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Photo Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV

Sale of new Mercedes-Benz Gle SUV 2022 in Moscow at an attractive price from the official Mercedes-Benz dealer Autodorum Sheremetyevo. Description of the model in stock, technical characteristics, configuration and prices of new “Mercedes-Benz” GLE SUV. Phone Consultations: +7 (495) 123-44-44

Mercedes-Benz Gle SUV

Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV-from place to quarry in 3.8 seconds

The Mercedes-Benz Gle SUV came to conquer Moscow with a large line of engines operating paired with a 48-mm EQ Boost system. Thanks to the latest E-ABC pneumatic suspension (Active Body Control), Gle W167 will move the Alps and pull itself out of any outfit. “Reading” the surface of the body, the designers made the shape more streamlined, thereby deducted two hundredth points from the previous generation of aerodynamics and made a new SUV more dynamic. But with all the glamor and relics, the main priority of Gle 2020 in the new body is still security.

Photo Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV

Spacious cozy salon

Having added a few centimeters to the wheelbase, the developers increased the length of the body, thereby freed a place for the third row of seats. The steering wheel at the new Mercedes Gle acquired touchpads, became even more beautiful and convenient to girth. Passengers of the second row presented 100% electrified chairs. The electrician automatically “draws” the shape, size of the body and repeats each anatomical feature of the figure.

Design video

Six Mercedes-Benz Gle engines

Mercedes-Benz GLE in the second generation can be bought with gasoline and diesel engines. Various combinations of engines and transmission give at the output of 10 configurations of the new SUV.

Six diesel modifications:

  • Three modifications Gle 300 D 4Matic – versions of Premium, Sport, Sport Plus with a capacity of 245 l/s and a maximum speed of 245 km/h;
  • Three GLE 400 D 4MATIC – versions of Sport, Luxury and FIRST CLASS at 330 l/s, with a similar speed limit and overclocking to the first hundred for 5.7 s.

Photo Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV

Three configurations with gasoline motors:

    53 4matic+ with a capacity of 435 l/s, acceleration to “hundreds” in 5.3 s and a maximum speed of 250 km/h;

  • The most powerful AMG GLE 63 S 4Matic+ power potential 612 l/s, “flying away” from the start to the first control mark of 100 km/h for 3.8 s, capable of accelerating to 280 km/h on the highway;
  • GLE 450 450 4MATIC Sport Plus with a capacity of 367 hp, overclocking for 5.7 s and a maximum speed of 250 km/h.

One hybrid modification-GLE 350 De 4MATIC Sport with a three-liter six-cylinder turbo engine and an EQ Boost starter at 21 l/s, equipped with nine-mode hydromechanics.

Security – at the level of the cult

A high level of security is a priority of Mercedes-Benz. The company has really strict requirements for the protection of the driver and passengers. Important norms are presented in the Intelligent Drive concept. It is possible to bring safety to a fundamentally new level of quality by the introduction of the best technological and structural solutions.

Depending on the technical characteristics, you can buy a 2020 Mercedes GLE with a different set of options that guard the life and health of people. These can be systems to improve visibility, adjust the behavior of the car, taking into account the situation on the road, tight parking. Sensors and fixing devices work in concert. The data is automatically transferred to the on-board computer. The car will warn of impending danger in advance and help you take measures to avoid a negative outcome.

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