integrated pressure sensor) into an electrical signal. The signal from the sensor is fed to the microcontroller board, where it is amplified and processed

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NPP Proma has started production of a new line of multi-limit pressure sensors DDM-1000.
Sensors can be used for work in systems of automatic control, regulation and control of technological processes: in thermal power engineering, housing and communal services, ventilation systems, boiler houses, gas facilities, food industry, water treatment and water supply systems and others.


NPP Proma has started production of new air damper actuators of the DX-XX series Functional analogue of Belimo actuators

A range of drives with a torque range from 2 to 32 Nm and a set of additional functions using modern technologies. Low cost compared to similar models Production is localized in the Russian Federation

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  • Model: PROMA-IDM-016-DD-XX-0.1
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from 7050r.

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Pressure difference meter PROMA-IDM-016-DD-XX-0.1

Multifunctional pressure meters are designed for continuous conversion of the measured parameter (pressure drop) into a current signal, further microprocessor processing and control of external electrical circuits from a signaling device.
Indication of the current value of the measured parameter is carried out on the LED digital 4-digit seven-segment display. There are also single green LEDs 1, 2, 3, 4, displaying the set pressure measurement limit and single yellow LEDs, showing the unit of measurement of the parameter in Pa or kPa.
The output of the pressure value beyond the limits of the settings is accompanied by LED signaling and the issuance of discrete signals in the form of closing the normally open relay contacts.

Specifications for the IDM-016 meter
Operating pressure: from 0 to 16kPa (0.16atm=0.16bar=0.16kgf/cm2=16kPa)
Accuracy class: 1
Supply voltage: 24V DC or 220V AC
limits 1
Number of pressure settings: 2
Degree of protection of the housing front panel / interior: IP54 / IP40
Ambient temperature: -20 +50 degrees C
Connection type: hose fitting
PC connection interface: RS-485 via MODBUS-RTU protocol (up to 32 devices)
Calibration interval for PROMA-IDM differential pressure transducers 3 years!

measurement limits PROMA-IDM-016-DD-XX-0.1

Pressure difference meter PROMA-IDM-016-DD-XX-0.1


differential pressure meter with an upper reading limit of 6.3 kPa for an operating pressure of 0.1 MPa, wall-mounted version H, functional version 01 and with 4 output relays

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