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[Promo] Best Indie Games of the Year 2021 is coming to an end and this year hasn't been very rich in games. However, this only applies to the AAA segment, because indie studios and developers rarely upset

[Promo] Best Indie Games of the Year

2021 is already coming to an end and this year has not been very rich in games. However, this only applies to the AAA segment, because indie studios and developers rarely upset their fans and release a huge number of excellent and even masterpiece games every year. What are the best indie games of the year? Which developer was able to excel? Which project is worth playing? These questions are of interest to users of the site


Probably the best indie game of 2021. At the moment, the rating of the game in steam is 95% positive reviews and this rating is fully deserved. This project was developed by Daniel Mullins, who is known for such projects as Pony Island and The Hex. These games were unique and distinctive, which attracted a large fan base. Inscryption is the biggest project of Daniel Mullins' career, both technically and gameplay-wise.

Inscryption is a full 3D card game, which was rare for the developer's past projects. Thanks to publisher Devolver Digital, the game's budget has increased, which means that its duration has increased and the content has improved. Before starting this project, it is best to know as little information as possible, but there will be no major spoilers in this article. The problem with this game is that it is one huge spoiler. As soon as the thought that the ending is near appears, the game deceives the player, and he gets unforgettable emotions.

Also, we must not forget about the card gameplay, which in this project is made at the highest level. The gameplay is original and fresh, despite the fact that it is difficult to come up with something in the TCG (collectible card game) genre, since the inspiration for all games in this genre – Magic: The Gathering was released more than twenty years ago. Each card in the deck has a price, and in order to pay it, the player must sacrifice one or more creatures from his table. Thus, it turns out to be an extremely tactical game in which there are many different options, among which you need to find the best one. At the same time, the card gameplay is not the cornerstone, because the Roguelike element leads to it, with the help of which the player collects the deck, and also improves existing cards. In addition, the player is allowed to get up from the table at almost any time and solve the riddles that fill the hut in which the game takes place. Their solution will help to strengthen the deck, as well as reveal the meta-plot of the game. And that's only one quarter of Inscryption's content. This game will give you great pleasure, and will surprise you at least once.



A wonderful project, great for both adults and children (with your help, of course). A game is not a game, but a quality interactive book.


Loop Hero

Let's move on to the Russian gaming industry. Although the industry in our country is not yet very widely developed, this does not prevent indie developers from creating masterpieces.

Loop Hero was developed by Four Quarters and is the second project in the studio's history. Loop Hero is based on Roguelike mechanics, but the player doesn't have to fight monsters or even move. The whole game is a map with various blocks on which the main character moves, and the player builds new blocks that affect the route or effects that affect the hero of the game. At the same time, the character comes across various monsters on the way, with which he fights in automatic mode. Game mechanics are made at the highest level. This game is ideal for those who want to have a good time without straining.


Black book

A role-playing game originally from Perm and about Permian beliefs, as if created with a purely educational purpose. Beautiful, sometimes complex turn-based RPG, filled with color and familiar to many images.

Outside in 1879. Cherdyn district of the Perm province, a young peasant woman Vasilisa adopts the wisdom and demons of the sorcerer grandfather Yegor in order to achieve a personal goal. The plot of the game is divided into seven chapters, all follow the same principle: the main characters communicate in a hut or other gathering place, then Vasilisa and a partner (imposed or chosen) are sent to perform one specific task that automatically ends the episode.

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